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Chapter 1

Late August sunlight filtered through the gauzy, white curtains in the bathroom as I stood staring at my reflection in the mirror. I was never a provocative dresser, but tonight was different.

My good friend Rob, owned one of the hottest bars in the small town of Rush, New York where I lived. Rob inherited the bar from his Father when he passed. He was big into real estate since it was his job, but he always dreamed of owning Rushing Sunset. Spending his childhood there taking inventory and washing glasses instilled a love in him for the place. He loved being there and now owning it was just his way of connecting and remembering his Father after his death.

James my other good friend, and sometimes fuck buddy, ran the bar for Rob. We lived close enough to New York City that Rob was out of town frequently for business. James and Rob had become friends in high school and Rob knew that he could trust James with the bar when he wasn't around.

My story is a little different. I grew up in Forks, Washington. I despised that place so much that as soon as I graduated high school and had saved enough money for a decent SUV I drove cross-country just to get away. I attended a small college in New York outside of Rush so it was only natural for me to settle here. I have my Masters in Literature and have two published novels so far. I just bought an old Victorian house on the west side of the town that I am happily trying to restore. My parents Charlie and Renee were happy when I settled down and visit once a year during the holidays. I refuse to go back to Forks. That place holds too many awful memories that I buried deep within the moist, dank soil in its forests.

"You are going to knock 'em dead tonight," James, cooed in my ear as I stood as still as a statue staring in the mirror. "You look fabulous."

"Thanks," I muttered adjusting my denim skirt and low cut, black v-neck sweater. My brown hair hung loosely around my shoulders in wavy curls.

Tonight was the grand re-opening of Rushing Sunset. I had spent the last three weeks helping Rob, James and my two best friends, Alice and Rosalie remodel the bar into something that everyone could enjoy. It now had a moderate dance floor and a stripper pole for amateur night. The bar itself was all refinished with large flat screen televisions glaring out from several different angles. Alice was a professional designer and helped Rob and James design a bar that 'flowed' as she liked to call it.

Since Rob and James were such good friends, I agreed to help at the bar on weeknights and some weekends, if they needed me. Most of my time was spent writing my next novel, but the extra money was always nice.

I made my way down the stairs to low whistles and catcalls. I jerked my head towards the kitchen to find Alice, Rosalie and James standing there staring at me. "What?" I snapped at them.

"You are going to rake in the tips tonight girl," Rosalie said while she grinned. Like I could outdo her. She was the most beautiful girl in all of New York State and she knew it. I loved her like my sister, but sometimes she was so shallow. Her long silky blond hair always hung perfectly around her face. She hardly needed makeup, as her natural beauty was so radiant. She sported a skintight black mini skirt and a blood red tank top for tonight's events.

"What shoes are you going to wear?" Alice asked bounding towards me. Alice was also beautiful. She was short, but not much shorter than I was. She was the most loveable person I had ever met in my entire life. She would drop anything she was doing to aid a friend or loved one. Her short black hair was beautifully spiked on her head and she wore an adorable shirtdress paired with some leggings and Jimmy Choo's. I had to laugh as I took in her ensemble. I knew she would be the only person in our state that could pull that look off.

"I think I am going to wear my tall boots," I said as she clapped excitedly.

"I was going to suggest those, but I didn't know if they would hurt your feet!"

"They are actually pretty comfortable," I replied grabbing my boots from the hall closet and sitting on the foyer bench to slip them on. I looked up and noticed James staring at me and licking his lips. "You better wipe that look off your face guy, we've got a whole night to get through and I am sure it's not going to be dead."

James chuckled and headed out the back door bidding us good-bye. "Shall we take my car ladies," I asked excitedly. I had bought a crimson 93 Mustang GT from a local car dealer in the late spring and Rosalie restored it for me with several aftermarket adjustments and modifications. To say it was fast was an understatement. I wasn't really much for cars, but I liked to go fast and this car held the power to take me to new heights.

