Mario vs Petey Piranha

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Phew! Finally... five Mario fanfics, all of which are one-shots, in the same day!? I know it's crazy to believe, ladies and gentlemen, but basically, I was a little late, as you could probably see. But I promise, tomorrow is the true day of fanfiction. Anyway, that's all I can say, and as usual, folks, is read and enjoy the fanfic!

Disclaimer: Mario and everything else in the story belong rightfully to Nintendo.

Mario was doing some of his usual walking around Toad Town, the proud, shining capital of the Mushroom Kingdom. having thwarted Bowser so many uncountable times (heck, they may be well over nine thousand times when compared), Mario has gotten plenty of exercise to guarantee him a long, healthy life. But of course, with the red-capped, middle aged Italian plumber having a love for cake, sea food, and pasta, that would seem rather unlikely. Anyway, today, Mario was heading to the Dojo to do some training with an old friend of his...

"So... we meet again, Petey Piranha, the master and overlord of all things that are Piranha Plants and disgusting, brownish goop that pollutes the EARTH," Mario said slyly as he smiled. "I will have some fun with this match."

Petey Piranha laughed his head off, clearing his throat. "Pfft. We'll see about that," he replied, as he and Mario jumped at each other.

mario started off with several of his famous red, hot fireballs, but Petey used his brown gooey balls of goop to render them useless. Mario growled, and he ran towards Petey, grabbing his hammer and swung hard at Petey's body. Petey, who wailed in pain from the smack, roared with rage as he picked up Mario, and swallowed him down, using his digestive acids to burn the red-capped Italian plumber from the inside. petey then spat out goop, with mario in it. Flapping into the air, Petey slammed his large body on Mario, crushing the plumber.

Mario was as flattened as a piece of paper, getting back into his three dimensional form as he was smacked across the face by Petey's right leaf. Mario went across the room, running back towards Petey with his hammer as he chucked it at the monstrous Piranha Plant's head, impaling him and knocking him backwards, onto the ground. mario then ran on top of Petey and performed a ground pound, weakening Petey as he moaned in pain. Getting back up, Petey started spinning around like a tornado, sucking mario into it and then slamming his large head onto Mario, smacking him down into the ground with a large impact.

Mario moaned as he rubbed the right side of his head, hearing petey chuckle as he started doing a victory pose. using this opportunity to strike back, Mario ran towards the monstrous Piranha Plant, and jumped up into the air, pounding Petey from the back of the head with his right fist. petey coughed as he was pinned down, breathing heavily as Mario stood on top of him, posing victoriously. However, both he and petey did not expect Bowser, who suddenly bursted into the Dojo and burned both the red-capped Italian human plumber and the green-colored monstrous Piranha Plant. Bowser laughed devilishly as he watched Mario and Petey Piranha both running around each other in circles, screaming in pain as the red hot flames started spreading across their bodies like wildfire.