Summary: You thought Trapped in Wishes was amusing? Prepare to read some bloopers we pulled from the production! We guarantee you'll laugh 'till it hurts, or your money back!

From the Epilogue

"You will understand soon enough." Picking up the lamp, Father slowly began to walk away from the table, motioning toward it. "It's time for the lesson to start. Sit on the table." Nodding at the instant obedience from his youngest child, he raised the lamp with an extended arm, the spout pointing directly at Envy's chest.

The unfortunate boy looked around the room in a panic as the circles lit up with a blue glow, eyes wide. "Father…!?" Slit-like pupils shrank further 'till they weren't hardly noticeable when bright blue bracelet-like fabric appeared on his wrists and a darker blue material similar to a sash appeared around his waist, a sudden wind beginning to pull him toward the lamp. "Father!" In a matter of seconds, Envy had vanished into the depths of the lamp…but, by some sort of accident, the father had been pulled into the lamp, as well.

"What the…?" the blonde man asked slowly, frowning suspiciously at the uncomfortably cramped space.

"Does that mean we're both genies, now?" Envy enquired curiously, raising an eyebrow at his father. He tried inching away when a dark look overcame the older male's face.

"This isn't what's supposed to happen at all," he growled, looking around the tiny space.

Suddenly, blatantly pointing out the obvious, the young boy exclaimed, "Father, look! The lamp's full of pudding! Things can't be that bad now, right?" He smiled sheepishly, vainly trying to make the situation lighter. It instantly vanished when the other growled:

"This isn't funny!" Glaring at a tiny hole that signified the possible opening to the lamp, he yelled at it, "I want out!" The poor boy shrank back as much as he could when Father started hitting the walls of the lamp. "Get me out of here!"

"Oh my, this isn't good at all," muttered a dark-haired girl with dark-brown eyes, looking at the lamp her partner held with worry. "How are we going to get them out?"

The other teenage girl, who had lighter-brown hair and slate-colored eyes, smiled as she exclaimed, "Why, we rub the lamp, of course!" She then started rubbing the lamp, which instantly released the two homunculi.

Father looked rather unhappy while Envy was still just trying to lighten the situation, however horrible his attempts were.

"See, we're both genies!"

The oldest in the room tightened the muscles in his hands, though didn't turn them into fists. "I don't like this…there's only supposed to be one genie. How do you expect to fix this?" he asked, giving pointed glares at the two girls.

"Excellent question," the girl still holding the lamp thought aloud, looking over at her partner. "Star, you got any ideas?"

"Well…" the girl addressed as Star started, giving everyone a thoughtful glance. "Since Ninja's the one who rubbed the lamp, she gets the wishes…why don't you wish Father free and get on with the story?"

"But…" Ninja looked down at the lamp with a slight pout, then gave Envy a somewhat sad glance before sharply turning back to the other brunette. "We're not supposed to take part in this story…only direct it and put it up on FanFiction for people to read. We're gonna hafta restart the scene…"

"Good point…" The darker-haired girl waved, giving the patiently waiting males a small smile. "Alright, you do as Ninja-kun tells you."

Raising a finger, the shorter of the females exclaimed, "I wish you were both free from the lamp!" Smiling in satisfaction as the bracelets on the males' wrists turned to bluish dust, she returned to her seat in the corner of the room. "Places, everyone, and we're taking it from the top!"

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