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Kagome sighed as she stripped of her clothes, letting them fall to the bathroom floor in a heap, her underwear at the top of the pile. "Finally a real shower, it's been too long since my last one." She murmured to herself, peeling back the curtain and stepping inside the enclosed space, shutting the curtain behind her gently, taking her time in this luxurious moment. I have waited far too long for this moment, and she was going to damn well cherish every second of it.


Inuyasha jumped up through Kagome's window, making sure to make as little noise as possible. She said she'd needed "me" time, and he sure didn't want to disturb that, again. Last time was disastrous enough and he hadn't been forewarned about her wanting privacy. Think what would happen if he had been warned, yet he still disrupted her peace. He shuddered at the mere thought. Even with that said, he couldn't seem to stay away from her, she was like his drug, and he didn't plan on giving her up anytime soon.

As he slowly made his way into the room he could hear the soft pattering that indicated Kagome was in the shower. He knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't seem to help it. His body moved of its own accord, trekking out of her room and into the hall, slowly but surely making his way towards the bathroom, where he could hear Kagome's soft humming. He didn't know why just the sound of her gentle humming made his cock throb with such need, but it did, and here he was with a semi-erection just thinking about her, nude, all slick with water and soap.

He licked his lips softly, placing his hand on the knob, gently turning it as he pushed his way gently into the bathroom. He groaned softly as he watched her silhouette gently rubbing down her body, lathering it with soap which he couldn't see, his erection hardening further. He forced his eyes to move from her form, now was not the time to be caught, and he was sure he would be if he continued to stare at such an enticing vision.

His eyes settled on the heap that sat near the toilet, and his eyes seemed riveted on the red scrap of fabric that rested atop it all, emitting one of his favorite smells. He couldn't help himself the temptation was to great with everying that was going on. So he did the only thing he could do at this moment, and without a second thought he grabbed the underwear and shoved it deep within his haori, liking the silkiness along his skin, and the fact that her scent would be on him.

With one last glance at Kagome's outline he made his way out of the bathroom not bothering to be as quiet as he had originally been upon entry.


Kagome paused mid-scrub swearing she heard the bathroom door slam. "Souta? Mom? Jii-chan?" She called over the shower spray, listening intently for some sound indicating someone had entered her haven. She heard nothing. She shrugged, continuing her scrubbing.

She finished her shower, not bothering to save any of the warm water for anyone else. But no matter, she'd been in the Feudal Era, trying to save the world – so to speak, she deserved a nice, hot shower.

Kagome stepped out, wrapping a thick bath towel around her body. She went to retrieve her dirty clothes, and noticed that her underwear was missing. Huh? She mused to herself, That's strange. But once again she shrugged her concerns off, figuring her mom had come in and grabbed them, because she was going to do a load of laundry.


Inuyasha groaned as he fisted the red fabric in his hand, rubbing it along his throbbing erection. The piece of clothing still emitted Kagome's scent and the longer it stayed against his skin the more his need became. It'd been a few days since he had originally stolen them, and he hadn't done anything about them since, simply treasuring them, pulling them out occasionally when he was sure he was alone, imagining Kagome in the skimpy material. It all was too much, and it had finally spewed over and he had to do something about it.

"Kagome," he murmured softly, knowing if he was to loud others would hear and most likely come running. He wrapped the silk around his cock, gently letting it glide around his erection in a teasing manner, it made him think it was Kagome's hands, shy, unsure, fleeting but pleasurable all the same.

He grabbed his erection in his other hand firmly, bringing the panties up to his nose to inhale. Which only furthered his arousal. He could swear he heard Kagome calling his name, and it only helped to increase his need. With a thick grunt he began stroking his erection.


"Inuyasha!" Kagome called, making her way towards the well again. They'd been staying in the village for a few days, and it didn't seem they'd be leaving any time soon, due to the extensive wounds Sango had acquired during their last battle with Naraku. She heard a thick grunt in return so she continued. "I'm headed back to my time. I need more time to myself."

"Wench!" She heard Inuyasha's breathy yell come, abrupt and harsh. There was a brief rustle of the bushes before Inuyasha came bounding through the bushed, his eyes glazed and his face flushed. "You've just had some "me" time." He stated thickly, ignoring the intense throbbing that was coming from his cock, he'd never gotten to finish.

"Yeah." She stated sheepishly, glancing at the ground.. "But I figured since we are going to be near the well, that I might as well make the most of my time."

Inuyasha growled loudly, not wanting her to be away from him, again. "What are you going to do in your time?" He asked, planning on inviting himself along.

"Stuff, for me." She stated simply with a gentle toss of her hair.

"Like?" He pushed, sidling closer to her, wanting be close enough to scent her thoroughly, her hair toss had gave him a brief whiff but he wanted, needed, more.

"Shower. Rest, relax, talk with my mom. Hang out with my friends."

Inuyasha couldn't help the grin that spread across his face at the mention of shower. That means he could add more to his collection he had just recently began forming.


"What the hell!?" Kagome's scream could be heard from the bathroom upstairs.

Her mom wasn't home, in fact no one was. Where did her underwear go!?

She headed into her room, dropping her towel with a huff as she began to storm around her room, collecting her clothes she was going to wear. She had an underwear thief on her hands. And her first suspect was Buyo.

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