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A Savior

It was raining. That's all he could ever remember about that night. The splattering drops drenching him, his hair, his clothes . . . a dark sky, like a stormy demon. Thunder booming in the background, split-second lightning flashing, illuminating the drops as they came down . . . a boy of five, helpless, beaten . . . and the young man who saved him, dark, mysterious, foreboding . . .

He defended him . . . a thought that always passed, why did he not look at him and whisper "monster" like all the rest? Cold obsidian eyes that bled red when angry . . . and three black tomoes in each eye, a look that clearly indicated that he wasn't a piece of dirt beneath his shoe, warmth like no other . . . it was unexplainable, but for once he felt wanted.

Six months passed, more beatings, more assassination attempts, more dirty looks and cruel whispers of hate . . . but now his hero would tell him "I will train you", so sweet were the words of want and encouragement, so gentle and warm and pleasing . . . he would be strong.

Two years passed, less beatings, less assassination attempts, but the glares and dirty whispers no longer bothered him, for he was strong, quiet, intelligent, mysterious . . . ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, kenjutsu . . . he was good at them all; a downside, controlling chakra was difficult . . . but he knew, he knew why . . .

But this happiness lasted not long enough . . . three fortnights after the second year was over, he came, covered in blood not his own, those dark eyes red as the blood on his clothes. He says he cannot stay, and he is told he cannot go. The good news is that he will still be training him, but less often now, for he has committed a crime and cannot show his face to the people.

"What is your name?"

He asks, he is answered.

"Uchiha Itachi."

And then he was gone, like a whisper of the wind . . . a cloak, left by him, he would carry on . . . change the name, although he heard of the massacre that was his savior's crime . . .

"I am Uchiha Naru from now on."

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