This is a Harry Potter fan fiction. But it is like it is based in present day and they aren't wizards but everyday teens.

This has my Fav pairing!! Draco/Harry!!

Rating:G. will be NC 17

Sorry it's so short! will get longer and better!!


Harry Potter was sitting in his Computer Technology class and the teacher was absent so they had a sub. The sub said to do whatever they want then he fell asleep.

"What a dumb sub!!" Harry thought. He opened a chat room and saw a familiar name.

The chat went like this:

* Herolion463 enters the chat*

Herolion463: Hey! What up??

Darksnake666: nothing! U ?

Herolion463: nothing. Just sitting in class.

Darksnake666: why are u chatting in class?? Shouldn't u be learning??

Herolion463: FREE DAY!!! Hey don't u have school today 2??

Darksnake666: skipped!!

Herolion463: LOL!!! XD

Darksnake666: what school u go 2?!?

Herolion463: I don't think I should tell u.

Darlsnake666: u can tell me!! I'm trustworthy.

Herolion463: ok. I go 2 Hogwarts High School.

Darksnake666: …….

Herolion463: Hey!! U there?!!?

*Darksnake666 has left the chat*

Harry logged out of the chat room just as the bell rang. "That was strange." Harry thought. "why did he just leave like that??" Harry headed to lunch. He found his friends, Ron and Hermione. They got their trays and sat down at their table. Harry was unusually silent.

"Hey Harry!! What's wrong?" Ron asked.


"sure don't look that way."

The table got silent.

"Hey did you guys notice that Malfoy isn't here today?" Hermione asked.

"He isn't?" Harry asked.

"nope not here."

"Thank heaven!! The longer I go without seeing that asshole the better." Ron stated.

Ron and Hermione laughed but Harry was thinking. He looked over at Malfoy's normal table but he was missing. Harry didn't know why the fact the Malfoy wasn't there was bothering him.