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Part 1: Lights from the sky

The Akatsuki were running though the forest treetops heading in the direction of the Akatsuki HQ, bickering amongst themselves as they went. They were beaten and bloody from their battle with the Iron-Blood Clan and were not in the best of moods.

They had been fighting with the Iron-Blood Clan's shinobi for three day, without a break, before they finally made it to the heart of the Iron-Blood village. By the time they had gotten in though, the secret scrolls they had been after had been burned to ashes and the remnants disposed of. On top of that...Konan had been ambushed by the Iron-Blood's best squad and was killed.

They were not grieving over losing her though; her death was merely a major set back. For she was one of the strongest members of the Akatsuki, and losing her, during such a tough period of time, was not going to be easy on their already struggling group.

They came to a clear overhanging cliff, which overlooked the forest below, and walked to its rocky edge, but came to a sudden stop when there was a deafening screech. Followed by another, then another, until the screeching stopped all together.

"What on earth was that, un?" Deidara questioned no one in particular, while rubbing his throbbing ears sensitively with his fingers.

"How the fuck should I know?" Hidan yelled in reply, still flinching slightly from the sudden screeches that had just accrued from nowhere.

None of them knew what to make of the sounds, but their silent plundering was soon interrupted by another loud screech. This time though, the sky became a dark florescent purple for a few seconds before reverting back to normal as the screech came to an end.

There was a blinding flash of white light, and then an explosion of blue in the sky. The Akatsuki members gazed in horror and amazement as the blue dust particles, which had come from the blast, rushed in on themselves before disappearing. As soon as the blue dust vanished though, a rather large group of 'people' was thrown in different directions from its center towards the ground.

The Akatsuki were shocked by what they had just witnessed, and stood rooted to the clearing's edge as they watched the 'people' freefall in from the sky. The 'people' hit the treetops within minutes, and the Akatsuki could hear them hit it with loud cracks of branches.

"What…what just happened?" Zetsu's halves asked Pein, who was still staring off in the direction of the fallen 'people'.

"Leader-sama?" Kisame asked in a worried tone, not knowing what else to do in the bizarre situation they'd stumbled into.

"We're going down to see who or 'what' they are." Pein told his stunned subordinates, after regaining his usual composure.

"Are you fucken mad?! Didn't you just fucken see what happened?!" Hidan screamed in fear, pointing in the direction of the forest the 'people' had fallen into.

"Yes. And it's because of their 'unusual' appearance that we must pursue them. They may hold the key to our success.

"And if we die from these 'people'.?" Sasori asked in monotone, staring at Pein with his, once again, emotionless gray eyes.

"We will all die soon. If we do not strengthen our forces." Pein explained in a loud voice, so that all of his subordinates can hear him.

With that said, Pein descended to the cliff's forest bottom, his subordinates following step with emotionless expressions upon their faces. Deep in their minds though, they feared what maybe to come.

What are the Akatsuki getting themselves into, and how will they react, when the find out who these 'people' really are. Find out in the next chapter of "Dimensions".

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