A/n I don't own the storm hawks but I do own Saphire, Aria, Trigeress, Lily, and back yard junk

A/n I don't own the storm hawks but I do own Saphire, Aria, Trigeress, Lily, and back yard junk. Enjoy


Rumor had it, she was powerful, she was mean, she was a beast. Her hair, once silver, now red, stained with bloood, the bloood of people who could not pay their debt to her. Her eyes gold and cold. Rumor had it, the Dark Ace owed her money. She, was the Tigress. No one knew her name, they only knew she was a humanoid tiger.

"I promise, I can pay you!" Dark Ace begged, down on his knees in his white boxers with red hearts, his dark hair soaked with sweat, his red eyes showing fear. The Tigeress stood there, her red silver hair shifting as her tail flicked back and forth and curls itself, sometimes brushing her gently curls or brushing the black leather of her clothing.

"That is what you have said for the last 4 years dark ace. My patience grows thin. Where is the money you owe me?" The Tigress demanded, getting up in dark Ace's Face, her eyes flashing.

The Tigress wore knee-high black leather boots, mega short shorts made of black leather, and a black leather belly shirt. In her hands were twin energy swords, each equipped with a stone that looked like Aura stone.

"And I have meant it! I just need to kill the storm hawks and collect the bounty and I will be able to repay you! PLEASE!" Dark Ace pleaded. Tigress's eyes flares at the words 'kill' and 'storm hawks'

"KILL?! Are you insane or just MAD?!" The Tigress roared. Dark Ace drew back, looking scared and rather meek and defenceless.

"P-P-P-please…. Give me another chance." Dark Ace begged. Tigress whisked her tail in annoyance, her ears swiveling around as they picked up the sound of approaching footfalls, coming toward them.

"Very well Ace. I give you another month. ONE month. If you can't pay, the cost, is your life. Farewell." Tigress jumped out the window and vanished as the door opened, revealing Ravess and two talons.

"Dark Ace! What's wrong?" Ravess asked, confused as why he was on his knees and in his boxers… and his boxers confused her too. Dark Ace smiled and looked at them.

"It's nothing now. It's nothing." Dark Ace told her, standing and facing them. " If you will excuse me, I do require my sleep."

"Of course." Ravess exclaimed, closing the door as Dark Ace walked over to his bed and climbing under the covers.


Piper stood on the balcony of the condor, watching the stars as a gentle breeze blew her hair around her and her pajamas. It was almost midnight, and she stood there in a large t-shirt and a pair of really short shorts. She shifted her weight as she leaned on the little half wall, her bare feet touching the cold metal as a gentle glow surrounded her from the light of the bridge.

"Piper, shouldn't you be in bed?" The voice of her commanding officer came as he stepped out onto the balcony, also in his sleepware, a pair of baggy pants and a t-shirt.

"Hi Aerrow. Shouldn't you be in bed too?" Piper asked, looking at himover her shouldered. Aerrow glared at her for redirecting his question without answering it.

"I was on my way to bed when I notice my navigator wasn't in bed nor in her room. What's your excuse?" He asked, walking over to her as she turned to face him.

"I was watching the stars. I couldn't sleep,." Piper told him, turning back to face the stars.

"Well, it's almost mid-night and you do need your sleep.I don't think we want to be falling asleep during your work tomorrow. Or have bags under your eyes either." Aerrow teased.

"Oka Aerrow, I'll go to bed after you show me the bunny you swear is near orion;s Belt." Piper exclaimed with a smirk, knowing fully he couldn't. Aerrow smiled and pointed. Piper watched and frowned, seeing there was in fact a bunny. " That's not a bunny. That's a sky monkey."

"No, that;s bunny. Fluffy tail, long ears, small and fuzzy." Aerrow exclaimed, point to each part. Piper rolled her eyes. " Now we had a deal. To bed miss Piper."

"You should go to bed tooo Sky Knight." Piper exclaimed, putting emphase on the word ' sky knight', watching Aerrow wince in annoyance. She giggled as Aerrow glared.

"Come on Squadie. "He teased, pulling her back into the condor. She followed, casting a glance over her shoulder at the bunny.

"I really don't hink it's a bunny." She told him. Aerrow rolled his eye and pulled her into the ship.

"Well you can argue over it another time, It's now time to sleep." Aerrow told her.

"But-" Piper stopped as she saw a flash of orange in the corner of her eye as she crossed the hall with aerrow. Aerrow saaw it too and stopped, looking around for it."Did you see that?"

"You mean the flash of orange? Yeah." Aerrow answered, looking around wereily. His eyes landed on a pair of gold cat like eyes in the darkness. They heard a gentle like purr fill the hall.

