Law and Sex – Elliot Stabler "Dr. George Huang's House Call"

By Nicolas

Genre: slash, drama

Rating: Adults Only

Author's note: These ficlets were suggested by readers/fans who gave me their prompts and the character(s).


"Forget your enemies. It's your friends you frustrate that cause all the problems


George opened his mouth and welcomed the warm wet tongue. The kiss was so deep. He moaned into his partner's mouth. "Stuart, I've missed you so much."

"I missed you too babe." Stuart said and reached down to clasp their cocks together.

Frottage was something they both enjoyed even more than anal sex. The hardness of their cocks combined with the slippery friction electrified them. George put his fingers through his lover's thick blond hair. "Stu…I'm going to come."

Stuart's hips pushed his cock hard against George's. He groaned. Taking George's hands into his own; he kissed the sweaty olive skin. He could hear George's small gasps and how his body was tensing. "Let me see you come…that's it George. Come for me baby…"

It didn't take much more than those words for him to let loose. George was squeezing Stuart's hands tightly.

When it was over George wrapped the bed sheet around his body. He sat up and looked over to the alarm clock. He set his wake up call. "I'm back to the grind tomorrow. I've missed the 1-6 these past weeks. Going to D.C. for that conference and then Quantico to give classes was exhilarating. But I'm glad to be back – and so glad to see you and Dahlia. I hate being away from home."

"My cell phone bill is going to be outrageous. And, you actually missed the 1-6? Why? They treat you like an outsider. They don't really care if you're there or not do they? If they did; you would have by now let them know about us." Stuart stood up and headed toward the bathroom.

George sighed. It was strange that after all these years no one at the precinct knew much about him and his family. But he was hardly part of the clan. He had the unfortunate position of having to tell them when they were wrong. And that made things tough.

"George, Dahlia has a recital on Friday. So, don't forget. And then next week we have a PTA meeting but you can skip that if you want." Stuart pulled his pajama bottoms on and stretched his lean body. He and George had adopted their daughter Dahlia and made arrangements for Stuart to stay home until she was at least in Middle School. But now they discussed the possibility of another child. At 7, Dahlia was getting lonely and began to request a sibling.

George's cell phone rang.

"Oh no, you just got back and Captain Cragen is already calling you?"

George looked at the caller I.D. "It's not Cragen but Elliot."

"Stabler…good lord what could that asshole possibly want at this hour?" Stuart had no opinion on any of George's co-worker except one, Elliot Stabler. Then he was of the opinion that the guy was a definite asshole.

George hushed Stuart and answered the cell phone. "This is Dr. Huang speaking, good evening Det. Stabler. All right. Yes, I can – I live in the Village. Oh, you're close by already. Well…all right. How about the Village Lantern? Yes, on Bleeker St. See you there…"

Stuart watched George furrow his brow and listen intently. Then flip the phone shut. "What…? Is he going out fag bashing and then celebrating?"

George shook his head. "Det. Stabler isn't like that – why do you dislike him so much?"

Stuart laughed. "Why…? Well from what you told me George, the guy is a total fucking jerk. Macho Alpha Male that has one set of rules in life; his and if you don't follow them then you're not one of the good guys. Why is he calling you?"

"Give the guy a break; he hasn't had it very easy. Special Victims Unit isn't easy to do and he's committed to help victims. But, he wants to talk – he sounded very upset. I told him that we could talk at the Village Lantern."

Stuart looked confused. "That's our place. And, he's coming from Queens to talk to you? He's up to something. Be careful; don't get fired because of that fucking idiot."

Kissing Stuart, he headed to the bathroom to dress and shower. He wasn't sure why he agreed to meet Det. Stabler; they did NOT get along that well. But Elliot was the alpha male type to reject anyone's help. So calling him took a lot of effort; George was absolutely too curious to turn the man down.


"A man's illness is his private territory and, no matter how much he loves you and how close you are, you stay an outsider. You are healthy." Dr. Huang smiled at Det. Stabler who was sitting across from him.

"So that is the advice you gave your sister about her husband?"

George sipped his martini. "He was being very fatalistic about it. She was worried; but it's not about gender – all people react to personal illness differently."

Elliot looked down at the piece of paper his urologist gave him. "So this isn't bad…?"

"You have Prostatitis – that's not cancer. It's a bacterial infection. Unfortunately it's painful but the antibiotics are going to help very soon." George finished his drink and waved over the waiter for another round.

Elliot noticed the doc's drinking. "Am I making you nervous?"

George grinned. "You did when you first called me. But I love their martinis. Stuart and I come here often; we live close by you know."

Elliot stirred the ice in his rum and coke. "Yes, I knew you lived here; but I don't know Stuart. I'm assuming Stuart is your boyfriend?"

"My partner, we've been together 11 years now. We have a daughter too, Dahlia." George said with a very proud smile.

"Eleven years and a kid…! Doc, why in the world haven't you told us? You got pictures?" Elliot didn't want to seem too surprised; but in this day and age – no one was surviving their marriages past the fifth year.

George pulled out the pictures he kept in his wallet and passed them to Elliot. "We adopted Dahlia when she was barely a year old. Stuart stays home and I work. We have a very conservative normal household. And now we're thinking of having another baby."

"She's beautiful." Elliot smiled.

George could see the honesty in Elliot's feelings. "Why did you call me tonight? You could have easily called your doctor if you were confused about his diagnosis."

