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Chapter 17

Kabuto watched with great curiosity as his young daughter began to rearrange his medical tools, her face never once changing from its expressionless stare. She was quickly efficient in her understanding of what each instrument of the trade was, and placed it accordingly.

She was undeniably a medical ninja a great prowess.

"Oma." Kabita's assistant immediately turned his head in the direction of his master. "Bring me those vials." She pointed towards a small box beside the farthest desk in the room and the young assistant went to get it.

Kabuto had no real ideas of what the young assistant looked like, but by the over all body structure he could see from under Oma's clothes, he knew it was a young boy. Perhaps 5 or 7 years of age at most. Even the boy's hair was covered by a cloth.

A boy without an identity. He wasn't all too surprised.

The sound of footsteps coming towards the room they were occupying. The hollow beat was unsteady and heavy, as if someone were limping.

With a light flick of Kabita's hand, the young assistant got the message and disappeared from the room in a rush of smoke. Leaving Kabuto and Kabita alone to face the newcomers.

Kabuto stiffened noticeably. Could it be that thing from before? Was Lord Orochimaru actually still alive?

Before the unknown could even enter the room, Kabita spoke. "Put him on that table. I'll need to check the extent of the damage done." Impassive and toneless. Cold.

The opening of the door, and two young men stumbled in, one being held up by the other. "Kabita, he's..."

"I know." She pointed to the table again, not even sparing a glace back towards the new arrivals. She had suddenly become so much colder, Kabuto noticed.

It had to be something about these men that was putting her on edge.

Kabuto's eyes scanned over the two men, his eyes widening at the realization. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Even more than the thought of his daughter, which he never officially had, was the idea that...

Kimmimaru had somehow given a son before passing. Then again, Kabuto knew he shouldn't be so shocked by the discovery. With dimensional travel, there was no telling what one would find.

Kabuto took in the sight.

The young man with white hair, Kimmimaru's son, was in the worst shape. His arm, which had once been evidently covered in bone, was now bleeding profusely and shards of crimson colored bone were chipping away bit by bit.

It looked rather painful.

The other, one he recognized immediately as his former Lord's son, was not so badly hurt. He had a few bruises forming and his breathing was just noticeably heavier than normal.

Kabuto glanced to his daughter again, observing the coldness in which she was so blatantly ignoring the two. His eyes flickered again, he felt a frown beginning to creep across his lips when he caught sight of the young snake ninja's eyes.

So that's how it is.

The yellow eyes flickered to meet Kabuto's in that instant, and the medic discreetly averted his eyes. He knew all too well how dangerous this man could be if he was indeed the son of his former lord.

Kabita picked up a few needles, a scalpel, and an antibiotic soaked cloth, making her way over to the two men. She was gracefully, yet cautious as she pasted by the young snake ninja, her eyes never making contact with the others.

Silence, except the sound of Kabita's feet gliding cross the stone floor.

Then, as the woman set the tools down and was about to examine the white haired youth, Orochimaru's son smiled his thin lipped smile and suddenly embraced Kabita in a vice grip hug. The young woman went rigid instantly at the contact, and Kabuto felt a cold feeling invade his gut despite himself.


"Kabita." He buried his face into Kabita's soft hair, sharp eyes closing in contentment as the woman's closed in utter yet controlled repulsion. "Hm...you are so pretty when your hair's down." His hand was reaching for her pony tail, pale fingers brushing the bare skin of her neck.

She pushed against him softly, warily, as if half expecting him to jump her should she make any sudden movements. Like an animal waiting for its chance to take advantage of a vulnerability.

She'd be right in that.

A sigh, she looked up to him with impassive eyes. "I have work to do. Please release me Lord Oramaru."

Oramaru's grip tightened around her for the briefest of moments, but nonetheless let go, watching down at her with inspecting eyes. Kabita turned away from him and picked up a syringe with Kabuto could tell held infection fighting antibodies.

She placed a gentle hand on the white haired man's injured arm. "Kimmi." The man looked up to her with pained eyes. "This is going to hurt." She smiled, small and sympathetic.

She had suddenly become kind again.

