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Summary- Sent on a mission to capture strong hearts, Demyx encounters Aerith in her garden in Hollow Bastion. Upon realizing her heart is strong, he tries to steal it by getting close to her. However, after discovered as a Nobody, Demyx kidnaps Aerith taking her to Castle Oblivion.


Chapter 1

His room was dark and with no windows present. No type of furnishings stood in the room other than a large bed with four posts, surrounded by curtains. The curtains were white and black, similar to the color of his room. The curtains would obscure anyone's vision of the person lying in the bed. The room was plain unlike his associates' rooms that are more outlandish. He did not need material items to be happy. The emptiness seemed enjoyable. That is how he liked it, private.

Lying in the bed was a single blonde haired green-eyed man. He lay above the white and black covers dressed in a hooded black robe. His hands covered with black gloves and his feet shoved into dull black boots. Lying against him was a large instrument, known as a sitar. The sitar's colors reminded him of the ocean. Maybe that is why he was able to manipulate water. He strummed the strings lazily as he stared at the curtains draped at the top of his bed.

Demyx's fingertips strummed gently as he played another cord of a nameless song, yet one he wanted to play. Why did he want to play it? Maybe it was a memory that he long forgotten. He did not know but then again when he laid like this, these random things came to his mind. However, he knew they would vanish. The moment something came up, his superiors would call to him and make him do their bidding.

Demyx, member number IX of Organization XIII. Demyx is the Melodious Nocturne. Yes, that was who he is. He came to be from someone who lost his heart and became a heartless. He never thought so much of it when he was on a mission or doing some pathetic job around the castle. No, when he laid here with nothing but his sitar and his thoughts he thought of everything and questioned anything.

He strummed again, the note lingering around his room. He closed his eyes and as if in a trance began to play a simple melody. It reminded him of the rain. How beautiful and calming the rain was. He knew because he could create it using his sitar. Maybe that was another reason why he never had anything his room but his bed. He would flood it with his rain and then lay in the soothing liquid until one of his superiors yelled at him.

The superiors scolded him more than they scolded anyone else. He was not fierce as the others, most considered him pathetic, weak, and probably worthless to the organization. At least, that is what he assumed.

"Sleeping again, Demyx?" A voice called out from behind the curtains.

Demyx sat up from his bed and watched as a man in a robe similar to his pulled back the curtain. He had long flaxen hair reaching past his shoulder blades. His eyes were wide and he had a long face. He was Vexen, number four.

"No, just waiting for another order from you guys." Demyx mused.

"Good," Vexen said, not catching the hint of sarcasm in Demyx's voice. "Because the leader wants more strong hearts and wants you to bring it."

Demyx let out a soft groan. He hated going out to steal hearts. Last time he did, he got in trouble for not bringing back a "strong" heart. What constituted as a strong heart anyway? Is it someone eligible to join the organization when his or her heart is gone?

"We found a perfect place where several strong hearts exist." Vexen smirked.

"And where is it?" the lower member asked.

"A place called Hollow Bastian."

X, X, X,

Hollow Bastian, the former residence of several of the superior Organization members lived. The place looked like an old fashion world mixed with magic and technology. The houses looked like cottages and a large castle stood in the center of the world. The residence seemed at peace and oblivious of anything since the worlds were no longer connected and no heartless attacks. The Organization liked the element of surprise. It gave them an edge over worlds and the ability to steal more hearts.

Demyx appeared from a portal, his hood drawn over his head. He stood atop of a house overlooking the marketplace of Hollow Bastian. The place did not seem busy, probably because of the morning hours. Time traveled differently in each world. While inside of Castle Oblivion, his home, he never took note of the time. He slept when he wanted to whether it is morning, noon, or night. Many of the Organization members did what they wanted when the superiors were not spouting orders.

