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Piper: obviously.

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"You saw a what?!" Stork shrieked on the bridge as Piper explained why the window was open.

"A Tigrean." Piper answered.

"Those guys are rare. There's so much we can learn from them. They are the guardians of the metatite." Stork exclaimed.

"The what a what?" Finn asked.

"Metatite. A Legendary crystal more powerful then the Aoura stone. " Piper exclaimed. " It is used in old folk tales and is believed to the reason why the Atmos has been kept a float all these years."

" So.. This tiger is the guardian of a rock? Yippee… She must be a babe." Finn exclaimed sarcastically.

"FINN! IT is not just a rock! It's a very very powerful Crystal! The MOST powerful crystal EVER!" Piper snapped, her eyes growing starry eyed just talking about it.

"She's still baby-sitting a rock." Finn exclaimed. A Silver thread pulled one of the condor windows open, making Stork scream before Junko closed it, the silver strand getting caught on his uniform.

"What is with the windows? It's not even windy!" Piper exclaimed, walking around her foot catching a silver hair that pulled another window open.

"What is going on? It's like SHE is here when shes not. " Finn exclaimed. Piper stared at a silver hair and picked it up.

"Are you by any chance referring to Aria?" Piper asked.

"Yes. It's like she's here when she's not." Finn exclaimed. His face fell when Piper held up the silver hair.

"Wanna bet?" She asked. Laughter filled the room before one of the vents popped open and out dropped Aria, her Silver-blond hair curling in gentle curls .

"HOLA! I'm here! I knew Piper would be the one to figure out I was the one behind all the chaos." Aria exclaimed, her green eyes flickering in excitement.

"Okay, Where's your partner in crime?" Aerrow asked, smiling at his sister.

"Oh come on! Who says I always have A partner in crime?" Aria asked. A Blue ribbon drifted down from above them. Piper's eyes widened before she dove out of the way, Ice cold water splashing over the other hawks as Saphire dropped down from the ceiling.

"Morning! You guys look like you showered with your clothes on." Saphire exclaimed, feinting confusion. " Why?"

"What do you think?" Finn snapped. Saphire shook her head and a pair of purple nunchuckes came flying out, narrowly missing Saphire and Aria's heads, cutting off some of the end of Finn's blond hair before it returned to the hand that threw it, cutting a silver-blue thread in the process, dropping hot buckets of scalding hot water over Aerrow and Finn as Stork shimmied out of the way. Starling Stepped out from behind the machinery.

"Nicely done, Starling. We may make a prankster out of you yet." Saphire exclaimed as the door whiskered open revealing Harrier who walking in and stared at the soaking wet hawks. He then turned and stared at the culprits.

"What did you three do?" Harrier asked. Saphire and Aria stared giggling as Starling stood there calmly, unblinking as she stared back.

"Who says we did anything?" Starling asked, feigning innocence much better then her accomplishes. Saphire giggled and pulled on a blue ribbon, a tiny bell sounding, making a small black kitten with bright orange eyes come darting out to play with the ribbon. Saphire scooped up the little creature up into her arms with all the care in the world.

"Miss Piper, I want you to meet Coal, your new kitten. I saw him at the mall and knew you had to have her. She's a lot like you." Saphire exclaimed, walking over to pip and placing the small creature in Piper's arms, resulting in the tiny little creature rubbing up against her. Piper cooed softly to the kitten and cuddled it.

"That's not the only reason you guys are here, is it?" Aerrow asked. Aria scowled her brother.

"What? I can't visit my brother and friends?" Aria asked, acting offended.

"Is that what this is?"


"Exactly." Piper smiled at Aerrow.

"WE would like you storm hawks to be grounded on Terra Rex." Harrier announced. The Storm hawks looked at him funny.

"What? Why?"

"It's for your safety."


"Tigeress stopped by didn't she? She said she knew Aria." Piper looked at them as she spoke. Starling nodded.

"Dark Ace and the whole set of Cyclonians are after you worse then ever. She wants you guys hidden until she has him gone." Aria explained as she clasped her hands behind her back, taking a serious stance, unusual for her playful goofiness.

"Thought WE know darn well, you won't go with that so we deiced that if we stick you on a terra with good numbers, you still do what you do with less risk of Dark Ace or other talons getting their hands on you." Harrier explained, taking a similar stance to Aria. Saphire smirked and mocked the two behind their backs, making some of the others laugh. Aria and Harrier turned to Saphire. Aria laughed as Harrier glared at his sister, less then amused.

"Let me put on a more serious face and help you two out." Saphire exclaimed, pulling a bag out from behind the sofa, a rather big bag.

