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Bella moves to Seattle with her sixteen year old daughter to take the postition of an English teacher at the local highschool after their life falls apart in New York. What happens when her daughter becomes fast friends with the daughter of a green eyed greek God who is also a coach at the high school, will it be a comedy or another tragedy? All Human. Cannon Pairings.



"Dad, hurry up." My daughter groans into my ear. "We're going to be late."

"Ann, hunny, it's only six o'clock. The meeting isn't until six forty-five." I inform her.

"Alright, just please hurry up," She begs. "I want to make a good impression."

"Okay. I'll be there in two minutes tops!" I hang up the phone. Today is the day that we are suppose to meet AnnaLee's college Literature teacher. She was only in the eleventh grade and she was already taking college prep classes. I groaned at the thought as I pull into the garage. Anna and I share a spacious two floor three bedroom house close to the local university. Because of this we often have neighbors who are in college themselves. I get so tired of finding hormone crazed frat boys hitting on my sixteen year old daughter. I swear I'm going to shoot one of them one day. I walk into my bedroom and notice that Anna has layed out clothes for me like I was a child. I slowly change out of my work clothes into the light blue dress shirt, jeans, belt and shoes.

"Lets go Ann!" I yell through the walls as I walk towards the garage door. She walks out of her room in jeans and a yellow tanktop. "Are we the denim twins now?" Anna rolls her eyes.

"Dad, you're tragically lame. Can I drive?" She asks her eyes lighting up. I laugh and nod my head handing her the keys to the Mazda 6. She groans and I give her a stern look.

"You know you're not allowed to drive the Volvo or the BMW."

"But dad...I don't wanna drive the Mazda to school!"

"You know what kind of cars these kids will be driving? They would kill for a Mazda."

"Fine." She mumbles as we head out.

"Hey I'm not going to raise a spoiled child!" I tell her in mock anger. She cast a look over her shoulder at me. "I know. To late right?" I laugh and get another eye roll in response.


I wave goodbye to the previous family, returning to my desk to straighten things up for my next and last family. I sit down at my desk studying the paper.

Parent: Edward Cullen

Student: AnnaLee Cullen

Grade Point Average: 4.0

English Credits: 4

I like this child already. I can relate to an only child in a one parent household with a love for Literature. I hear a soft knock and look up. A smiling teenager with bright expressive green eyes and strawberry blonde hair greets me.

"Hello I'm AnnaLee Cullen, I prefer to be called Anna or Ann," She smiles. "My old man can't keep up." She giggles looking down the hall.

"Hey I can out run you anyday Miss Cheerleader." A velvety voice calls back. Anna rolls her eyes and I feel myself smiling at the banter between father and child. However, I wasn't prepared for what came through the door. A greek god with bright green eyes, copper hair and a body given to special people from the powers that be came strolling casually through the door. The air instantly thickened and I visibly stiffined.

MMM...take me home and treat me right.

Oh my God. Stop it Bella. You're a grown woman not a high school girl.

A grown woman that hasn't been laid in a long ass time.

Act professional dammit!

I snap out of my own thoughts and slowly extend my hand towards the god like figure.

"Hello Mr. Cullen, I'm Ms. Swan. I'll be teaching your daughter this year." I grasp his hand and a electric shock shoots up my arm down my spine finally settling between my legs. Go. For. It. He smiles an unvelievably sexy crooked smile and my thighs squeeze together on their own accord. I turn my attention back towards the sixteen year old. Safe ground. "Anna I'm estatic to have you in my class. I was reviewing your paperwork and you're a very intelligent young girl." Anna blushes. We have that in common also. I smile. "I have a daughter your age. I think you two will get along just fine."

"Thats cool. Whats her name?"

"Jasmine but she goes by Jaz. She looks pretty much like me only taller and in better shape." I smile. "She plays volleyball and is a cheerleader." Her eyes sparkle.

"Sweet me to! Is she here?"

"Yeah, she should be down in the gym." I point in the general direction of the gym.

"Dad I'll be right back."


Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. I'm three seconds away from slamming this woman up against the wall and fucking her until she can't walk anymore. My pants tighten at the thought. My daughter just ran away leaving me with this unbelievably sexy woman. All I could think about was running my fingers over her milky white skin, through her dark chestnut hair and getting lost in her dark chocolate eyes. I smile nervously as she plays with a strand of curly hair. I clear my throat and she snaps into action before my eyes. She picks up a stack of various papers.

