This takes place just before MGS4. I don't own any of this. The five stages of grief was from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' book, "On Death and Dying.".

Five Stages

By Marie Nomad


Snake grunted as he stared in the mirror. He was getting gray hair. How could he get gray hair? He didn't even hit forty yet. On the other hand, Otacon had gray hair since he was a teenager. Maybe, it was normal for him. Big Boss' hair was completely white and he was only in his fifties when he died. Maybe it's part of his DNA. Maybe it's the cigarettes. There's nothing wrong with him. Nothing at all.


"Argh!" Snake flung the pair of pants across the room. Lately, his outfits have been getting looser and looser on him. His pants are starting to sag and he actually needed a belt. He had been losing weight on a constant basis, not fat but muscle. He kept on exercising and yet he kept on shrinking. Otacon was too busy with Sunny to notice. He didn't want Otacon to notice. He was wasting away and he didn't know why.


Snake unlocked his box and took out his usual stuff. He got out his protein shakes, his vitamins, his hair dye, and his wrinkle cream. He will not go down without a fight. He had defeated all sorts of Metal Gears, taken down Hinds, and even managed to watch an entire anime series with Otacon. He will defeat this weird aging problem.


No matter what he did, his body just kept on going downhill. His back aches, his hair had gone completely gray, and Otacon found out. He was now going to get him to a doctor to see what was happening to him. He leaned against the side with a sigh as he took a bottle of whiskey and drank from it. He hadn't been drunk since Meryl left him. He was going to die so another bottle won't hurt. He kept quiet when he heard Otacon looking for him. He didn't want him to see him in this state. He didn't want anyone to see him. He should be safe in his box.


Snake gazed at the tombstone of Grey Fox and saluted. Soon, he will join him. He knew it. He can feel his body aching and grinding but he was used to it. The doctor was amazed at his condition but could not find anything wrong with him other than the aging. No one knows what was going on. Maybe, his time was ending and it might as well. He was tired of everything and yet he has so much more to do.

The End