Kabuto realized that her sudden change in demeanor was because the other was nowhere to be seen. So it seemed Oramaru had already managed to creep off without notice. Kabuto felt a slight chill at the thought.

He'd never even noticed when he'd left the room.

Kimmi frowned, but didn't move as Kabita put the needle into his exposed arm. "Lady Oro said the Akatsuki had taken you." His eyes were pained. "How..."

"You shouldn't believe everything that she tells you." A sudden spark of what Kabuto deciphered as anger flashed in the silver haired woman's eyes. "You should have known that." She was scolding him.

Kimmi turned away. "I'm sorry." Submissive and defeated.

The topic was dropped immediately. "Father, hand me those bandages." Kabita requested with an outstretched hand, waiting.

Kabuto complied.

It seemed the balance of power had shifted greatly, and he was no longer the boss's right hand man.

Quite a pity.

"Where the fuck are we go'in bitch?" Hidana whined again, giving the she-miser a small pout that reminded the Akatsuki members watching all to much of a spoiled child again.

For the thirteenth time in a whole twenty minutes.

Hidana was ignored, again. Receiving the cold shoulder from the beautiful black haired woman, again.

A frown of annoyance. "Hey bitch."

Silence. Deadly silence.


More silence and a slight twitch of a brow.

Red faced furry. "CUNT WHORE!!!"

No warning.

Smack. "To the base." Not the Jashin follower could hear her now.

Hidan and the others ignored the two young woman, as Kazula, having finally gotten fed up by Hidana's complaining, knocked the silver haired woman unconscious with a direct hit to the her left temple.

Or perhaps she had died again. All well. The Akatsuki were all relatively sure nothing permanently damaging had been done.

"Kazula." Sharp green eyes locked with those of Peinitra's greatly amused ringed ones. "Now who will carry her?" A taunting question to which Kazula's eyes slimmed dangerously, silently threatening the orange haired woman to repeat those words.

It seemed that the role of leader and who held the most power shifted from member to member at any given time among the younger Akatsuki. That's what the older Akatsuki came to realize about their children.

They had no specific leadership now that their real parents were gone.

Now they were more like a pack of uncoordinated wolves attacking anything they felt like or was threatened by.

...Or very frequently, each other.

An intense staring match had sparked up between Kazula and Peinitra. Kaku let a sigh of frustration leave his masked lips. No words were spoken as he went over to Hidana's unconsious body and lifted her into his strong arms bridal style.

The dispute finished, the Akatsuki continued on with their journey in silence, not taking much notice in the fact that Kaku had voluntarily chosen to carry the sadistic little psycho woman. It wasn't a rare occurrence to the younger Akatsuki, and the familiarity they had with it seemed to have rubbed off on their parents.

Kakuzu had taken notice though and raised a single brow in silent question as he watched his son from behind. He understood full well what it was that was going on in Kaku's mind, how his son felt about the young woman.

It might have been strange to comprehend, but somehow...it just felt like he had always known.

Maybe it was the effects of the rift opening up between their two dimensions that was causing these changes to take place within the organization? Kakuzu felt a slight irritation in his shoulder. What else could the rift alter? That was the question he wanted to know the answer to.

"He's so obvious, isn't he." Kakuzu looked over to come face to face with Same as the shark ninja smirked knowingly at him. "It's okay. We all know." Toothy grin that somehow managed to pull off charming. "Except Hidana of course." He looked up to the sky and folded his hands behind his head while he stretched his back out. "She has always been, admittedly, quite slow in such things."

Kakuzu's eyes slimmed. "One could say the same for your sister."

One would expect Same to fly off the handle at the remark about his sister, but he smirked instead. "You'd be surprised."

Both Kakuzu and Same toward their attention to Kisama, who was at that moment squishing poor little Gar to her 'feather pillows' and smiling innocently up at Tachi with big bright eyes. It was when she began to pout at Tachi turning away from her that the miser turned a skeptical stare to the young shark ninja.

Same shrugged his shoulders helplessly. "You should have met our mother."

Kakuzu frowned and gave Kisama one good look over, before repeating the action to his own daughter. He was studying their body structures and looking for features he and Kisame did not possess.

Who the hell were their wives!?

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