Law and Sex – "Elliot Stabler" Mike Logan Pt 1

By Nicolas

Rating: Adults Only

Genre: Smut

Series: Criminal Intent

Author's note: newest series of short stories featuring various Law and Order detectives in sexual situations. These stories are meant for adults only. There will be no specific warnings. Someone requested more Elliot Stabler.


"Get off me…" Elliot pushed the other man away. "I'm not…a fag."

Drunken laughter echoed in the hotel room. "That is such a tolerant word coming from someone working Special Victims Unit."

"Fuck you…! Gay…fag…whatever! I'm drunk and…" Elliot banged his head against the wall. "Why the hell did I agree to share a hotel room with you anyway?"

"Your Captain is a friend. He thought we would get along."

Elliot turned and leaned against the wall. His tight jeans made his bulge obvious; he shifted his sac to give himself a little more comfort. "I'm still married and like I told you – I'm not…gay."

"Blah…Blah…, don't give me that fucking shit. You're drunk and you can get away with getting off without the guilt. You can blame the fucking Jameson whiskey we've been drinking all night. I felt your cock. It was hard as rock when I stroked it."

Elliot tried not to react. He needed to think. He looked over to the hotel television. The bottle beside it was still half full. "I need another drink – but don't fucking touch me."

He wasn't afraid of Detective Stabler.

So, he got close without touching Elliot, who had his back to him. "You're a fucking cock teaser. Tonight you ranted that Kathy and you were separated. How for the past six months before moving out; she wouldn't give a second look – forget a blow job or some pussy. You looked at me with those horny desperate blue eyes and told me that you were tired of stroking your fucking cock in the shower. Poor Elliot was getting blisters in his palm; as well as a bit irate on the job because of the lack of sex."

Elliot turned. They were nose to nose. Elliot's jaw was tight but his eyes flickered with a mixture of anger and sadness. "Is that why you asked Cragen to make me your roommate on this stupid conference? Jesus, was this some fucking set-up for sex? All that shit yesterday while we were on the road; was that just part of your game plan? You let me vent about the job, the wife and even about Olivia! I fucking told you shit; I wouldn't even tell my fucking priest! The entire time you're just thinking about my dick? Mike Logan, you're out of your fucking mind! No fucking wonder they sent your fucking ass to Staten Island!"

Logan grinned. "I wasn't expecting anything. I sure as hell wasn't planning anything either. I swear on a stack of bibles. It was because of all those things that you told me; that just made me want you even more. I'm fucked up; I admit it. Hey, that fucking priest started it – I guess I just don't know how to end it."

Elliot tried to move out the way; but Logan wasn't going to allow it.

"Listen to me Elliot; I want you to feel good. And if that means that when you close your fucking eyes you pretend I'm Kathy…or Olivia. Go ahead, I don't give a fuck. I know it's me. Come on Elliot, don't be…afraid. Let me touch that big cock. I want to make you come so hard that I make those Irish knees tremble. I will take that cock so deep down my throat that you will never look at a blowjob the same again. No promises – no one will know – try it Elliot. Let me show you something that not even 100 years of marriage can show you. This doesn't make you love her any less. It has nothing to do with her. And most of all, I swear to you; you're the same guy tomorrow."

Elliot's blue eyes made him look like a deer caught in headlights. His head was spinning from the booze and lack of sex. Elliot was sure his cock's reaction was purely physical and normal. He shook his head. He wasn't afraid; he was absolutely terrified. How could he ever confess to such a sin?

But, a strong hand reached out. Mike squeezed Elliot's strong hard bulge. He kept looking right into Elliot's eyes. "Just this once Elliot – I swear I won't ever ask again; and I will take it to my grave…."

It was like in the movies and time stood still. Elliot was sure the universe halted for his answer.

And after a few moments passed and the room was quiet besides their hard breathing; Elliot decided to close his eyes.