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Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the Teen Titan, CYBORG. We would appreciate it greatly if you would take the time to read this manual (below) to ensure you have a trouble-free (excepting fangirl attacks) long life with your model.


Name: CYBORG; half man, half robot. A.K.A. Victor Stone

Type: Human, Male

Manufacturing Company: Titans Go! Inc.

Height: 6.4"

Controls: Your CYBORG unit is voice-activated for your enjoyment and his modes can be switched by a cute little switch on his back.


Because CYBORG is, well a cyborg, he doesn't really change outfits very often. Well, pretty much never. Thus, no accessories for CYBORG. :(


Now the settings part is totally different for our dear CYBORG. Yay!

Titan: CYBORG is basically CYBORG here; no frills, no added sweeteners, or crazy OOC traits. All man here. (Or rather, all Cyborg.)

Stone [normal]: (As seen in Deception.) Stone will look like CYBORG "unplugged" as Raven so aptly put it. He'll be a strapping young African American man, often wearing muscle shirts and tight pants.

Stone [Fighting]: (As seen in Deception.) CYBORG as Stone [fighting] will look like a humanized rock…seriously. He's a man looking like Stone/Cyborg, but with an azure rock skin. And a rockin' silver cirlet; ow ow!

Titananimal: (As seen in Bunny Raven) In this mode, CYBORG turns into a tutu-wearing CyBear. This mode is a bit stressful for your CYBORG unit, but is very fun to watch so go ahead and use it!

Barbarian: (As seen in Cyborg the Barbarian) All men have some kind of beserker/barbarian mode, but CYBORG'S is genuine!

Vic: CYBORG as Vic doesn't appear in the animated series, but we at TitansGo! Inc. have decided that since CYBORG is so special, he'll get this mode. Basically, this is pre-series, meaning CYBORG looks like Stone [normal], except he's actually real. Vic will be really into athletics, strong, and with have no memory of the crash that killed his normal body.

-Note- settings/modes switched by switch on CY'S back.


Mechanic: As most know, CYGBORG has a bit of an obsession with the T-Car. This is due to his love of mechanics and other types of technology. (Well, he is half robot remember.)

Competitive: Whether its stomping ROBIN at video games or arguing with BEAST BOY about the goodness of meat, CYBORG seems to be competitive. That is one of the reasons he coaches Little League now (as seen in Overdrive.)

Hero: Well, CYBORG is a Titan…what else is there to say?

Chef: Although he does a have a huge obsession with meat, CYBORG also can excel at making other dishes, such as waffles (another great love of his) and French toast. Just don't bring up tofu…he doesn't like that stuff.


CYBORG loves Jinx…and Bumblebee…and Sarasism…and hey, some people even say that he likes Raven! 0_0 Yeah, weird, we know.

CYBORG basically will get along with anyone, except for Bumblebee and villains. Bumblebee and him are just…like oil and water. They don't mix. Villains you can figure out why. (However, he has special issues with Brother Blood, Atlas, and Gizmo.)


Q) CYBORG wants to order the Maximum-7 chip. He says its compatible with all of his systems but it looks dangerous to me.

A) Don't let CYBORG order it! CYBORG will abuse the Max-7 and it will suck all of the fun from him. (Like, he won't like eating anymore! -gasp-)

Q) What is this guy Atlas's deal?

A) Atlas is highly competitive and a sore loser. He will stop at nothing to prove that he is the greater robot. (Despite the fact that Cy is a cyborg, not a robot.)

Q) What if CYBORG gets a computer virus? (It was so BEAST BOY'S fault!)

A) -shakes head- Not good. The only thing to do while the rest of the Titans distract CYBORG, get BEAST BOY and Gizmo to go inside of CYBORG and rid the virus. (Just keep Gizmo from shutting down CYBORG permanently)

Q) What is up with Brother Blood's weird fascination with CYBORG?

A) Unlike all the other students Blood has dealt with, he can never brainwash CYBORG because either the robotic side of CY repels Blood or his human side. Thus, Blood can't stand CYBORG and tries desperately to figure out how CYBORG defies him. ….And then he turns himself into a weird type of cyborg. Creepy…

Q) CYBORG is speaking some strange language that I don't recognize at all. What is it?

A) More than likely, it's Tamaranean. STARFIRE is teaching it to him. :)


Problem: CYBORG is being chased by a horde of angry Japanese chefs!

Solution: CYBORG was overeating at the all-you-can-eat in Tokyo right? Well, after finding BEAST BOY, they should run and hide behind a magazine stand. Once they find out ROBIN has been arrested, they'll have more things to worry about.

Problem: I can't find CYBORG anywhere! I think Mumbo may have taken him when the Titans were fighting in the junkyard.

Solution: Don't be so sure. Go to the dumpster and rummage around down there. It's possible Fixit has taken him in for "repairs". Make sure CYBORG shows Fixit how life really is though, before CYBORG is turned into a complete robot.

Problem: the T-Car is missing and CYBORG is crying for his 'baby'.

Solution: Seek RAVEN'S help. She's a good partner for this type of chase. (Although if you are not a RAVENxCYBORG shipper, beware putting these two together.)

Problem: CYBORG quit the team!

Solution: He'll come around, especially if its something as petty as messing up a Sonic Boom with ROBIN. (Which probably is the reason.) Just wait for a fight with Plasmus gets out of hand, and then CYBORG will come back to the team.


We at TitansGo! Inc. hope you enjoy many years with your CYBORG model and ask that you order our other models soon because well…we're just cool and so are our TT models. –cheesy smiles abound-


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