Mario vs the Cannon Koopas

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: ladies and gentlemen, all I can say is read and enjoy the fanfic!

Disclaimer: Mario and everything else in the story belong rightfully to Nintendo.

Mario quickly ran around the battlefield as he tried to avoid being blasted by the electricity that has been firing out of the several cannons set up in place. There were approximately four cannons, each controlled by a different shell-colored Koopa Troopa, who were aiming on beating Mario. Mario quickly learned a strategy after being blasted with electricity by the yellow-colored cannon, causing the yellow shelled Koopa to laugh.

Growling as he shook the electricity off, Mario got up, and started running towards the red cannon. As the red cannon fired a blast of electricity, mario used his cape to propel it to the blue cannon. The blue cannon was electrocuted, being paralyzed briefly as mario ran to it and fired off several of his red fireballs into it, causing it to burn. As the blue-shelled Koopa panicked, Mario bolted to the green cannon and stood in front of it, while it fired a bolt of electricity, as well as the red and yellow cannons. Mario smirked, and he then jumped on top of the green cannon, using his Mario Tornado to deal several damage to it. As the green cannon began to combust, Mario slammed it with a ground pound, causing it to explode.

The green Koopa troopa gulped as he retreated into his shell and took off to the westward direction behind him, causing the three remaining Koopa Troopas to be careful as mario ran over to the blue cannon and jumped on top of it, firing several fireballs at the red koopa troopa. The red Koopa hid into his shell, and was protected by the red cannon, which fired off three bolts of electricity to deal with the fireballs. However, Mario quickly pounded it, causing it to explode as well. before the red koopa could come out to see, Mario picked up the shell and chucked it at the blue cannon, causing it to explode. The blue and yellow Koopas panicked as they noticed the red koopa come out of his shell, dazed. Mario grinned, and he ran in front of the yellow cannon, taunting the yellow Koopa.

The yellow-colored Koopa Troopa fumed angrily, and started firing immediate shots of electric bolts at mario, managing to paralyze him for several seconds as the blue Koopa retreated into his shell and started colliding into Mario, dealing massive damage. Mario tried to regain control as he was a bit dizzy, only to duck as a bolt of electricity headed his way. As Mario noticed the blue shell coming towards him, mario smashed it into pieces with his hammer, causing the naked Koopa within it to yelp and run off, covering his privates.

The yellow Koopa Troopa sweatdropped as he chuckled nervously, yelping as well as mario smashed the last remaining cannon with his hammer. Not willing to take a beating, the yellow Koopa made a mad dash for his life, returning to get the knocked out red Koopa with him. Mario grinned as he did a victory pose, proclaiming his name to his surroundings as he was the only remaining figure in the battlefield.