Demyx noted that the clothing in this world did not go along with the architecture. Demyx traveled to many worlds and this one seemed mixed up. Even though it screamed old fashion, the people were modern. He looked down at his simple black robe and realized this would definitely not fit in with the crowd. It looked too suspicious and he needed not be conspicuous.

He eyed the stores and spotted a clothing store. The owner was hanging items of clothing outside his shop for showing. Demyx saw a pair of dark denim pants and short sleeve black shirt. There was also this ocean blue long sleeve shirt and black studded leather belt. Yes, that could be a good look for him. He did not need shoes, since his boots would go well with the look anyway.

He jumped across the rooftops, skillfully. He made sure he would be quick and no one would spot him. Once on top of the clothing store he peered over the edge and saw the owner's back to him. Quickly, he glanced around before snatching the clothes off the hangers.

He stripped out of his robe and the clothing he wore under and sent them through a portal back to the castle. He dressed in the denim and noted how nice and baggy they were. Yes, he could easily move around in these if a struggle were to ensue. He laced the black studded belt around him and buckled it, securing his pants to keep from anything, embarrassing happening.

He placed on the black short-sleeved shirt, which was tight around his well-defined body. Of course, he was not overly muscular but very nicely built in a lean toned way. He placed on the blue shirt over it but hated it. He tore off the sleeves of the shirt creating a makeshift vest. All in all Demyx liked his look. It suited him in way that made him, in his opinion, look good. He ran a hand through his blonde locks, satisfied with himself.

He leaped out off the rooftop on his search to find a strong heart. Walking down the streets he watched as children passed him. It would be easy to snatch one of their hearts. Demyx held out his hand ready to send a swarm of nobodies at them but then thought better of it. It was not that he felt bad at all. He had no feelings. He needed a strong heart. It was not that a child heart was weak, it would just be too easy and obtaining a heart. Easy could mean that the heart was not truly strong. At least it would not a strong enough heart to create an actual Nobody like himself.

Demyx sighed and moved on. He walked past so many people but none of them seemed exactly what his superiors were looking for. At times, he began to think of just snagging any heart and then claiming it was strong. Yet, he did not want the hassle of being verbally bashed. He continued sulking as he walked up and down the streets.

Just then, out of the corner of his eye he noticed a small group of people, four people to be exact. One was an older man with a long white beard, wearing blue robes and a hat. The second man was a blonde haired man around his late thirties probably. He wore a white shirt with blue denim pants. Hanging out of his mouth seemed to be a stem from a plant of some sort. The other two were a taller man with long brown hair and a distinctive scar across his face and a short black haired girl.

Demyx pondered them for a moment. The four of seemed different from the random town members he passed. On the other hand, maybe it was the fact that he was sick of looking that he decided that he would take the heart of the next person he saw. It was the latter of the two.

Demyx moved back into an alleyway. He held out his hand, several black portals opened up, and several Dancer Nobodies appeared. He grinned and pointed toward the group.

"Get them!"

Demyx watched as his Nobodies moved upon the group. He grinned in delight that these four did not even expect it. He watched, as the moved upon them ready to strike when suddenly the old man clothed in blue waved a wand and sent the Nobodies flying backwards.

"What the hell?" Demyx muttered.

Suddenly, the long brown haired one went charging after them a sword in the shape of a gun in his hands. He attacked one with a quit swipe, slicing him in half. The girl jumped over him and used a round spiky weapon to slash two others. Demyx's jaw dropped as the event unfolded. Were these people some sort of fighters? Not to mention he wondered how the heck a gun and sword could work together as a weapon. Besides that, Demyx let out a groan, figures that his procrastinating would do this to him. Instead of just grabbing one of the other town members that looked weak, he just had to pick the ones that could actually fight.

The last remaining Dancer Nobody stood there for a moment. Demyx cursed under his breath as it stood there staring down the fighters, as he called them. Demyx felt like slamming his head against the brick wall at how his Dancer did not do anything.

"KILL THEM!" he seethed in a low hiss.

