Son of the Kyuubi

Chapter 1: Dreaming Fox

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They screamed for his blood coming to his apartment with burning torches screaming and shouting "Die demon." They were banging on his door that he had barricaded that morning.

The young boy carefully climbed down the rain gutter trying to make, as little noise as possible, but the gutter was old and in disrepair. It was slowly coming away from the wall it wailed in protest of being bent.

'No no no no please please please hold together.' the young boy thought. His prayers went unanswered as screws came off the wall and he fell to the ground deposting the young boy noisily to the floor.

"What was that sound." Said a villager near the side of the building he looked round the corner "There he goes he climbed out the window."

"Quick after him." cried a woman "don't let it get away."

It was after dark, they were faster, his leg hurt from falling the last 10 ft to the ground. They were gaining on him, he dashed down a side ally hoping that he could lose them.

'Fuck fuck fuck what did I do, what did I ever do to deserve this' he ran and ran until his lungs were burning but he couldn't stop they were right on top of him. A rock struck him on the side of his head.

He stumbled and ran in to a dumpster head first he was dizzy trying to get up he didn't even make it to a kneeling position.

"He's down, we got him." The mob closed in on him blocking out the stars.

"Now die dam demon." cried a woman. They kicked and punched him every time someone got tired they would step back and someone else would take their place "This is for all the loved ones you took from us."

He was in so much pain and his vision was slowly going black, even there screams were slowly dieing out he felt like he was sinking deeper and deeper in to oblivion.

Naruto sat bolt up right, he was sitting waist deep in a pool of icy water "Where am I?" he thought.

He heard the screaming of the villagers he was suddenly terrified jumping to his feet he ran down the dark corridor taking turns blindly but the screams still echoed of the walls as if they were right behind him, he couldn't feel his feet anymore the water was numbing his feet.

He suddenly ran in to a room with bars at the other end, he skidded to a stop the shouts were louder now he was trapped he slowly backed up to the corner of the room sinking down to the wall, till he was sitting waist deep in the water. The shouting didn't get any close and neither did anybody come in to the room, he didn't know how long he sat there it felt like forever but, it couldn't have been more than a few minuets.

"What are you doing Pup are you just going to cower there till they kill you." came a deep rumbling voice.

Naruto jumped clear across the room as the voice boomed coming from the cage. He could feel the tremendous power coming from behind the bars, raw power, the kind of power that no one would mess with.

The villagers screaming for his death suddenly got louder. Now he really was trapped the villagers at his back, and what ever was giving off so much power. Knowing what the villagers would do to him if they got him he crept towards the bars. In the middle of the door there was a small piece of paper with the word seal written on it.

"Wha what are you?" Naruto asked as he sloshed slowly through the water. Through the bars came the voice a large yellow eye opened it was twice as large as Naruto

"I am power, I am ancient." Naruto looked closer he could see a large red mussel "AND I AM incredibly bored." came the voice followed by a sigh.

"Where am I."

"You're in your head."

"Then who are you?"

"I AM THE GREAT Kyuubi NO KITSUNE." thundered the voice. Naruto fell back as he was right next to the bars when the fox queen cried out.

'The demon that attacked the village'

"And you are about to die." said the demon getting close to the bars Naruto was terrified again trying to crawl back to the middle of the room.

"Unless……. You take my power and release me." said the fox lord looking away

'Hmm looks like he's finally here to put a stop to this.' Kitsune thought to her self.

Naruto was at his wits end he didn't know what to do every one was trying to kill him. He knew that it was never wise to trust a demon but with every thing he was going threw he wasn't thinking clearly he just wanted the pain to stop.

No more being stared at, no more being hated, no more watching family's going by and never having one. He was going to end it all. He reached up for the seal as the demon queen turned back to face him as he grabbed a corner of the seal.

"Fool boy?" screamed the Kyuubi forcing a wave of chakra threw the bars pushing Naruto away from the cage but Naruto's grip was firm and part of the seal came away in his hand.

"Do you want to die?" The Kitsune shrieked

"What if I do." screamed back Naruto getting back to his feet "WHAT HAS THIS LIFE EVER GIVEN ME, all I've ever gotten were beatings and hate, being alone I've never had a family to protect me. If I let you out you can make them fell the way I feel."

"Do you want me to kill them." Said the Kitsune coming closer to the bars "To tear them apart, the men, women even the children. Is that what you really want?"

Naruto was quiet for a long moment "No, no I don't want you to kill them just scare them." said Naruto looking at his feet. "I don't want to be lonely anymore, I want a family and I want the strength to protect that family." he said as he slowly curled up and began crying.

Naruto was beginning to wake up the world was starting to fade. Kitsune sighed heavily to her self, she sent her chakra through the bars forming it in to her human form.