Rose let out a giggle and ran out the back door to my garage. We all piled into the car and buckled up. I slammed my foot down on the King Cobra clutch and turned the key as the engine roared to life. I let my head fall back into the seat as I felt the rumble of the Flowmasters come from underneath the car. I slammed the gearshift into reverse and let the clutch up slowly, backing out of my driveway. Rose squealed again, which she rarely ever did unless it came to cars, and I threw it into first gear while I glared at her deviously. Alice just huffed in the backseat and said, "god Bella can we get to the bar tonight or is it going to take three days?"

I let out a roar of laughter as I peeled down the street leaving a long black streak from my tires. Rose was so excited I thought she might get my black leather seat wet. "Rose relax, okay or you will be cleaning my car for me," I giggled. "Why don't you focus on picking some music for us to listen to?"

"How about some Trent?" Rose asked in a mocking tone.

"I would take Trent any day Rose. Do we constantly have to have this conversation about my favorite band?"

Rose laughed and slipped in a shiny silver CD.

I rolled my eyes. "Not the Hand that Feeds?" I whined as I asked.

"Just shut up and drive Bella. It's one of the only songs I like that he sings."

I slammed my foot into the gas pedal as the engine responded immediately rocketing us to our destination much quicker than I would have liked. I enjoyed driving this car and listening to my favorite band while doing it! Rob hooked me up with a pretty sweet sound system and some Dynamat insulation so my hatch wouldn't rattle. I laughed quietly to myself as I thought about how my present personality differed from my high school personality. In high school, I did everything I could to blend in with my surroundings. I wished on countless occasions to be a chameleon. I just didn't want to draw attention to myself. Now with this car and my newfound confidence I was almost the polar opposite.

I parked right next to the entrance and put the car in neutral as I raised the parking brake. I turned to look at the girls and asked, "are we ready for this?"

"Absofuckinglutely," Rose said smiling. Alice rolled her eyes and nodded her head.

"Care to make a little contest out of tonight?" I asked as I raised one eyebrow challenging my best friends.

"What is the contest?" Alice huffed impatiently.

"Let's see who can make the best tips tonight and whoever gets the least has to treat the other two to dinner. Just the girls."

"You're on Swan," Rose said holding out her hand for a shake. I shook her hand and Alice's as we made our way into the bar.

Alice bounced around happily, as she saw the people already in the bar. She went around to the back room and took our purses with her. I sauntered to the back of the bar checking out the guys in the room.

James smiled at me obviously happy for the relief since there were already about 50 people in the room and it was only nine in the evening. The DJ was cranking some great music and people were already dancing. Rose was serving people and raking in the money so I jumped in cranking my charm and charisma to a high level.

Alice sauntered out of the back room squealing with the music selection the DJ was playing. She jumped around happily grabbing beers and popping the tops on them handing them out and taking cash in return. I laughed silently as I turned my back to the bar. I knelt down on my knees to get into the cooler at the back of the bar grabbing a case of Bud Light. My ass was sticking out far as I reached into the cooler further for the coldest case at the back.

I heard a voice muffled slightly and some laughing as I started backing my way out of the cooler. "Hey you with the cute ass in the air," a velvety voice said chuckling. I jumped, startled and bumped my head on the top of the cooler. I sat rubbing it for a second and turned to stand up with the case of beer in my arms. I was met with the most piercing green eyes I had ever seen. I slowly took in his features as he did the same to me. His face was perfect, hard, almost chiseled from stone. His skin was a very pale, smooth tone and his hair was a fabulous bronze color, tousled into what could easily have been described as 'sex hair.' When I finally looked at his mouth, he had the most captivating crooked grin. I had a hard time looking away.

"Sorry I startled you," he said sweetly. "Is your head alright?"

His words broke my trance as I shook my head slowly. "No biggie. Can I get you something?"

"How about three of those Bud Lights you're holding?"

I silently took three bottles from the case and set them on the bar as I twisted the caps off. I set the case down on the ledge under the bar as he eyed me carefully. "My name is Edward."

"Hi Edward, I'm Bella," I replied almost shyly. What is wrong with me? Where is the confidence I had an hour ago? I thought harshly as I stared into those emerald orbs he had intently focused on me.

"How much do I owe you for the beers Bella?"

