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Riza Hawkeye had never minded Roy Mustang's arms. Strong, but not flashy, they generally proved useful to both of them, whether it was helping Riza unpack after months of living out of boxes or assisting Roy in rearranging all the furniture in his office in an effort to avoid work. However, at this particular moment, Riza found herself wishing they were not quite so adept. For now, even though their master slept peacefully, the arms still locked themselves tightly around her midsection, securing her in place.

Normally, this unconscious habit of Roy's had never bothered Riza. In fact, she found it quite amusing. However, on occasions such as this, when she woke up at obscene hours of the morning in desperate need of a glass of water, it became problematic.

Riza grabbed each one of Roy's wrists, struggling to pry them apart and quickly slip through the opening, but this proved unsuccessful. Moving on to her next strategy, Riza wriggled upwards, squishing herself against the wall as she kicked her legs free from Roy's grasp. She carefully stepped on her nightstand, balancing herself with one hand against the wall as she descended onto the floor.

"…What are you doing?" Roy mumbled, squinting through the dark. "Were you standing on your nightstand?"

"Please don't worry about it. Go back to sleep, Sir," Riza answered, making her way towards the door.

"Whatever you say…and you really need to stop addressing me like that," he said groggily.


""Sall right…" he yawned, turning over onto his other side.

A few moments later, a hydrated Riza climbed back into bed, waiting for Roy to once again unknowingly grab her. However, five minutes past, then seven, and she still remained free from his clutches. Riza stared at the ceiling, unsure of whether to be thankful or worried. She poked his back gently, trying to gauge whether or not he might still be awake. He stirred, rolling over and sliding his hand over her stomach, tugging her closer.

"Are you awake?" Riza whispered. No response. She smiled despite herself, letting sleep once again take over.