"How did we not notice the bag before? "Finn asked as Saphire reached into the bag and pulled out what looked like a paper attached to string.

"No clue." Aerrow answered as Saphire slide on the paper mask. She turned around to show it was a not so good drawing of Harrier's face with an overly serious look on his face, on the mask. The other burst out laughing as Saphire spoke in an imitation of Harrier's voice.

"The Cyclonians are not honor bound or honorable. They will pull cheap tricks and kill you in your sleep. Although we are superior, and have better kept clothes and rides, we may fall, but we will with honor." Saphire exclaimed, attempting to use Harrier's voice as she mocked him, resulting in the others laughter has she failed. Aria fell over in fits of laughter after looking at Harrier's angry face.

"A very good attempt an imitation. I don't Harrier could have made it any better." Starling exclaimed, laughter still dancing in her eyes. Harrier glared at her as Saphire took the mask off.

"Oh come off with it Harrier. That's what you used to sound like before you finally threw out the rule book thanks to Aerrow. And that's what you sound like when you get really serious. Although I haven't heard you pull out the honor bound card in ages. Some people are serious. These guys aren't. They like fun and excitement, not boring seriousness. Some people are like you. Boring and serious. Others are like them. Fun and not so serious. So the only way to present a case like this is to make a joke out of it, make it fun." Saphire explained. Harrier sighed and nodded, being forced to agree.

"Then in this case, I couldn't have done it better myself."Harrier admitted with a smile. Starling smiled at him.

"Will you guys please come? Willingly? PLEASE?" Saphire begged, pulling out a pair of puppy eyes, her lower lip sticking out slightly. Aria practically mirrored her, only her lip quivered and her eyes actually looked innocent. Junko fell for the puppy eyes first. He looked toward Aerrow who would have the final call. Stork looked next. Piper wasn't even noticing the eyes, she was petting coal.
"PLEASE?" Aria begged. Finn looked at Aerrow, being crushed by the puppy eyes. Piper looked up and snickered before looking towards Aerrow. Aerrow Smiled.

"Alright. We'll come." Aerrow exclaimed, Receiving several cheers and shrieks of excitement.

"YAY!" Saphire and Aria squealed, Hugging Piper and almost knocking Coal out of her arms, startling both cat and girl.

"Ow! I think they blew my ear drum." Finn complained.

"Oh yeah, it's only a matter of time before our brains implode." Stork complained. Starling smiled and rolled her eyes.

"We'll go shopping!" Saphire squealed.

"We'll get manicures!" Aria added.

"And pedicures!"

"We'll go to the spa!"

"Get our hair styled!"

"We'll relax." Piper exclaimed, making the others stop squealing." Go swimming, get a tan."

"We'll play volley ball!" Aria squealed, her excitement back by tenfold.

Sleep overs!"

"Gossiping and telling secrets." Aria exclaimed.

"We'll have fun." Piper summed up. Saphire and Aria nodded. Harrier and Starling were forced to stare in disbelief and surprise.

"That was quick. It takes ten minutes to calm those two down and Piper did that in one." Starling gasped. Harrier nodded dumbly.

"Amazing…" Harrier whispered. He looked toward Aerrow who turned to stork.

"Stork, Head for terra Rex!" Aerrow commanded, Causing Piper to sprint to the maps and direct Stork.

"Stork, Head south and turn 18 degrees and we'll fly right over it." Piper commanded. Stork nodded and turned the ship around before setting course. Piper nodded and went about to doing her chores, closely followed by Aria as Saphire skipped off to talk to Junko about the engines.

"Can I help Piper?" Aria asked, receiving an odd look from her friend.

"You wanna help me clean my lab?" Piper asked. Aria nodded. " Okay, If you really want to."She exclaimed as she grabbed the broom and swept the floor. Aria smiled and set to cleaning the table, putting various crystals away, whipping down the table, organizing the equipment as Piper swept and scrubbed the floor.

"You aren't using a mop why?" Aria asked as she finished wiping down the equipment .

"Well, first off, we no longer have a mop because Finn and cleaning the runway and was dancing with it when he suddenly kissed it. We asked him what he was doing and he threw the mop in surprise, sending it over the edge of the runway. And two, this stuff is caked on to get it off with a mop." Piper explained, scrubbing away furiously at a stain on the floor.

"Well, get another mop and mop this place more often. Then you don't have to spend a lot of time on the floor scrubbing like Finn." Aria told her, putting a book away.

"Aerrow says-"

"Aerrow nothing. Get another one, clean more often and hide it in here. You done scrubbing the floor or do you need me to help you?" Aria asked. Piper smiled and put the cleaning supplies away.

"Come on. Let's go get Saphire and plan what We'll do when we get to Terra Rex."


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