"Hello storm hawks. I carry a simple warning. You'd best heed it. Dark Ace is getting desprerate to repay an old debt and he believes the bounty on your heads is enough todo the job." A femine voice came, accompanied by a purr. "He will be more attentive in his attempts to kill you."

"How do we know we can trust you?" aerrow snapped, glaring at the femine feline figure her could just barely make out.

"Ask your sister about Lily, and the tigress. She'll tell you, you can trust me. Farewell." The figure opened the window next to her and slipped out the window, the moonlight catching on her silver red hair and landing on her fur as she disappeared.

"She looked like a cat." Aerrow exclaimed. Piper gasped.

"She's a tigrean!" Piper gasped out, staring at the window where the figure had been moments before.

"A what?"

"A tigrean. A humanoid tiger. Human siloute with a tail and cat fur. And cat ears and a tail." Piper explained. "They used to be such common creatures but no one really sees them any more. They quick, quiet and powerful creatures. Beautiful as well."

"Okay. Now, we go to bed." Aerrow told her. Piper smiled and obeyed without protest.


"So, Dark Ace and Cyclionis want the storm hawks dead. Well, I won't let that happen. If Anyone wants them dead, they'll have to go through me and my army." Tigress murmured as she walked along Terra rex. She walked up to one of the houses she was passing and extended a claw to the lock, gave a gentle twitch, and smiled as the lock unlocked itself, allowing her to let herself in. She lightly walked into the kitchen where her gold eyes landed on the purple hair sky knight who sat the table reading a book with a cup of coffee next to her. The girl whirled around to face her, suddenly aware of the cat, cryptess green eyes meeting gold ones.

"I-I-I I thought you were dead!" Starling exclaimed, standing.

"No, not dead, just relocated to where business is much better. " Tigress told her.

" I… I.. I no longer have the money. When you wwere supposed to collect it, I had it, but you never came. I awaited a year and when you still didn't come to collect it, I spent it on some things I needed." Starling explained.

"Relax. Sit. I'm not here for the money. I am here for another reason. You do not need to worry about repaying me anything, not even a penny if do me a favor. It's nothing bad or long term. It is only June and I only need this task carried out until July or August. September at the latest." Tigress explained. She turned to the door as her ears picked up the sound of footsteps. Harrier walked in, his hair tasseled from sleep and in a pair of baggy pants. He looked at Tigress.

"Who are you?" Harrier demanded. Tigress deiced not to care, and turned her attention back to Starling who marked her page in the book and turned to face her.

"What is the Favor?" Starling asked, looking Tigress in the eye as Harrier continued to stare at tigress in confusion, especially her tall that swished from side to side and curled itself.

"I need someone to keep the storm hawks out of harms way, more importantly, the Dark Ace's way. Dark Ace is getting desperate to repay and his theory is the bounty placed on their heads by Master Cyclonis will be more then enough to pay me. He owes be a great deal of it, ten times as much you borrowed from me ever." Tigress explained as Aria and Saphire walked in, each in there sleepwear of short shorts and t-shirts. Starling whistled a low note as Aria waved, receiving a quick smile in return before getiing back to business.

"How long does he have to repay you?" Starling asked.

"A month. It was supposed to b tonight but annoying little twit got lucky and Ravess came along. As long I don't get interrupted again it'll only be one month." Tigress explained.

"ou really do need to take a vacation." Aria exclaimed, sitting down next to Starling.

"You know her?" Harrier asked in surpise.

"Of course. We go way back. Ten years at least." Aria exclaimed, flipping her silver hair over her shoulder as her green eyes glittered.

"Yes, 14 years and 2 months.Starling, I thank you for taking on this task, but now I must be going. Hopefully the atmos will be able to sleep peacefully without fear soon." And with that said, tigress quickly slipped from the house, locking the door on the way out. Saphire pulled her brown hair out of her blue eyes as she nervously looked around.

"Harrier, where are the Storm Hawk's currently stationed?" Starling asked.

"They go where they go." Harrier answered.

"I'll need to contact them." Starling exclaimed.

"We'll bring them here. If all of Cyclionia wants them, they don't stand a chance. I'll get other squadrons to help keep an eye on them when they leave." Harrier exclaimed.

"Harrier! Bring them here?! I'm not going to bring this upon you!" Starling exclaimed. Harrier walked over to her.

"Starling, you are my girl friend and I am supposed to help you when you get yourself into a tight spot. And Two, I want to help. Aria and Saphire probably want to help as well." Saphire and Aria nodded. " There are surely others want the Storm hawks to remain alive." Harrier explained. Starling smiled and kissed him.

"We should get some sleep." Starling Exclaimed. Harrier nodded and lead her off to bed as Saphire and Aria slipped into the living room and popped in a movie the moment Harrier closed his door.