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Hinata's emotions were on a roller coaster, apparently the pain killers not only made her act loopy it also gave her crystal clear recollection of events. Every time she closed her eyes the memory of laying a big sloppy kiss on Naruto flashed across her mind.

'AHHHHH how am I supposed to face him now.' thought Hinata frantically.

'What it's not like you haven't kissed him before.'

'That was a good luck charm. That was completely different.'

'Yea he had been asleep.' snickered her inner voice.

'Shudap shudap shudap.' screamed Hinata internally as she repeatedly banged her hands against the top of her head.

Oblivious to the Hyuuga heiress, Meherrin was watching every move she made and was very confused about the older girl's actions. She couldn't figure her out, one minuet she was waving her arms around like she was talking to someone and the next minute she didn't like what the other person said and decided to beat them over the head, the only problem was that Hinata was the other person...

'Humans are weird' thought the little demon.

"Hina-chan." Said Meherrin, said girl's head snapped up. She had completely forgotten she wasn't alone. "Was wrong, head hurt?" she asked in broken English.

Hinata shook her head to clear it "No Meherrin-chan I w-was j-just thinking-g."

'Note to self must never think it looks painful.' thought the little demon.

"Hina-chan, what happen to Meherrin, now?" asked Meherrin.

Hinata didn't know what to say to her as she didn't know. She reminded her of her for sister they looked to be about the same age. "I don't k-know sweetie." said Hinata testing her leg. She could put her weight on it fully though it was just a little stiff.

"Oni-chan promise I no be alone, do you think he would keep me?" she asked as she fidgeted with her blanket.

The Hyuuga heiress looked at the little girl. She didn't know what to tell her mostly because she didn't know but she had to tell her something.

'She looks so small and alone.'

She got up from her bed and made her way over to her sitting down in-front of her. She reached out a hand and stroked her hair. The young demon jumped a little bit not expecting the contact but forced herself to relax but she was still very tense. After a few more strokes Hinata stopped seeing it wasn't doing any good.

"Meherrin there are two things I can always count on in this world. One is that as long as someone tries there hardest they never fail." Hinata turned to look out the window. When she spoke again her voice was full of reverence, "the second is no matter what you can always count on Naruto Uzuimaki."

"Really?" She asked her voice hopefully.

"Really, really." said Hinata turning to Meherrin as she spoke a large smile across her face. She told Meherrin of how she was kidnapped and how Naruto came to save her even though the people he was fighting were a lot stronger than he was.

Hinata just hoped she didn't get the girl's hopes up. I mean Naruto can barely take care of himself. Hinata's thoughts were side tracked as she thought of taking care of Naruto, as his wife, which led her to remembering that she kissed him.

In the dark cellar of the elder's house a floor below where team 7 had found Meherrin a small trap door slowly opened. The first visible thing was the head of a wolf, it was followed closely by the body of a man.

"Your late." said the elder trying his best not to fidget in front of the bandit.

"Had things to do." he said lamely as he pulled a small sack out of the hole he had climbed out of. "This is your share." he said throwing it on the ground.

"WHAT this isn't the amount agreed upon." he could tell just by looking at it that his share should have been 3 times this size. He had watched them drag the riches out of his neighbors' houses, and this small sack was hardly enough to cover the possessions taken from his own house. "When I hired you people to sac the village, we agreed on a fair share of the gold, this is unacceptable."

The bandit just stared non-pulsed at the man's blubbering "The boss changed the deal."

The elder growled "I have half a mind to have you all rounded up and hung." threatened the pompous elder.

At this the thug did take notice. "I don't think I like the idea of being hung." he said pulling out his machete "not one bit." He advanced menacingly at the elder.

"Stay back." whimpered the elder, holding his hands out in front of him as a feeble ward. "I have Ninja."

Now this did stall the bandit "Ninja huh?" he sheathed his weapon and walked back towards the hole "Looks like it's time to go, this next raid will be our last and you'll be lucky to get as much as you did this time."

He closed the trap door behind him, leaving a raging elder behind.

'No one talk's to me like that.'

"Boss I have." said the fox headed bandit.

"Oh news you say, what is it?" asked the leader of the human demon bandits. The man sat on a large throne made of stone; he was easily 4 feet taller than Kakashi and easily twice as wide.

"Ninja are in the village. I think the elder hired them."

"Like the ones at the hospital?" he asked remembering the bitches that annihilated a lot of his men.