She had long red hair that reached her lower back and she wore a pearl colored kimono. She knelt down as she wrapped her arms around Naruto's shaking form.

"I'll be you mother, if you want." Said Kitsune as she hugged him closely. The boy stiffened in her arms for a few moments not knowing how to react to physical contact, before wrapping his arms around her squeezing her as if his life depended on it.

"Please, please." he whimpered clinging tightly one to his lifes one life line, he breathed in deep the smell of a mother, of his mother.

"I'll always be with you Naruto, you'll never be alone I promise." she glanced up at the half seal. "But I will have to sleep for a while so I can fix the seal." she said

Naruto looked up at her with tear filled eyes "But only for a little while, and ill always be right here." she said placing a hand on his stomach "ok, kit."

"Ok Ka-san" he said an infectious grin spread across his face and Kyuubi couldn't help but smile as well. With that last smile Naruto slowly began to fade back in to reality Kyuubi sat there till Naruto had completely vanished.

Kitsune sighed as her arms were suddenly empty of her new son. She slowly let her self flow back threw the gate she was going to need somebody to look after her kit while she was hibernating. Not somebody blood thirsty, somebody that could be his friend as well as his protector. She sat down at her desk half hidden behind a mountain of paper work.

'Even being sealed doesn't stop this accursed paper work.' she thought.

She looked at the enormous 'in' pile, her eyebrow quirked as she saw a blue scroll in the middle of the stack. She quickly grabbed it from the middle. The stack of scrolls tilted for a moment before settling back down.

Sighing in relief before opening the scroll "Huh Kilala had a litter, good for her."

'To bad if they were only a few years older, they would be perfect' as she closed the scroll she glanced at the date.

"WHAT, this message is over seven years old!!" Kitsune glanced up at the tower of scrolls that took up her inn pile "JUST HOW OLD ARE YOU" she screamed at the stack of inn scrolls.

The pile didn't say anything it just swayed ominously, she sighed in defeat as she picked up the blue scroll from the ground.

"On the other hand this will work out perfectly." she said as she smiled mischievously.

Naruto awoke up in the hospital staring at the too white ceiling of his room; the disinfectant odor filled his nostrils. He glanced around the room slowly white walls, white curtains, white wrapped present paper, white…..?

'Huh a present? For me?' he slowly reached out his arms out and picked up the package from the table bringing it to his lap.

It was a small square package wrapped in very pale lavender paper.

He opened the small card on top and read it 'Happy birthday Naruto' was all it said in graceful scribble.

Inside the box was a pair of green goggles that he immediately placed on his forehead. He couldn't help it as tears welled up in his eyes.

He was stopped from a full blown cry when the door opened and a nurse stepped in to his room. She picked up his chart before saying curtly "Your free to go." before closing the door harder than needed.

He dressed quickly and grabbed the card that came with his first birthday present ever and ran from the hospital. Ignoring the look's he got from the staff.

He made his way back to his apartment using the back alleys, there weren't many people out today most sleeping in after the celebrations last night, so the way was clear except a few half awake villagers that were opening early.

He reached his apartment he was shocked but not that surprised to see his apartment at the top completely burnt, he wasn't to upset the apartment was a dump to begin with.

Naruto turned around and headed somewhere to think. 20 minuets latter he was sitting on the top of the Hokage's monument staring out over the village.

'Was everything that happened last night a dream??' he knew that the attack was real his mussels were still sore, but what about Kitsune was that just a dream. His stomach suddenly emitted a soft heat. He placed his hand over his stomach, feeling the heat fill his body, no it wasn't a dream his Kaa-san cared about him.

Just then a small yellow flash crossed in front his face, a soft lump landed on his lap.

"Ahh." He let out what he thought was a manly yell before looking down at his lap he looked down to see two black eyes looking back at him. "Uh, hi" he said looking at a small yellow fox.

"Qyui" was all it said staring at him expectantly.

"I don't have any food to give you, I don't even have a home" said Naruto, the fox just cocked her head to the side and stared at him.

"Do you want to be friends?" said the seven year old blond.

"Oyui" it said as it curled up on his lap yawning.

Naruto smiled he had a mother and a new friend, now all he needed was a place to stay.

A lavender haired girl was watching the blond from behind a tree not to far away. She was glad to see he was ok, and to see that he was wearing her gift on his forehead. She had sneaked out of her house, everyone had been to busy to notice her missing. The little Hyuuga had planed on leaving her present on her crushes door step but she had seen him being chased by a horde of villagers.

She had followed them to to the hospital just to make sure he was ok. Her mother had always told her that if some one she cared about was sick that the best way to make them better was to kiss them. So the little Hyuuga summoned up all her courage and crawled up beside her blond crush. She couldn't look at his face as she leaned in and gave him a quick peck on his lips, this was the first time that the young Hinata had gotten a blush severe enough to make the room light up.

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