: Much as I'd love to own Robin, I don't nor own any other of the Teen Titans or characters. Boo hoo.

A/N: This type of fic has been in several different fandoms, but I've never seen it for TT so I decided to give it a shot with Robin. I believe it started with Theresa Green, with some LOTR units. Unfortunately, she no longer uses so I am only left on other people's words. I have seen this type of fic in Cats and several in Newsies. If anyone has seen any in TT, please let me know. I'd love to read them. Anyway, without further ado, may I present "Robin Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual"!



Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the Teen Titan, ROBIN. We would appreciate it greatly if you would take the time to read this manual (below) to ensure you have a trouble-free (excepting fangirl attacks) long life with your model.


Name: Robin, the Boy Wonder. (A.K.A. Dick Grayson)

Type: Human Being (Male)

Manufacturing Company: Titans Go! Inc.

Height: Five foot 3 inches

Controls: Your ROBIN unit is voice-activated for your enjoyment and his modes can be switched by a cute little switch on his back.


Your ROBIN unit usually stays in his uniform no matter what (even when he sleeps, ugh!) but as of the episode Quest (season four) we know he has several spares. (cough a lot! cough)

Mask: The mask is for protecting ROBIN from the evil bad guys finding out his identity/driving fangirls crazy over what color his eyes really are. (The mask is white with black rims)

Cape: This black and yellow cape only goes down to his back, but when he lets it completely cover his shoulders, who does he look like? (coughBATScough) It also has titanium in it, protecting him even from fire! (As seen in Winner Take All)

Body Suit: The suit is green, red, and yellow with his R insignia on the left side of his chest. (Made of spandex, only true men can wear it!)

Belt: Looking a lot like the Bat's belt, ROBIN owns a small yellow utility belt that hooks around his waist (adjustable waistband!) and carries all his secret gadgets. Even we don't know how many he has. (Includes Birdarangs and grappling hooks)

Shoes: Neat black high tops, with steel toes for kickin' bad guy butt! The steel toes are "extra boxy"!

Gloves: These green gloves go up to his elbows and protect his hands from anything, whether it's villainy behavior and gardening. They're also quite stretchy, (it's the spandex)

Note: Remove clothes for CLEANING PURPOSES ONLY!!


ROBIN can be a very complicated Titan (though not as much as Raven) because of his dark background. So here are some settings to switch him to whatever mode you please.

Boy Wonder: In this settings, ROBIN will be in his usual Titan outfit and pretty happy. (He is sometimes portrayed slightly younger since this setting was created when he was still in Gotham)

Apprentice: For this setting, ROBIN is cranky, under Slade's control, forced to steal and lie. It is recommended not to put ROBIN in this mode because it causes stress to him, Starfire, the team, the city, you…basically everyone but Slade. In this mode, he will be wearing something like his old uniform, but outfitted slightly different and in Slade's colors.

Red X: This mode is highly stressful for ROBIN and Co. and is not to be attempted. In short, ROBIN gets heavily obsessed with Slade, dresses up as a villain to capture, but Slade finds out anyway and ROBIN loses complete trust in his friends. He will be wearing a long black cape with a suit, Xiothium belt, and a skull mask with a big red X on the face, (hence the name, 'Red X')

Titan Leader: This is the recommended mode. In this mode, ROBIN behaves as the titan we all love. (Usual uniform) He is a little obsessive at times, but all you need is a Titan dog-pile and he stays down.


Your ROBIN model is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Although we recommend not hugging him too often, he gets cranky, (unless it's from Starfire) If you wanted a huggable model, you should've gotten Beast Boy or Starfire (STAFIRE models are 25 off this month, hurry to order!) Here are some of ROBIN's traits…

Leader: Your ROBIN unit is a born leader and will lead your team through any dangers efficiently.

Instructor: Kudos! Your new ROBIN model is one of the greatest kung fu masters in the world. No longer will you have to worry about the school bully, ROBIN will have you trained to the finest. (And if you're not good enough, he'll do it for you. He does fight crime you know)

Teddy Bear: Yes, we all get scared and therefore all need a time to hide behind someone. Solution when you see a scary movie? Grab ROBIN'S cape and hide your face behind it. Or if worst comes to worst, grab his waist and hug him tightly. Either way works (and you get to snuggle with ROBIN, yum!)