"Oh, six bucks. We are having a grand opening special," I stammered slightly as he grinned again.

He handed me a twenty-dollar bill and said, "keep the change."

I stared at him as he walked away and then looked down to the money. I stuffed it into my pocket quickly and turned to the next customer.

The bar was mobbed by eleven, and I was well on my way, doing a couple shots here and there that the groping, disgusting guys of Rush, NY bought for me. Luckily, tonight, most of the low lives of the town stayed away. We had several people from other towns. I could tell because I didn't recognize that many people.

I sat back for a moment as we had a lull in activity and glanced at Rose and Alice who were at the other end of the bar grinning widely at me. I mouthed the word, "what," at them, but they just smiled and turned away.

I went to wait on the next customer when I heard the DJ announce my name over the speakers. "Bella Swan, I would like for you to make your way to the pole on the dance floor." He paused for a moment while I started walking towards Alice and Rose who were giggling wildly by now. I glared at them as the DJ started talking again. "Bella is going to graciously give us an example of what amateur night will be like. Just a taste for all you people, you can see more when amateur night starts up in a couple of weeks."

I walked to the dance floor where the pole stood. People had cleared the area giving me a good amount of space. I glanced around wearily when I was met with those emerald eyes again. I stared at him as a smirk spread on his face and he raised his eyebrow. I giggled a bit and realized that if I hadn't had a few shots I would never be doing this in front of all these people. I was certain at this point that Rose and Alice had something to do with this. They were pretty much the only people that knew I had taken pole-dancing lessons. I silently prayed for the DJ to play the only song I had a routine to. Then I heard the first verse start up.

Step inside, walk this way
you and me babe, hey! Hey!

I made my way to the pole seductively, gracefully putting one foot in front of the other. I knew these people were looking for a dance so I was going to give it to them. I saw Alice and Rose standing up on something behind the bar waiting for me to start. I ran a few steps and swung around the pole letting my head fall back and my hair fly wildly around me as I descended from my fireman spin. The crowd roared with cheers.

Razzle 'n' dazzle 'n' flash a little light
Television lover baby go all night
Sometime anytime sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me yeah, yeah

I swung around a few more times and did some booty drops, then laid my back against the pole and lifted one leg high into the air as I slid down to the floor. I rolled onto my hands and knees and prowled like a cat around the pole, then grabbed it and sat up on my toes as I put my knees out to the front and seductively parted my legs with my hands, then stood slowly. The men whistled and cheered.

You gotta please a little, squeeze a little, tease a little more
Easy operator come a knockin' on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah
Give a little more

I laughed as I caught Edward staring with his mouth hanging open. The two other men with him were laughing hysterically and sat him down in a chair. I sauntered my way over to him, his entrancing eyes mesmerized and pulled me to him. I straddled his lap facing him and firmly grasped the back of the chair. I lifted my ass into the air and started swinging my hair around wildly rubbing my breasts into his chest. I stood up and turned so my back was facing him as I looked over my shoulder I dropped low to the floor and raised my ass slightly so he could get a nice view and then brought the upper half of my body up slowly. I giggled as his eyes bugged out of his head.

Pour some sugar on me ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me c'mon fire me up
Pour YOUR sugar on me oh, I can't get enough
Pour some sugar on me oh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me get it, come get it
Pour your sugar on me ooh
Pour some sugar on me yeah, sugar me

I sauntered back to the pole as the last part of the song played and spun a few more times, but my signature move happened bravely on the last line of the song. I stood next to the pole and swung my leg high flipping upside down gripping the pole as I slowly slid down onto my back. Then I stood as the song ended. Everyone cheered and clapped. I glanced over at Edward again and he was still staring with his mouth open, his friends chuckling next to him.

I sauntered over to where Edward was sitting and leaned down to his ear inhaling, his intoxicating scent almost overpowered me. It was like vanilla and musk gently mixed with a rainy evening in the middle of summer. I was stunned into silence for a split second and then whispered, "I will take it as a compliment this time, but next time keep the drool in your mouth." I grinned as I stood up and ran my thumb across his lower lip while he stared at me with wide eyes. Men, I thought as I sashayed back to the bar.

Alice and Rose were being pummeled with drink orders as I hurried back behind the bar. Several of the male customers trailed down to my end of the bar. I served them as the tips rolled in effortlessly. I glanced down the bar at Rose and Alice grinning from ear to ear. When I looked back up those green eyes were piercing into my soul again causing me to lose all focus. I shook my head lightly and said, "Can I get you something Edward?"

He smiled and said, "Three more Bud Lights please and I wanted to know if you all do body shots here?"

I laughed, grabbed the beers from under the bar and popped the tops off. "Who wants to know if we do body shots?" I asked innocently.

"Me and my two friends over there. They have their eyes on your two friends behind the bar and we want some shots, but I think we would like to lick them off each of you," he said as his eyes sparkled mischievously in the light.

"Well I am not opposed to doing one, but I will have to ask my friends for their permission. I can't speak for them. In addition, we will have to wait until this crowd dies down a bit. We are swamped."

"I am sitting right over there," Edward said as turned and pointed behind him to his friends. "Just wave me over once you have an answer."

"Sounds good," I said as he threw a fifty-dollar bill at me. I tried thrusting it back in his hand but he shook his head and just walked away.

I served the next couple of people and walked down towards Alice and Rose. I explained to them what Edward and his friends wanted to do, they were happy to oblige. I waved Edward over and told him it was a go, but give us about fifteen minutes. The crowd had died down, but I wanted to get the back of the bar stocked for the next rush.

Rose plopped on the bar first, after a very large gentleman introduced himself to us as Emmett. I laughed looking at the difference between Rose and Emmett. He wasn't bad looking at all, but his arms were bigger around than Rose's legs. I poured a shot of Southern Comfort as Rose got comfortable and pulled up her shirt. We lined the inside of her skirt with napkins that overhung the front of it. Emmett stood up on the ledge of the outside of the bar and let the shot slide down Rose's stomach and then in one swoop he sucked all the liquid from her body trailing down to her belly button where it had pooled. Rose giggled and squirmed under his gentle touch as he helped her up from the bar.

Alice was next and could hardly contain her excitement as she bounced up to the bar top and lay down gingerly. A tall blonde, with azure colored eyes walked up and introduced himself as Jasper. He was muscular also, but very lean. Alice just stared in his face as he dumped the SoCo on her and sucked it off. She was squealing in delight as Jasper lifted her off the bar with one arm.

It was my turn next and as I looked at Edward, I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. How could I be embarrassed I practically gave him a lap dance just a short while ago? I thought as I jumped up to the bar and lay down. Rose smiled down on me as she poured the SoCo and gave me a wink. Edward took the shot and climbed on top of the bar instead of standing on the ledge. I could feel my eyes increase to the size of saucers as I stammered, "wh..what…are you doing?"

He grinned crookedly and said, "payback," as he let the liquid drop from several feet above me onto my bare stomach. He then straddled my thighs and slowly ran his tongue up my torso. Instead of keeping his eye on the liquid, he watched my face and my reactions. The electricity surging through my veins was so powerful. His tongue was so soft and the movements were so erotic that my panties were soaked through in a matter of seconds. When I finally couldn't stand it anymore, I threw my head back and arched my back up causing him to moan slightly. He finished his slow torturous process of drinking his shot and carefully helped me from the bar. He took several napkins and knelt down in front of me to wipe up the mess he left.

"That was delicious," he whispered into my ear after standing. "I would like to lick more than SoCo off your body."

I pulled back and grinned as he handed me his cell phone. I quickly put in my number and handed him my cell phone. Once he was finished, he leaned in and whispered, "I will be calling you Bella."

He walked away with his friends and I stood there stunned. Did that really just happen? What the hell is going on with me tonight? I stared at his retreating form as he took his seat with his friends again. He turned and caught me gawking, my face flushed again as he winked.

I walked back behind the bar and caught Alice and Rosalie in the same position I was just seconds before. I stood in front of them and said, "back to work girls." They both giggled and went about serving customers. It was going to be a long night. I could just feel it.