After a journey of several years, Link Fenris and Dar the Goron returned to Hyrule. Their companion Majacen went on to other deeds in the course of his long life, which were recorded in other tales.

Link stayed in the southern provinces of Hyrule for the rest of his life. He didn't intend to, but upon his return, he met a woman and fell in love. He stayed there with his family to the end of his days, raising three sons and two daughters. The Fenris family's life was peaceful, and until the day he left the mortal realm, Link never had to raise a sword against another being again.

Dar eventually became the Patriarch of his tribe, and like his friend and sworn brother, he had a family. Some of the more famous Gorons were of his line, and many followed in his footsteps, serving as great allies to a few of the Heroes and becoming heroes in their own right.

Queen Zelda's reign was long and peaceful, and no further crisis assailed her country as long as she lived. She married a prince from a neighboring country, and they had many children, ensuring that her family would survive for many years to come. Gareth also had many children when he grew up, and he served as his sister's Prime Minster for much of her reign.

Both of them thought often of their protector, and while he did visit them from time to time and often sent letters, their very different lives eventually drifted apart. They were, however, most pleased to receive a visitor one day, more than thirty years after the Hero of Lightning saved their lives…



"Show him in, please," Queen Zelda said to the herald.

She looked over at her brother from her throne, smiling at him. Gareth smiled back, for a moment a little boy again. Upon hearing the visitor's name, both had been eager to meet him.

The doors at the end of the richly appointed throne room opened slowly, and into the room strode what seemed like a memory. Zelda felt her breath catch in her throat, and she felt like she was thirty years in the past for a moment.

Endrew Fenris was nearly the spitting image of his father; though he was shorter and his build was a little more thick, his parentage was instantly recognizable. He was in his mid-twenties, with his father's same intense blue eyes and blond hair, though he wore it much shorter and much more orderly than his father had.

He dropped to one knee before the throne, head bowed respectfully, and waited for her to speak.

"You may rise," Zelda said, leaning forward slightly on her throne. "What brings you before me today, young Endrew?"

"Your Majesty," he began, "my father, Link Fenris, was known to you, and today I ask if I might beg a favor from you in his memory."

Zelda sighed quietly; she'd half expected this as the reason for Endrew's visit; they'd had no word from Link in several years, so she sensed Link's eldest son had come to tell her of his father's fate.

"He is dead, then?" she asked sadly.

Endrew nodded slowly. "I believe so."

Gareth cocked an eyebrow. "You believe?"

Endrew met his eyes somewhat uncertainly. "He left no body behind, Your Grace," he said in reply. "It is almost as if the gods plucked him from the mortal world; he left our house one day, leaving everything he owned behind, and did not return."

He shifted nervously, glancing up at Zelda. "My mother died about a year ago, Your Majesty, and he was never the same afterwards, I'm afraid."

Endrew shifted again, clearly uncomfortable in the presence of royalty he had never before met, but still confident. He had his father's spirit, Zelda could see, and though his path might not lie along the way of the warrior, he was nonetheless destined for great things himself.

"He told me that you granted him a lordship," Endrew said, more a question than anything else.

"I did," Zelda said, nodding once.

"Then," he said with more confidence, "may I assume that lordship was an inheritance, also?"

Gareth nodded. "That is correct. If your father has passed away, then you are now the Lord Fenris, Endrew."

Endrew straightened. "Since my father claimed no lands under the terms of the lordship you gave him, I would like to claim my family's hereditary lands in his place."

Queen Zelda gestured to him with her scepter. "You may do so, Lord Fenris."

Obviously feeling a little bolder now, Endrew reached inside his doublet and pulled out a folded piece of paper.

"I would like to claim this area of the Snowpeak Mountains," he said, handing the paper to a page, who then handed it to Gareth.

"During an exploration of caverns in the area," Endrew continued, "I found an excellent strain of silver ore. Further explorations have led me to the conclusion that the area of the mountains shown on that map is rich in precious minerals and other useful elements, including iron and carbon."

Link's son got an excited look in his eye, one that reminded Zelda very much of his father.

"Your Majesty, if I may, I would like to ask for a group of laborers to help me construct a road to the area. I would also ask your assistance in negotiating with the Zoras, as part of the road would have to run through their territory.

"I am confident that a network of mines in this area would yield significant riches, so I am willing to offer the crown a percentage of my profits until I repay whatever loan you see fit to grant me."

Zelda smiled down at Endrew. "Your endeavor has my blessing, Lord Fenris," she said. "I thank you for telling me of your father, and I am happy to assist you in anyway I can. Gareth," she said, turning to her brother, "please see to anything Lord Fenris requires."

Gareth nodded, making a note and passing it to another page, who hurried off to another part of the castle.

At Endrew's surprised, pleased look, Zelda smiled again. "Consider it a gift in payment for the great debt we owe your father," she said.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" Endrew exclaimed.

Zelda was pleased that she'd been able to make him happy; she sensed that he had come here not expecting to receive anything beyond confirmation of his lordship, but she could tell Endrew was the sort of man who would have been able to accomplish all that he had said without any help; he had more than enough of his father in him for that.

The Queen stood from her throne and descended the steps, until she stood level with Endrew. While not as tall as his father, he was still several inches taller than her, further reminding her of Link.

"If you will indulge me," Zelda said, "I invite you to join me for lunch today. I would like to hear more about your father, if you are willing."

Endrew bowed his head respectfully. "Certainly, Your Majesty."

Zelda smiled again. "And, if you haven't heard them all already, I have a few stories about your father to share with you in return."

Endrew smiled back. "I'd like that, Your Majesty," he said.

The End



Final Author's Note and Acknowledgments: Well, that's the end of this little tale. I hope you enjoyed it, since I had a lot of fun writing it. As I've said in several previous notes and in other places, this story is connected to my other 'Legend of Zelda' stories, which I recommend if you liked this one. I advise reading 'Hero's Origin' next for more on Link's descendants, the Fenris family, and then my larger story, 'The Fourth Piece', if you haven't read them already.

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