-Note: make sure the STARFIRE unit is not around so that she does not become jealous.

Daredevil: Come on, who else would jump off a building to save someone? (And figure out how not to die on the way down, that's true talent) ROBIN is called the Boy Wonder for a reason.


Since ROBIN is an all around friendly guy, he gets along with nearly all the members of his team, (excepting CYBORG and his little spats) It is a well-known fact that ROBIN also loves STARFIRE. Unfortunately, he's too shy to say anything. (Or he'll make up an excuse about villains finding out and hurting her etc.) Anyway, if you really want to see some action, have STARFIRE fake her death and ROBIN will kiss her. The fluffiness is almost too cute!

The only people ROBIN does NOT get along with are villains. Do NOT under ANY circumstances get him near the SLADE model, (unless you want to see Apprentice Pt. 1&2 acted out for you) If ROBIN sees any villains, he will most likely kick their butts while thinking up a good quip. He's good at that.

Note- If easily jealous, do not let ROBIN get around STARFIRE


Q) Is ROBIN a wimp for not telling Star that he likes her?


Q) Where are ROBIN'S other clothes? All he has is a LOT of uniforms.

A) Unfortunately, that's all ROBIN wears; his uniform. He is even seen sleeping in them. However, you can buy the "Quest" outfit (white Karate uniform) Just call 1-800-ROBIN-OUTFITS

Q) Why is ROBIN wearing green shorts instead of pants?

A) He is obviously in Boy Wonder mode so he is still in Gotham. Switch him to Titan Leader and everything will be hunky-dunky.

Note- Switch is on back

Q) Hunky-Dunky?

A) Don't question my vocabulary.

Q) Why is ROBIN taller in his Red X mode?

A) Because the animation people made Red X taller to hide that it's ROBIN, it's kind of a glitch.

Q) Why does Robin wear clothing that makes him look like a traffic light?

A) HOW DARE YOU INSULT ROBIN! HE IS AMAZING! It reminds him of his past, haven't you ever read the comics? (Stupid person…)


Problem: My ROBIN unit is missing! He went on a mission at five in the morning (that Slade is a total insomniac) and hasn't answered his communicator!

Solution: Most likely, you have been imbedded with microscopic probes attached to your blood cells and he is being blackmailed to become Slade's apprentice. Don't panic. Just get a CYBORG unit to create a machine to get rid of the probes and then go on a rescue mission to save ROBIN! (Then have a waffle party afterwards D)

Problem: My ROBIN unit isn't wearing green (Just yellow, black and red), looks a whole lot younger, and keeps yelling "Batman, let's go!"

Solution: You have accidentally been issued with a TIM DRAKE model. This is not uncommon because he is the third Robin. (Be thankful it wasn't a JASON TODD model, one that only experienced owners can control) Call 1-800-ROBIN-ERRORS to get a refund.

Problem: ROBIN is in the Titan Leader mode, but he is still obsessed with SLADE!

Solution: Get STARFIRE to give him a hug and tell him "he's never alone" and all that fluff. If he doesn't respond, get RAVEN or CYBORG to remind him of what happened "last time" That will usually get his attention.

Problem: ROBIN refuses to go on vacation with me. He says "heroes don't take vacations"

Solution: Yes, ROBIN is very persistent on that subject. You can fix that though; hire a villain to attack Jump, get him captured, get him un-captured but still tell ROBIN about some dude in "insert vacation spot here" who sent him. ROBIN will pack in a flash.


We at Titans Go! Inc. hope you and your ROBIN model enjoy many long years together and order more Teen Titans models soon. (Don't forget about our STARFIRE sale!)

Note- Please remember ROBIN is one of the more popular models and there is a chance of fangirl mobbing. (Although not as much as Slade) Please take any precautions necessary.


A/N: There are a couple tributes in this fic.

1)The "extra boxy" thing with Robin's shoes is a tribute to my big sister. She said it to my dad after seeing an XB on the back of a square car. "What do you think that XB stands for?" "Extra boxy!" She said it in a really funny accent too!

2)Under OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (Daredevil) the "jump off a building to save someone and figure how not to die on the way down" is quoting David Slack (one of the writers of the TT episodes)

Now onto other things… I'd like to do Starfire model someday and maybe do some Seussical models later on. (Probably Horton and Mayzie) Yeah, so that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading!