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The boat finally arrived at its destination. The three brothers looked over the guardrail of the boat as the disappearing island breaks the surface in front of them Atlantis-style. Water rushed off the side of the submarine before the top peeled away to reveal the hidden island inside. The brothers glanced at each other, shortly, before hopping over the rail and into the water below to swim towards the island.

Everything about the island felt, looked, and even sounded like a real island with realistic animal noises hidden among the trees. There was no way anyone could guess it was really a submarine. Leo led them deeper into the island landscape. They weren't that far in before the say an opened double-door stairwell.

"They definitely know we're here." Leo said as he indicated the keypad next to the door. "The door was opened for us."

"But we're still going in." Raph said, firmly.

"Yep," Leo said, "Just keep an eye out for the first signs of an ambush." Though Leo's said the same thing countless times before, Mikey and Raph just nod before following him inside.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, a vacant hallway greeted them. Leo could practically feel eyes watching him from somewhere. He quickly glanced around the area before slowly walking forward. Up ahead, a single door was open. Leo hated this. He knew it was too easy. He knew something bad was coming. It was just so obvious!

Inside the room, Donny hung limply against the wall with his arms held up above him by a strange purple ring of light. There were wires attached around his head and every now and then, he'd twitch as if form a nightmare.

Before Leo could stop them, Mikey and Raph ran further into the room. He let out an annoyed breath of air, looked around carefully, then followed them inside at a slower pace.

"Donny?" Mikey asked, "Are you alright?"

"We have to get him down from here," Leo whispered, still nervously glancing around. Donny lifted his head a little to look at them.

"Guys?" He asked. His voice sounded so weak, Leo automatically looked back at him.

"Shh, bro," He said, "We're going to get you out of here."

"What did they do ta 'im?" Raph asked.

"We'll worry about that later, Raph," Leo said, "Right now we have to hurry."

"Leo…" Donny mumbled, "How…?"

"There's no time to go through the details." He said simply. The had to hurry.

"Did that bastard even explain how to turn these things off?" Raph asked as he touched the purple ring. His hand easily passed right through it like it was nothing but he couldn't move Donny's wrist through it.

"No," Leo almost growled, "He didn't."

"Wha…?" Donny weakly asked as he stared at them with blank eyes.

"This is just one big game to him." Mikey said, annoyed.

"Correct." A voice from behind them said. Leo whirled around, unsheathing his katanas in one swift motion, just in time to see Mikey breathe in sharply as a taser gun is held to his neck. Raph cursed as Leo clenched his fists tighter around the hilt of his katanas.

"It's great to see you've finally arrived but your time's come to an end." The man Leo supposed was Svone himself said, "Forfeit now, or I may lose a specimen."

"Hey!" Mikey said in outrage before the taser was brought uncomfortably closer to his exposed neck. He backed away from the offending object into Svone's chest.

"Let 'im go!" Raph growled, twirling his sais anxiously.

"Surrender first." Svone said, simply, in response.

"No…" Donny muttered from behind Leo, "Let'em go, Svone!" Svone merely laughed before bringing the taser close enough to shock Mikey. He let out a scream of shock and pain as electricity shot trough his body and his muscles tensed uncomfortably.

"STOP!" Leo yelled before tossing his katanas in front of him. "You win!" Svone smiled as he brought the taser away and Mikey collapsed, weakly, in his arms.

"Very wise decision, Leonardo," Svone says, silkily, "Now if you could convince your brother to do the same… I'd prefer no bloodshed." Leo was shocked the scientist knew his name.

"Ya can't convince me o' nu'in'," Raph growled.

"Raph, please," Leo said, in a mixture of an order and begging, "He'll kill Mike if you don't."

"What makes ya think he won't jus' kill us all afta we give up, Leo?" Raph asked, "He's not ta be trusted"

"We'll have to trust him for now." Leo reasoned, already trying to come up with a back-up plan.

"Fine!" Raph growled as he tossed his sais, "But ya better have a plan, fearless."

"I will," Leo whispered back. Svone smiled as he had his men retrieve the forfeited weapons. He gave his men Mikey's nunchukus as well before he pushed the youngest to the ground in front of him. He then pulled Mikey's arms behind him and, with a click of a button on a small remote, bound his wrists with the same odd purple ring binding Donny. This was then done to Leo and Raph as well.


Svone gave me a break from the nightmare visions of the future to, instead, watch as my brothers suffer my fate. I am still mentally exhausted, but I know I have to do something. This is my entire fault. If I hadn't gotten captured in the first place, this wouldn't have happened at all. That nightmare that ultimately led me here… What if it comes true? What if my brothers die as I'm forced to watch? I have to do something now!