"I don't think so. There has been a lot of work going on around the village. At first I thought it was just some villagers, but it looks like most of the work is being done by one kid."

"Hmm the shadow clone?" asked the leader.

"I've never seen it myself but I would imagine so."


A roar went up from the 30 or so men around the leader. Word soon passed through the encampment. The next day 80 men would ride in to massacre the village and with their secret weapon how could they lose?

Naruto couldn't sleep. The sun was in his face, his bed was hard as a rock and somebody kept banging. Actually it sounded like several somebody's banging. Naruto slowly opened his eyes, squinting because of the brightness; he saw the open sky above him.

'That's right I fell asleep outside last night.' Naruto thought. He was a little upset that none of his team mates came to find him but he shrugged it off.

"Oh so your finally awake." came a woman's voice. Naruto propped himself up on his elbows so he could see around him. There were at least 35 people working on the fence. "You don't do bad work, a little sloppy but not bad for a kid."

Naruto looked in the direction of the voice and he saw a woman standing at a table underneath a tent that hadn't been there last night.

Naruto got up and walked to the tent "Uh Hello." said Naruto as the woman seemed to be engrossed in the papers on her desk, which he realized were the maps and plans he was using last night. He took a moment to size the woman up. She was about 5 foot 5 with deep auburn hair that was almost red. She had on a blacksmith apron and had dark smudges on her face and arms. If she were a man he would have thought she was a blacksmith.

'And what is that supposed to mean?' came his mother's voice.

He was saved from answering by the woman, "Hiya my names Buba, I'm a blacksmith. We heard you were looking for some help putting up a wall. We decided to give you a hand. Your work wasn't bad but it just needed a little shoring up here and there." she said quickly.

Naruto didn't hear much of what she said. Something about helping him with the fence, and what an awesome job he did, mainly because he was focused on her name "Did you say your name was Bubba?"

"Yea you got a problem with that?" asked the woman leaning across the table.

"No, no problem." said Naruto waving his arms defensively.

"Good, we need more lumber but we figured we would wait till you were awake, oh and I need some help reading this... plan." she said searching for the right word.

"Why what's wrong with it?" asked Naruto after he made 100 clones to gather lumber suddenly defensive of his plan.

"Well for one thing it's not to scale and what's this squiggle with a line through it." she said pointing to one of the towers.

"It's a big wrist launcher." said Naruto crossing his arms.

"A what?" Asked Bubba generally confused.

Naruto rummaged around in his pack and pulled out the wrist launcher he had taken off the dead bandit in the forest "It's a larger one of these, I figured they would be great against horses."

"Kid do you even know how to make one of those?" she asked.

"Of course I do, it's a big slotted thing, held together with some do-dads, which is activated by the watch-a-macall-it, that is held together buy do-hickey. See simple." said Naruto gesturing wildly at various parts of the do-hickey, I mean wrist launcher.

"Right, well I'll have the carpenter's work on that." she said as she snapped her fingers and a man walked over and took the wrist launcher away. Naruto hoped he got it back as he hadn't even got to play with it yet "OK so tell me what this is..."

Naruto and Bubba spent the next 3 hours going over Naruto's defense plan. During that time Naruto learned that most of the people in the town were well off and didn't like to have to get their hands dirty. The people that were helping out were the lower class citizen's that kept the town running. There were other blacksmith's, carpenters, roofers even a baker and a butcher that brought food to everyone.

It was a little later when the Shizune showed up with Hinata and Meherrin. The two teens looked at each other before quickly looking away. It was an uncomfortable silence till Shizune spoke.

"Alright Naruto, Hinata-chan and Meherrin-chan are both healed sufficiently you just need to make sure they take it easy especially Hinata. Give Meherrin one of these pills every day with food." She said handing him a large pill bottle "They're just multi vitamins you can find them at any drug store. They're to help with her growth." she eyed Naruto quickly "In fact you can both take them."

"Huh? But why?"

"Because you're the shortest Genin I've ever seen." said Shizune "You need a more balanced diet, try to lay off the raman." The medic nin immediately bit her tongue it would be suspicious if a stranger knew what his favorite food was, but let's face it he was his father's son. There's no way he didn't eat the stuff. She could tell just by looking at him.

Luckily for her no one noticed her slip. Naruto had just caught Hinata staring at him which caused them both to blush and look away.

