Tokyo Crazy Paradise Fanfiction

Title: Legend of the Seisai

Genre: General/Tragedy

Rated: T (Rating might increase)

Character: Ayabe Wakasa

Disclaimer: Tokyo Crazy Paradise belongs to the one and only Yoshiki Nakamura. I assure you that I take no profit from this enterprise. -

Author's Note: Hey everyone, here's my first TCP fic! To be honest, this idea came to me only when I realized how few TCP fics there are. I mean…there are so many things that can be done here. I personally was not thrilled with Tsukasa's eventual accepting of Wakasa. I mean, we know Wakasa could have been an amazing mom! Anyway, that spurred this idea. How did the Kage no Seisai come to be?

Chapter 1: Non-candidates

The first time I saw someone die, I was four. The "someone" in question was my best friend, Tomoyo. We were coming home from school when a man grabbed us from behind. Before I could think, we were dragged into an alley; I was shoved against the side of a building and bit my tongue from the force of the impact. At the sound of tearing cloth and the feel of the air against my exposed body, I scrunched my eyes closed, too scared to fight against my assaulter. Beyond the pain of his grip and the friction of my body against the brick, the sound of Tomoyo's screaming reached me. She was hollering as I had never heard her do so before…as I would never hear her do so again. Suddenly the man dropped me to the ground and turned on my friend. A new pitch to her scream opened my eyes. The man was trying to tie her down. As he wrapped a cloth around her mouth, I saw tears run down Tomoyo's face. I snapped and my body moved. A stone was in my hand and I was beating the man's back. Tomoyo's muffled screams and the sound of the man's shouts filled my ears. Finally the man fell back and I rushed to Tomoyo's side. Just as I pulled the cloth off her mouth, Tomoyo pushed me away. As I fell back against the wall, she flashed me with one last smile before the bullet exploded into her chest. She fell back with a frozen smile, and her head hit the pavement.

"This is Rumi; you two will be playmates."

A girl stood before me; rather, she peaked out from behind her caretakers legs. I blinked before turning to my mother.

Her hand descended upon me, making my head spin as her voice growled.

"Wakasa! Don't question me!"

My eyes swiveled to the ground and I batted them against the tears. There was no point in asking. I was here because I was a failure. My cheek swelled painfully. Stubbornly looking down, I heard my mother hiss in frustration before stalking out of the room. The caretaker looked between the two of us before following my mother out. Just as the door slammed shut, the girl approached me. She had auburn hair and pale freckled skin. What was her name again? She was still moving forward and I yelled.

"Don't come any closer!"

She stopped in front of me, just reaching my nose, and eyed me curiously with large hazel eyes before a smile split her face. I blinked. Didn't she get it? I didn't want to associate with another failure. From her pocket, the girl pulled a small strip and held it out to me.

"My name is Rumi; you should use this."

That was her name, Rumi. I leaned closer to inspect the strip; it was a Band-Aid with pink and purple dots. It was the most absurd thing I had ever seen. I looked at her.

"Stupid, Band-Aids are only for when there is blood. Do I look like I'm bleeding?"

Rumi kept smiling, her eyes sparkling as she answered.

"But if you put this on, when you are hurt, you will think about the Band-Aid."

"How will that help?"
"I like pink; so when I think of these Band-Aids, I feel happy."

"…what do you mean?"

"What's your favorite color?"

"I don't have one."

"Everyone has one; think."

I sighed and thought.


Rumi's smile widened.


"There are purple dots on the Band-Aids."

I looked at it; there were purple dots. Shoot. I wordlessly took the Band-Aid. I had lost the match, so I would wear the silly thing. I pealed off the tabbed and stuck it to my face. Rumi beamed. I smiled too. I couldn't help it. She was cute when she smiled.

I should have seen it coming. I didn't even have a proper excuse.

"But Mom, you told me to get along with her."

My mother snarled.

"Get out of my sight, and don't ever bring an atrocity such as this into this house again!"

I bolted, fleeing to the safety of the stairwell as my mother started ranting.

"What the hell is wrong with that child?"

"Just be grateful she didn't bring home a doll or a dress."

Dad…I strained to hear the conversation from the shadows. Dad hadn't been home in a week, but instead of a warm welcome, my mother rounded on him.

"I won't here any of this from you! She was supposed to be the seisai candidate, and look what she's becoming!"

The click of a lighter reached my ears and the room was silent for the moment Father lit his cigarette. Father never lost his temper like mother did.

"Don't punish her for something that will never happen."

I flinched; this was worse than mother's reprimands. Is there no hope for me? Can't I still be useful to our family? But inside I knew it was pointless. Without the seisai position our branch would fall out of favor. My mother's cousin was the current seisai and showered us with gifts, but that was no secret, a new seisai not from our family would likely turn on us. Holding back my sobs, I rushed to my room. A tear ran down my cheek and I gritted my teeth as it found the sore skin where my mother had ripped the Band-Aid from my face. I winced when the pain increased.

Turning to the mirror beside the bed, I paled. What…? Something red and warm crept over the raw skin. Mother's nails must have scratched me, so this is… Before I could finish the thought, I saw it – Tomoyo, covered in red, staring at me from the mirror. The red leaked from her mouth and flowed freely from her stomach. My eyes wouldn't move and my voice was caught in my throat. Then her eyes went blank and she smiled…that same frozen smile. My voice broke free, and I screamed into the night.

My eyes flickered open to a white ceiling. Blinking, I tried to turn on my side when a firm hand clamped onto my shoulder. Looking up, I met my father's empty gaze. I inhaled sharply as the events before my blackout came back. I nashed my teeth and turned away from my father. Why did it happen again? I'm such a failure!


I froze at my father's cold voice.

"Wakasa, this is the third time this has happened."

I didn't speak; I didn't even breathe.

"You have to come to terms with Tomoyo's death."

My fingers fisted around the sheets and I closed my eyes. Death was all around the Gokudo. If I couldn't get over one death, how would I ever survive? Above me, father sighed.

"Wakasa, I don't blame you. Seeing your best friend die is hard, and you were only four, but you need to move forward. Didn't you and Tomoyo used to brag about how you would bring Hougogumi to the front of the yakuza world?"

I sniffed and new tears blurred my vision, but I couldn't respond. Tomoyo… After a long while, my father rose and left the room. I didn't do anything, and after a long while, I closed my eyes and welcomed the darkness.

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