My vision's still foggy from my mental exhaustion, but fear's kept me from slipping back into my nightmares. At least I can hear well enough, but my comprehension's slow. I can still work through this though. I just have to wait until I'm alone with my brothers. He's a busy man with all this federal stuff going on. He has to leave some time.

As soon as I hear what I believe is his departure, I lift my head to look around the room. My brothers hang on either side of me, most of them locked in nightmares, but I notice Leo watching me. He looks as exhausted as I did that first night. I don't know why that machine drains you so much. It could have something to do with…oh I give up! I'm way too exhausted for deep thinking right now. I'll think on that later…much later…

"Leo…?" I ask, wearily, "Svone's gone?" Leo nods in response with a curious look on his face.

"Why?" He asks.

"Anyone else here besides us?" I ask next. I'll answer his question later.

"No scientists," He answers. I can tell he's getting annoyed that I haven't answered yet.

"Good…" I say, too tired to even yawn. "How does these ring things work?"

"With a remote device," He answers. You know what? Leo doesn't sound as tired as he looks. "Are you telling me you can't see?" I blink in response at his question before I can respond.

"…Too blurry," I tell him, "Mental exhaustion."

"Oh," He says, "So why do you ask? What's on your mind?" I stare at him blankly for a moment.

"Ugh, mental exhaustion," I repeat, "Limit to one question at a time and slow down. I can't comprehend all that."

"What are you thinking of doing?" Leo asks slowly. This time I can comprehend it.

"Breaking out." I say simply, "If we don't now, I won't be the only one with slow comprehension problems."

"Do you have a plan?" Leo asks slowly and pauses before he continues, "You've been here longer then we have." He's being so nice to my tired brain right now. I know it won't be like that with Mikey…

"With your help I might." I say, "We need that remote to get us down. I can't move too much right now. Even lifting my head up like this takes too much energy. That means it's up to you, Raph, or Mikey to get that job done."

"How?" Leo asks.

"Well, I don't know," I say, "I can't think right now. I'm worthless to you."

"You're helping a lot more then you think you are. Just tell me how often Svone's here. Can you do that?"

"I know he's in and out only because he has to be. I'm mostly sleeping." I tell him. See? Worthless!

"Really?" Leo asks, sounding slightly strained. "That Svone's a real piece of work… I'll think of something, okay?"

"Just hurry," I say, "We don't have that much time."


Leo told Raph and Mikey of the plan as soon as they woke. He, himself, was holding off the nightmare device until he knew Raph and Mikey understood.

The thing was, getting the remote was easier said then done. Svone never came close enough to steal it from and the way they were bound made it difficult to try. Even Leo was beginning to admit defeat as it became harder to think clearly. His body was starting to feel like lead. Now he really knew what Donny was going through.

He looked over at the turtle in question with compassionate eyes. Donny was hanging lifeless in his binds. Sometimes he flinched to show he was at least semi-conscious, but Leo doubted he was aware of anything. He only just noticed the slightly discolored skin from his normal olive color: healing bruises. He even had a few healing cuts that were hardly noticeable. Leo reasoned they were signs of his capture. Donny had gone down fighting those genetically enhanced scientists and lost badly. Leo doubted he even had a chance as he remembered the one he saw in action: too fast to be visible. His brother had gone through a rough time and Leo could do nothing as it only got worse.

A loud thump was heard outside the door and Leo looked up in time to see Master Splinter walk through, dragging in an unconscious body before closing the door behind him. His eyes widened with his sensei's name on his lips.

"Leonardo, my son," Splinter said to the only one visibly awake. "We must hurry." He removed the wires connected to various places on Leo's head.

"How di'jo-?" Leo began, his voice only slightly slurred from exhaustion.

"That is not important." He said, "Right now the four of you need to get out of here quickly. How do you remove the rings?"

"A remote device." Leo answered.

"Svone still has it…" Donny mumbled almost too low to hear.

"Are you alright, Donatello?" Splinter asked softly. Donny barely shook his head as Splinter went over to disconnect the wires on him as well.

"He's too exhausted, sensei," Leo said, regretfully. Splinter nodded in understanding before moving on to wake Raph and Mikey.

"April will be here soon and then I'll go after Svone for the remote device." He said. Raph woke easily, showing he was just coming out of a nightmare.

"Ape's here?" Raph asked, wearily.

"As well as Casey." Splinter said, nodding. Mikey was harder to wake, but he eventually did with a sharp intake of breath before looking around wildly. He calmed down when he noticed their rescuer.

"Are we going to get out of here soon?" Mikey asked.

"Yes, my son." Splinter said. April arrived through the door then.

"Splinter?" She asked.

"Stay here with my sons," Splinter said, "See if you can remove those rings. I will be looking for Svone."

