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From Chapter 4; Jokes and Dreams

Ed glared at him, hands clenched into fists. "Enjoy the report," he growled as he turned around and, as he stomped out of the room, he tripped on his cloak and fell flat on his face out in the hallway. Of course, the ever-helpful directors were laughing so hard they nearly fell out of their seats.

"Okay," Ninja started, trying to calm down enough to talk, "that was friggin' hilarious."

Turning red, the cloaked alchemist slowly got back to his feet. "Yeah, yeah, hilarious stuff. Now, can we please get back to work?"

Eyes widening, a smirk tugging at the corners of her lips, Star leaned toward her partner and giggled not-so-quietly, "OMG, he's blushing!"

"Am not!" the blonde male protested, turning a deeper shade of red.

Curious of the commotion, Envy exited the lamp and took a look around. "What's going on?"

Barely able to contain herself, the dark-clad female blurted rather delightedly, "Ed fell flat on his face!" and both girls busted into more laughter.

Ed looked at the genie, the red deepening further. "Don't. Say. Anything."

The taller male smirked, a sound escaping that indicated a more-than-obvious want to laugh.

"Okay," the shorter of the females started, wiping her eyes and slowly regaining her composure, "Okay… Let's restart this scene."

"Places, everyone!" the taller female commanded, raising her hand and extending a finger as if she were commanding a battalion of soldiers to charge. "Let's get this scene right, this time!"

Obediently, everyone went back to their places.


Ed rolled onto his side, pulling the sheets over his shoulder and sighing sleepily. Even though the lights were still on, he evidently didn't care and was already asleep.

Envy stood near the bed, watching the slumbering child contemplatively. Amethyst eyes turned toward the lamp, then toward the clock that read 10:37 p.m. with boredom. Leisurely strolling over to the bed, he leaned over him to look at his face. In a ghostly whisper, he called, "Edward…"

The boy moaned softly, one of his eyebrows twitching.

In the same haunting tone, but with a lightness that wasn't there before, the genie called again, "Edward…!"

Another soft moan, then nothing.

"Hmm…" Thinking quietly to himself, a small smirk materialized as an idea came into his mind. Quickly, he disappeared from the room, and within a few short minutes he came back in with a can of a certain dessert-topping favored by every prankster. Gently, he sprayed the creamy foam into the sleeping alchemist's open hand, then snuck back out of the room.

Watching all of this happen in silence, the directors exchanged looks.

Envy returned to the room with a feather, though where exactly he managed to find such a feather was undetermined, and, with a wicked grin, gently ticked Ed's cheek.

Moaning softly, the blonde did just what the trick required to be a trick –he slapped at his face, covering it with whipped-cream.

The genie snickered softly, carefully creeping away to hide the feather while the directors leaned forward in anticipation.

The human male shifted slightly, then suddenly bolted out of the bed. "WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME!!??" he screamed, clawing the cream from his face frenziedly.

Both girls laughed hysterically, Ninja purposely falling out of her seat and rolling on the floor merrily.

The taller male re-entered the room just as Ed was wiping the last of the whipped-cream from his face, giggling softly. "What happened, dear Pipsqueak? Did something get onto your face?"

"SHADDUP!!" the alchemist roared, which made everyone laugh even harder. "YOU TWO!!" he yelled, pointing accusingly at the directors.

"What'd we do?" they asked in unison, the shorter of the females propping herself on her elbow to look at the young blonde.

"Make sure this never makes it to the story," he growled threateningly, the fire in his eyes enough to make a charging bull flee with fright.

"Alright, alright, Ed," Star said soothingly, helping her partner up off the floor. "We'll have something else happen."

"Though he still won't like it," the dark-clad female whispered, and both girls snickered quietly to themselves.

"Places, everybody!" Ed yelled, ignoring the sudden startled looks from the directors. "We want to get this scene right, got that? You!" He then pointed at the shape-shifter. "You aren't going to leave this room. You got that?" he added, saying the last part loudly enough for everyone to hear, including the directors.

"Don't worry," the taller female started, smiling brightly, "for this next bit, he won't need to leave the room."

"Good." After having every last trace of the whipped cream removed from his being and cleaned from the set, Ed returned to the bed and laid back down.

"Now…what else do we need to do?" the taller brunette asked the smaller, having reseated herself and her chin propped in her palm, peering over at her partner.

"Heck if I know. You know I lost all our notes, so we're basically doing the rest by scratch." Sighing, she rested her elbows on her knees and cupped her face in both hands. "We need help, or this isn't likely going to finish…"

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