As if the fates hated him, the Dancer Nobody turned away and began slithering back toward Demyx. Demyx's eyes widened.

"No, no not this way!" he panicked.

The last thing he wanted to do is get involved in a fight especially if the odds were not in his favor. Turning around on his heels, he began sprinting down the alley. He could here the two pursuers shouting after the Nobody.

"DON'T LET IT GET AWAY!" he heard the male call.

"Stop following me!" Demyx growled as he ran.

All common sense escaped Demyx, because in reality, he could have just opened a portal to escape but at times of panic, one forgets what is most sensible. Demyx flew down another alley, with the Dancer hot on he heels and the two fighters after it. He needed a place to hide and fast.

As he headed through another narrow alley, he noticed a building next to him with a missing window. If he climbed up through it, he could easily hide inside while the fighters went after the Nobody.

Demyx did a wall jump from the left wall to the right until he reached the window. He watched the Nobody slithered past with the two fighters after him. Demyx snickered as he stood on the windowpane. Lucky for him most of the average Nobodies were dumb as bricks. However, as Demyx stood there glorifying his "great" escape, he failed to notice just how old the building was and how rotted it was. He did realize it however, when the window cracked and he found himself falling down.

Are you all right?

Demyx let out a groan. After his fall, he had blacked out shortly from the hit to his head. That gave him a large headache, which pounded away.

Hello, are you all right?

Demyx's eyes opened slowly, trying to regain his vision. Between the blurry vision and the headache, he barely made out a figure in front of him. Only after a hand touched his forehead was he able to see properly. The figure that stood before him was a girl, a rather pretty girl actually. She wore a spaghetti strapped, pink, button up dress. Her chestnut brown hair tied back in a braid with a pink bow. On her slender wrists were several silver bangles and on her feet were brown boots. Her emerald eyes, looking into his green ones, smiled.

"There you should be better now." She said her voice ever bit as angelic as she looked. "You took a bad fall. You fell from the window onto a beam, fell off that and rolled down that broken beam right into my flower bed."

She pointed out each area as she explained his graceful fall. Demyx touched his head, noticing the headache was gone. He looked around the room, noticing it was a church, an old one. The center of the church was a flowerbed, which he currently laid.

"I bet you weren't expecting that," he said pulling himself into a sitting position.

"Well, no but you are not the first to fall in on me like that. Yet you were more entertaining." She giggled a bit, but stopped not wanting to offend him.

Demyx smirked.

"If you don't mind… will you get off my flowers?" she asked in such a sweet way that Demyx found himself complying. He walked onto the floorboards out of the bed and watched as she fixed the flowers he accidentally crushed. He looked around this abandoned church and noticed that flowers were growing everywhere.

"Did you plant all these?" he asked.

"Just about," she replied. "I'm the only person who comes here. I guess you can say it is my secret hideaway."

Demyx watched as she got up from fixing the plants. She smiled at him causing him to falter. Who exactly was this girl? Why would she waste her time planting flowers? Just then there was a large boom coming from outside. The two jumped from their positions, wondering what happened. She rushed to the window and looked through the old cracked glass to see two people. Demyx peered from behind her to see the two fighters that had been chasing down his Dancer Nobody.

"What are those two doing?" she wondered allowed.

She turned around to see Demyx there. She smiled warmly at him.

"You seem well enough to go home by yourself," she said. "I have to get going. My friends might need me."

She bent down and picked up a plain brown basket filled with flowers from the ground. She smiled, passing him by and leaving the church. Demyx watched her leave, standing by the window where she had just looked out. He saw her figure emerge from behind the corner, approaching the two fighters.

Those were her friends. What a small world. Demyx watched. This girl was nothing like the other two. She did not seem like a fighter; in fact, he was sure he could snap her like a twig if he wanted. Yet, something about her seemed different or maybe it was the fact that he rather not take on people who actually posed a threat to him. Whatever it was, this girl was the heart he chose to steal.

X, X, X,

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