"Welcome to SURVIVAL ISLAND!" bellowed the sandy-haired man standing in front of the six teens. They had been selected to star in a new TV show, where they had to spend five weeks surviving the island, the challenges, and each other. At the end of the five weeks, they and the rest of the world would be told who won the mansion and million dollars. Unlike other, similar shows, they would not vote someone out every week. That way, the winner would be more of a surprise. The sandy-haired man, Orville, told them all of this. They had each been told that they were going on a luxury cruise and island vacation. Some of them reacted to this news worse than others.

"AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" shrieked the tall blond standing in the middle. "That's not FAIR!" she yelled. "I have to sleep in a TENT?! As in, PLASTIC?" She was in hysterics. Orville laughed and shook his head. The blond sighed contentedly.

"Why would we give you a tent? You have to make your own shelter out of leaves and branches." He chuckled. The blonde's eyes were wide, but she didn't say anything. Suddenly, the bronze-haired boy from the group of teens yelled, "Wait, she's not breathing! SHE'S NOT BREATHING!" He shook her. The blond finally took a huge gasp, and…SCREAMED. Everyone had to cover their ears. When she finally stopped wailing, and her hysterics settled to hyperventilating, Orville told the group that they would be splitting into two teams, boys and girls. He sent them to their campsites and receded to his cabin, where he watched the teams settle into their homes for the next thirty-five days.