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10. He models muggle clothing…women muggle clothing.

A now beardless Dumbledore strutted down the runway wearing a blue Chanel dress and matching heels. When he approached the end he twirled and smiled for the imaginary photographers. He longed to have real people taking his photograph. He walked back behind the curtains and changed into a strapless purple cocktail dress. When he walked back out to the runway, he heard a faint knocking at the door. "Come in," he called. The door swing open and in walked Colin Creevey. At the sight of his headmaster in a dress he raised his eyebrows. "You wanted to see me Professor?" he asked.

"Ah yes, I understand that you have a real camera," Dumbledore said inquisitively.

"Yes, sir," replied the blonde boy.

"Would you mind taking a few pictures for me?" asked the old man.

"Not at all."

Colin pulled out his camera and Dumbledore started to pose. Colin began clicking away with his camera. After a few minutes Dumbledore went to change. He emerged wearing Chanel jeans and a pink halter-top. Once again the young boy snapped pictures. "I have one more outfit hold on," said Dumbledore and he went to change for the final time. He came back dressed in a black polo and a white skirt. Dumbledore began posing again and Colin's camera went click, click, click.

"Work it!" Colin said encouraging the couldn't help but think that Dumbledore had always sort of looked very much like a girl but now without his beard he appeared even more girlish.

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.com/images/products/25157_1_ (Dress 1)

.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/11/05/oasis_taffeta_cocktail_ (Dress 2)

.com/img/item/331/787/61/o_ (Jeans)

.com/img/item/331/787/61/o_ (Top)

.net/graphics/product_images/pPOLO2-5157346_standard_ (Polo & Skirt)