"Alright," She said. She was wearing a black skin-tight kunoichi outfit and her hair was held back in a pony tail. Splinter left and she stepped forward. "How are you all feeling?"

"Just tired," Leo answered for them all.

"Is Don awake?" April asked, looking at him.

"Mmhmm," Donny hummed. Leo gave him another sympathetic look.

"Where's Case?" Raph asked.

"Running distraction," April said as she moved around the room to the many computer terminals. "Hey, what's this?" She asked as she picked up a remote device from inside one of the desk drawers.

"The remote," Leo said, hopefully. "It's for these rings. Svone must have a copy. Do you think you can get us down?"

"Hmm, yeah, I think so," She said. She examined the remote before pressing a button. All four brothers fell to the ground simultaneously as the rings vanished. Leo slowly got to his feet followed by Raph and a swaying Mikey. Using the wall for support, Leo bent down, wrapped Don's arm over his shoulder, and struggled to pull him up. Raph came over to help.

"Thanks," Donny mumbled.

"Can you guys carry him?" April asked.

"No," Leo regretfully admitted.

"Leo 'n' I can barely hold 'im up tagether," Raph admitted as well.

"And I just wanna go to sleep!" Mikey whined, leaning back heavily against the wall. April turned towards the door sharply at the sound of footsteps. The door burst open and a half dozen scientists barged in. They looked at their freed subjects then to April before glaring at them all.

"None of you are going anywhere!" One of them said.

"No," Donny mumbled, "We can't fight them."

"I know," Raph growled in a low voice.

"We need a plan," Leo whispered as he and Raph sat Donny down against the wall, "And I can't think of any."

"No need." Mikey said as Casey burs in and slammed a hockey stick against one of the men's head. He easily knocked out two more before they started turning on him. April joined in with her katana flashing, giving Casey time to come in further and toss the guys their weapons. When the area was clear, Casey came over and lifted Donny up onto his back. Donny laid his head on Casey's shoulder and was asleep in an instant.

"Alright, let's go," Leo said, standing away from the wall and taking a second to steady himself.

"Are you going to be alright?" April asked him.

"Yeah," Leo said as Raph dragged Mikey away from his section of the wall. The five of them waked over to the door and looked out before April carefully opened it. In the hall, unconscious bodies littered the ground. Otherwise, the place was clear. April led the way out; Casey directly behind her with Donny and Raph guarded their back, his sais held tightly in his hands.

When they reached the door, April turned to them. "We're going to have to swim to the sub. We're underwater." She told them.

"What about Splinter?" Leo asked.

"He told us to getcha guys outta here," Casey said.

"He said he'll meet up with us later." April said.

"No," Leo said, "I'm not leaving without him. You can take Donny and Mikey, but I'm gonna help him."

"I wanna make Svone pay fer this." Raph said, "I'm staying."

"How much help could you be?" April asked with narrowed eyes and her hands on her hips. "You're both exhausted. You'll just get in his way. Can't you trust Splinter to take care of himself?" Leo opened his mouth to speak in response to that before closing it again.

"Ugh, fine," He said, "But I'm not waiting long." Raph didn't say anything as he glared off down the hall behind them.

Then put these on," April said as she tossed them all aqualungs. The forth she reached up and snapped over Donny's sleeping beak. When everyone had theirs on, April opened the door and stepped into a small room which instantly filled with water as the door sealed shut behind them before opening up to the ocean. Casey and April each grabbed one of Donny's arms and they all swam towards a submersible the guys recognized as of Donny's creation. They all got inside and sat down; Mikey actually closing his eyes with a sigh of pleasure. Leo and Raph refused sleep as they waited for their sensei to board. Leo stood after a few minutes and began to pace to help keep himself awake.

It was a few minutes later when the door opened and Splinter ran inside, removing his own set of aqualungs, his fur dripping wet, as he said, "We have to move! The bombs will detonate shortly!" April nodded as she started the sub. As they were leaving, the place exploded behind them.


According to Leo, I slept for a long time after that. He didn't give me specifics, but I can guess for how long. It took so long to recover from my experience. I still have nightmares though they're not as frequent. Maybe they're just remnants of the originals or they could be because of the helplessness I felt then. Even those are going away now though.

That weakness… I'm glad it was only temporary. Sometimes I was scared my mind would be permanently affected. The mind was meant to work so continuously without rest. That's were the weariness came from.

I realize now that I almost got stuck in an endless loop of nightmares. Svone had that machine working so constantly, I couldn't even stay awake and ended up slipping back into another one. Maybe after awhile I would just never wake up…ever. I might've fallen into a sort of coma or maybe just…die. I'm really glad I'm back home. It feels wonderful. I don't have to worry about Svone anymore. Everything's finally back to normal.

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