"This is the lesson plan for this nine weeks. They will get another one at the beginning of each nine weeks. It's a lot of work but I'm sure she'll be fine. This is the parent forms and health information. This is the list of books she'll need to review over the next three weeks before school starts. If you have a strong objection to any of these please let me know." She rambles on quickly, thrusting paper after paper at me. I can't help but laugh at this delicate angel. She gazes up at me curiously and raises a eyebrow. "What?"

"Nothing..it's just..why would I object? I mean..they're books." I'm sure she can see the apparent confusion on my face.

"Some paren'ts don't agree with the content in some classics." I look down at the list of summer reading. Hamlet, The Awakening, MacBeth, Frakenstein, Wuthering Heights. "The Awakening is about a woman forgetting her family and having an affair, and Hamlet has incest in it." She shrugs. I shrug back grinning.

"I'm going to be completly honest. I have no idea what these books are about because I've never read any of them except maybe Frakenstein..maybe." I give her a crooked smile. "What is this class all about?"

"We will be reading classic literature, going deeper into the plot and identify the underlining themes." I'm frozen because the only words I heard were go deeper. Before I can say anything my daughter walks in with her new friend in tow. She was a beautiful young girl with and athletic frame, long wavy blonde hair with dark red highlights, big doe eyes and white skin. Ms. Swan was right, she looks identical to her mother. Then it hit me. She was fucking married! I turn my attention back to Mrs. Swan.

"Well Mrs. Swan I guess I'll be seeing quite a lot of you from now on." I smile.


My breath picks up when he smiles at me. What did that mean? I smile back..I think.

"It's Ms. and we don't have a lot of parent teacher confrences..only three."

"Oh no. I'm the girls basketball and baseball coach." Oh shit.

"Well I guess I'll see you around then." I extend my arm out and he grasps it lightly. All I can think about is his soft skin on my body. Sliding down my side, across my hips, down my thighs and coming to rest on my...

"Mom!" I snap out of it and look at my daughter.

"Yeah babe?"

"Can Anna stay the night with us tonight?" I look from my daughter, to Anna, then to Edward.

"Uhmm..don't..shou-..umm...shouldnt you uhh..ask her father?" Thats when I realize that I'm still holding onto Edwards hand. I quickly pull it back feeling the familiar heat creep up my neck towards my face.

"It's fine with me. If it's okay with Ms. Swan." He gives me that smile again.

"Ohh puhlease her name is Bella." Jaz pipes up, always the overly dramatic one.

"And he's Edward." Anna adds.

"I guess it's fine. Do you want us to swing by and pick up your clothes?" I ask placing papers inside my bag trying to get ready to leave.

"That would be great, if it's not to much trouble."

"No trouble at all." I smile picking up my bag and purse. "Shall we go?" I ask. They all nod.

We walk down the long hallway towards the doors side by side with the girls in front of us. We moved here at the end of Jaz' sophmore year when I was offered this job. She had hated me for a solid month and a half. I was happy that she was finally making friends with girls her age instead of those god awful boys from the college thats by us. I smile at my daughter. We both went down a long hard road to get here, but we are finally happy.

"Hey mom I have a proposition." I groan.

"Oh no. What?"

"Can I drive the car with Ann and you ride with Edward?" I give her my mother look.

"Jaz you know you're not allowed to drive my car. That's why I bought you one."

"Fine. Can I ride with Anna and you drive Edward to their house?" Fear and lust shoots through my veins and I almost faint at the thought of Edward being in a closed space with me. I was so focused on re-enforcing my decision on not letting her drive my car I didn't realize she mentioned me being in the car with him before.


"AnnaLee!" We both scold our daughters at the same time.


"What?" They both shoot back.

"It's a little unorthodox for you to keep asking for her to do these things Anna."

"Dad I didn't ask! Jaz did." Edward cocked an eyebrow.

"I bet she thought of all these plans on her own." Anna cracks a dazzling smile.


"Thats what I thought."

"It's fine." I blurt out. Edwards beautiful emerald eyes meet mine. "Umm I mean if its okay with you." I quickly recover my tracks. He smiles and I squeeze my legs together again.

"It's fine with me." He says opening the door for all three of us. I step out into the cool summer night air letting it lap at my overheated skin calming me down. I hit the unlock button on my Mercedes. He let out a low whistle.

"I can see why you wouldn't let your daughter drive that." He smiles as I nod. I felt like a teenager again about to climb into the backseat with the quarterback instead of driving another adult to his house. I couldn't help but feel the blush creeping its way over my entire body as I sat down in the driver seat with him in the passenger seat. I slowly started the car pulling my seatbelt on. I let out a unsteady breath as I eased out of the parking spot.


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