Sasori's teeth grazed Deidara's neck slightly, rasping over the smooth skin. Lifting his head up a bit, he then sunk his mouth into Deidara's, tounge probing unwantedly into his mouth. Sasori then sat up, his knees still pinning Deidara. He quickly got up, sending Deidara a glare that obviously said, 'If you get up, I'll kill you.' He removed his pants and boxers, then stood at the foot of the bed, throbbing tip near his entrance. "I'm giving you 'til three." After the alotted time, he thrusted forward, ignoring Deidara's pleas for him to stop.

Deidara let out a distressed cry of pain when he felt Sasori thrusting deep into him. The pain was overwhelming, causing small tears to form in the corners of his eyes. "P-please...! Stop...!" He begged, gripping the sheets tightly enough that his knuckles turned white. "I don't... I don't want..." He trailed off, letting out a sob of pain as Sasori thrust again, deeper and harder.

Sasori grunted as he thrust in again, not bothering to stop and hit Deidara. "Be...quiet..." he panted, lightly tapping Deidara's face. "Shut...the...fuck up..." He really didn't know why he still did this - every time, it gave him less and less pleasure, and every time, more and more frequently, he ended up going to his hand for comfort afterwards.

Deidara only let out a small sob, bitting his tounge sharply. Small choked sobs still escaped his throat, and he gripped the sheets when he felt rough thrusts pounding into him. All he could think about was what could happen, what was probably happening right now. "Sasori..." He croaked, eyes glazing over with tears that began to pour over. "Please... I don't want... I don't want a..." He couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence.

The redhead ignored his pleas. The entire affair was over in another half an hour - with a last thrust, Sasori came with a grunt, then pulled roughly out, the white substance still smeared on Deidara's entrance and on his own tip. Sighing, he pulled on a pair of boxers over his lower half, then dug around in a drawer for a ciggarette and matches, lighting it. Taking in a sharp inhale, he sighed, letting smoke puff out of his mouth. "You were a good fuck tonight, Deidara." He took in another puff. "Good job." He then bent down to blow out some smoke in Deidara's face. "I'm going out now. Goodnight." He then flipped the lights out and slammed the door.

Deidara winced visablly when the door slammed, and let himself lay still for a moment. His bright blue eyes that normally glowed had, over the past few months, turned to a dull blue color; He found it hard to even smile lately. He curled up in a small ball, clamping his faded eyes shut. Slowly, he looked down at his stomach and swallowed hard. He tentatively reached down to place a hand on it, paused, and gently did so. Without any warning, he could feel himself break into sobs, curling up tightly.