Now it was Elliot's turn to take a long drink. He looked over at the psychiatrist. "It all happened the other night. Kathy and I are trying to make this marriage work. I love her and I won't give up on the greatest love of my life. So we were in bed and for once we aren't angry at each other. We want to make love but…"

Elliot cleared his throat. His blue eyes he kept lowered. He was staring into his drink.

"You weren't able to get an erection?"

Elliot put a hand over his eyes and shook his head. "That has NEVER happened to me. I get hard just by THINKING about fucking my wife. I love my wife. I love making love to her."

"Calm down Elliot…" George smiled. "You are a man under a lot of stress and there is the possibility that it had to with the onset of the Prostatitis. But that doesn't explain why you would come to me? I'm a psychiatrist and not your medical doctor. I don't see you having the dire need to tell ME that you couldn't get it up to fuck your wife."

"A few months ago when Kathy and I were apart; I had sex with another man."

George immediately started coughing on his martini. The liquid squirted out of his nose. He was choking so loudly the waiter rushed over to pat his back. He noticed that Elliot didn't move a muscle. George thanked the waiter and ordered another round. "I should be very professional right now; but I just had two martinis. And you just told me that you had sex with another man. I need a moment to think."

"Whatever…" Elliot said and finished his drink, handing the empty glass to the waiter.

George stared at his third drink. He looked up at Elliot. "Was it consensual?"

Elliot raised an eyebrow. "So, you're thinking there is no way in hell Elliot Stabler would have sex with a man unless he was forced to do it?"

"Answer the fucking question."

Smiling at the doctor's profanity, Elliot sighed and nodded. "Yes, slightly drunk the first time but the next couple of times I was sober and willing."

"You were going through a divorce. Sexuality isn't rigid. I've been telling YOU that for years. It's fluid. Do you regret it?"

Elliot shook his head. "No…"

George squinted. "But, your thinking your inability to get an erection with your wife is probably related to the fact that you found a man sexually arousing?"

"And that is why New York State pays you the big bucks doc…"

George took a drink and tapped his fingers on the table. "Have you told Olivia about this liaison?"

"Olivia…? No, and I don't plan to tell anyone. I don't fucking plan to tell my wife. I told you because I need to know if I've somehow ruined myself! What if I can't get it up for my wife anymore? What if I've opened a god damn door that wasn't meant to be opened? You have to fucking help me." Elliot said and reached out to grab George's small hand.

George was surprised that Elliot touched him. Elliot didn't touch people unless it was his kids, wife or maybe Olivia. Men didn't touch Elliot and Elliot didn't touch men unless it was violent. But Elliot was gripping George's hand. Something has changed the detective forever.

"Did you want to make love to your wife?" George asked and pulled his hand away slowly.

"Yes, of course I did – I want her so much. I love my wife." Elliot was trying to keep from sounding exasperated.

"Is this man someone you will see all the time? Does he work at the 1-6?" George kept his voice even and calm.

"Why would you think it's another cop?"

"Is it…?"

Elliot smiled. "You're asking because you're curious aren't you? You're dying to know what kind of man I would allow to bed me."

"The curiosity is killing me." George grinned.

Elliot leaned forward. "He's a detective – like me. Actually he's quite well known and very handsome. No one would ever assume he likes to fuck men."

"Did he fuck you?" And George realized the question was absolutely not his business. He put his hands up. "That is OUT of line. I'm sorry I asked that. Please don't answer it. I just…"

Elliot was feeling warm with the drinks. He had taken off his jean jacket. "That gay brain of yours is having all kinds of visuals of me having sex with another man. It's gonna drive you crazy for a while. Well imagine how I feel. That first week; it was all I could think about. Not because it was sexually exciting – but because I was sure that maybe it was all a dream. I'm taking antibiotics; should I be drinking this much?"

"You will be all right. But no more drinks for us. My advice will start to go down hill if I have one more drink." George started to laugh and was interrupted by his cell phone. "Hey Stuart…yes, I'm here with Det. Stabler. Yes, everything is all right. Stuart…now be nice. I will be home soon. Love you."

"He's keeping tabs on you." Elliot asked, "I hope I didn't impose by calling you."

"Nah, but you did call right after we had sex. Thank god we were finished." George winced. "See, I'm saying way too much. It's the drinks. Elliot, I wouldn't worry too much about what happened; it was probably the infection. I bet if you start thinking about Kathy right now; little Stabler will come to attention."

Elliot smirked. "You know you're right. I'm thinking about catching you and your boyfriend fucking and then about Kathy. And BIG STABLER is definitely coming to attention; there is nothing little about it. You should know better than that Doc."

George knew he was blushing. He looked away but could hear Elliot's laughter.

"Doc, you're a miracle worker. I've whined enough for one night. I think I'm going home. I owe you." Elliot put money on the table and grabbed his jacket. "You are all right? Did you walk here…?"

George nodded and pushed his drink away. He was trying not to stare at the bulge in Elliot's jeans. "I will take a cab home. I'm fine. Go home to your wife."

Elliot started to walk away and then turned back again. He looked around the bar before bending down and giving George Huang a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for being a friend to me. And Kathy and I are planning on throwing a little cook-out soon; make sure you bring Stuart and Dahlia. Goodnight Doc…"

George was speechless. He pressed a hand on his cheek where it still tingled from Elliot's kiss. He waited until Elliot was out of the bar before flipping his phone open, he called home. "Stuart…I'm coming home. Oh, it was interesting. Poor guy was worried about a little diagnosis he got today. Yeah, that's all….I told him not to worry. That it happens more often than he would want to realize. And that I had no doubt that he…well, Elliot's going to be all right."