Shizune breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't know what had happened between the two, but somehow it reminded herself of something that happened years ago when she had been given similar 'loopy' drugs.

'God I couldn't look Kakashi in the face for a month.' she thought to herself 'I wonder how the Baka is doing?'

"Yo Une-chan do you still think I'm hot stuff?" came a voice from her past. Her heart stopped. The young medic turned around slowly, heart thumping in her chest. Her face couldn't decide whether to be flushed or resemble a ghost.

"K-kashi-baka." berating herself for stuttering like a school girl "What are you doing here?"

Kakashi tilted his head and looked at Shizune like it was the most obvious thing in the world "I'm here with my Genin team."

'Stupid, stupid, stupid of course he would be Naruto's sensei. Why didn't I think about it before?'thought Shizune.

"Ah I see." said Shizune lamely.

"Well I guess we know now why the hospital escaped the attack. I take it Tsunade-sama is with you?"

"Hai, we were here for some …... rest." Said Shizune trying to find the right word. "When the village was attacked, Tsunade-sama didn't want to get involved but we couldn't let the hospital get destroyed."

"Can you shine any light on the 'Demons' that attacked" asked Kakashi.

Shizune's brows furrowed in thought "they were just bandits dressed in animal skin, no real fighting experience to speak of, and no ninja."

That's what Kakashi thought, just a bunch of scared villagers.

"But." Kakashi didn't like 'buts'.

"There was a strange... feeling in the air." she said searching for the right word "The air was heavy like it was filled with chakra but I couldn't sense it, but I could feel it. It didn't affect Tsunade that much and I was able to fight it but it made me second guess myself more than once. It terrified the villagers. They were cowering long before the bandits showed up, it was strange." she said rubbing her arms as to fight off a chill.

Kakashi didn't like this. Shizune was a Jounin level ninja who had seen hundreds of battles and to see her even slightly shaken was bad.

While Shizune and Kakashi were talking Naruto had taken Hinata and Meherrin over to the tent.

"Yo Bubba, this is my friend and team mate Hinata-chan." they exchanged pleasantry's "And this little one." said Naruto picking up the little demon that was trying to hide in between Naruto and Hinata.

Hinata sympathized with the little demon. The walk to the main gate had been a little unsettling for the villagers had downright scowled at the little girl. She was glad Shizune was along because she was afraid they would have attacked them.

Naruto held Meherrin up by her arm pits in front of him towards Bubba "This is Meherrin-chan, my friend."

Meherrin's eyes were as big as saucer's; didn't her Oni-chan know how the villagers treated her? She just wanted to hide and hope no one saw her. But Naruto had other ideas.

Bubba just stared at the scared little girl for a moment before reaching out her hands. "Aren't you just the cutest little thing." she said taking her from Naruto and holding her like a baby. Meherrin didn't know what to do. She was in shock. So much so that she didn't even protest when the strange Blacksmith started ruffling her hair, she hated it when people did that.

Hinata leaned over to whisper to Naruto "H-how d-did you know she would l-like her?"

"Just a gut instinct." replied Naruto.

"Okay let's get to work." said Bubba still holding a shell shocked Meherrin.

They worked the rest of the day... well Naruto got ordered to do things and everyone else would come behind and do the finishing touches. The forest around the town had been mostly cleared out to use for lumber but at least now they could see the enemy coming.

The carpenter Jericho, Naruto found out had managed to make a larger working version of Naruto's wrist launcher. The carpenter showed a small crowed of Naruto clones how to make them, and soon they had a small production line going. They managed to make 15 working, with a bunch of spare parts.

Kakashi, Sakura and Teme, I mean Sasuke continued to patrol the forest trying to find the Bandit hide out. Unfortunately they seemed to be outside the size of the search parameter. Kakashi didn't want to be too far from the village in case it was attacked; surprisingly they didn't find any more stragglers like they did on the first day.

Meherrin's reception with the rest of the workers didn't go over as well as it had with Bubba, but after a few days most everyone came around. And everyone else got there stick out of their asses when some of the villagers tried to get to the girl. There had been a hoax call of bandits on the other side of the town, since Naruto and Hinata were the only ones in town they had to respond.

Meherrin had escaped with a bloodied nose; the attackers weren't so fortunate as they had all received a blacksmith's hammer to various parts of the body, courtesy of Bubba and a few of the other workers. Then they were healed up by an irate Shizune.

Tsunade had yet to leave the Hospital. Shizune had told her that Naruto had shown up in the town, After her eyes had popped out of her head she immediately started to drink and nothing Shizune could do could stop her.

Meherrin had slowly come out of her shell even if only a little. She still clung to Naruto like a life line in a storm, and while she was OK being with Hinata, Naruto was by far her favorite. She spent her days running around the construction areas, laughing and playing like any little girl should.

"S-she looks so h-happy." Said Hinata one afternoon as she and Naruto watched the work.

Naruto nodded "It would be nice for her to have someone her own age to play with." said Naruto.

As much as he would love to play with her he still had a job to do and couldn't slack off.

"M-maybe when w-we get back to the v-village someone will play with h-her." said Hinata, she had no idea what they were going to do with the little girl. But Hinata knew she would be heartbroken to be separated from Naruto.

The blonds jaw tightened a little. He hadn't told Hinata what Shizune had said to him when they first met "She won't be accepted in Konoha." Hinata turned to look at him questioningly.

"They don't like demons." he said his fist clenching as he thought of the villagers treating Meherrin like they treated him.

"B-but she's j-just a l-l-little girl." said Hinata "S-surely they would-d u-understand."

"Age doesn't matter to them." Naruto's eyes took on a hard look that Hinata had only ever seen when Naruto was fighting to save her. There was also a pain there that Hinata didn't understand, though things were starting to become a little clearer concerning her favorite blond enigma "Shizune-Nee-chan told me of some people that would take her. She said they were demons so they wouldn't have problems accepting her. That would be for the best."

"B-but Naruto she loves you, I-I know it will be hard taking care of her but I ..." she was cut off as Naruto lost his cool.

"YOU DON'T GET IT. I CAN'T KEEP HER THE LEAF DOESN'T ACCEPT MONSTERS." shouted Naruto, all the painful memories from his past fuelling his anger.

There was silence.

Everyone had heard Naruto, the clones, the workers and little Meherrin.

"Oni-chan sniff! not want sniff! Me!" Cried Meherrin standing in the middle of the square fighting back tears "Town not want sniff, I is just sniff ugly monster waahhhhh." The little demon took off running down the side street.

It was 3 seconds before Hinata ran after the girl leaving a subdued Naruto.

'What have I done?' thought Naruto, he had to fix this. He took off after the two girls.

Ninjas are some of the fastest people on the earth, but the little demoness didn't want to be caught. She unfurled her wings and though she didn't leave the ground but she did use them to speed her escape. She easily out raced the two Genin. They separated when they came to a large building that she flew over, to cut her off. But they lost sight of her.

Hinata was cursing her inability to use the Byakugan. She had activated it to help find the little wayward girl, but she kept getting the same black waves and spots that always plagued her vision. She returned to where she and Naruto split up, a second before the depressed blond showed up.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have shouted at you." said Naruto quietly; if Hinata hadn't been standing right next to him she wouldn't have heard him.

It was hard seeing Naruto so lost. She reached out and took one of his hands. This wasn't the time for blushing or fainting. Right now Naruto just needed her as a friend.

"Your f-forgiven." It wasn't that hard for her really "Come on" she said tugging him along "She's fast but I think we can find her, she won't stay inside the village, if we get up high we might be able to spot her jumping the fence." Hinata began climbing the fire escape, still pulling Naruto behind her.

They made the roof in 10 seconds. They began scanning the village walls. Naruto also sent out a message to his foremen to watch out for the little girl. But it wasn't to be, there was no sign of her, either from the roof or from the clones.

Naruto made 100 extra clones, even though it was pushing his limits with the ones working on the wall. But he had to find her, he had to. After an hour of searching the village and finding nothing Naruto moved on to the outer village.

He could feel the strain in his chakra system but he couldn't stop now. Only when he slipped from a tree and knocked himself unconscious did he stop leaving a frantic Hinata to drag him to the hospital.

"Do you really think this is such a good idea?" asked a worried Turpsanstein. As they pushed the small cart up the hill.

"You worry too much, those bandit's won't get away with cheating me." said the elder trying to push the cart without getting strained "The shrine is just up ahead. Once we sacrifice this little bitch to the spider goddess she will strike down my enemy's and all the gold will be mine."

Inside the wagon a terrified little demon girl could only think one thing over and over again.

'Oni-chan save me...'

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