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Chapter 10

One Year Later…

"You shouldn't judge anyone by appearance."

Demyx glared at Sora, Donald and Goofy. Those three troublemakers thought he was weak and Demyx knew very well that he was not. The trio drew their weapons. Demyx grimaced and turned around. He was not in the mood to fight. He wanted to get out of Hollow Bastian.

I'll kill you.

Those words echoed in his head. They were from a year ago and he could still hear the threat clear as if it was yesterday. He avoided this place like the plague. Yet, now the superiors forced him here to confront Sora. He wondered if that guy was around here. He wondered if she was around here.

Demyx sighed, "I told them they were sending the wrong guy."

Demyx was ignoring the trio behind him who were staring confusingly. Sora was the first one to speak.

"Who is this kook?"

Goofy responded, "Remember, the Organization's made up of Nobodies."

"Right- no hearts!" Sora said clenching his fist tightly.

Demyx's ears perked up at the last sentence. He turned around to face them, his expression glum.

"Oh we do to have hearts! Don't be mad…"

"You can't trick us!" Donald shot back.

Demyx turned his back to them. His hand began to twitch. In his head, his memories were rolling through his mind showing him each incident with her. Her voice, her beautiful voice was always conveying emotion. Happiness, anger, sadness, fear and he heard each one in his head.

"If you don't mind… will you get off my flowers?"

"Stop it! You're a liar!"

"You know, this zinnia means thoughts of an absent friend."

"You can't be a friend! You have no heart!"

"Will you play your sitar for me?"

"Heartless… you have no heart…"

"You know, I'm glad to have met you."

Demyx snapped. He turned around his eyes narrowing at Sora as he pointed to him. His playful easygoing demeanor vanished. He did have a heart. If he did not he would not have cared so much. He opened his mouth and two words came out in a dark and dangerous tone.

"Silence, traitor!"

Sora gasped, unable to believe such a person could become so serious and even scary. Water began to rise into the air above Demyx. He lifted his hand to where the water was forming above him and it became a large ball of water before transforming into his sitar. Demyx swung it around in the air as he brought it down in his hand. He glared at Sora, pointing at him again.

X, X, X,

Nobodies were attacking Hollow Bastian. The restoration committee rushed out heading for the gate that would lead to the rocky canyon around the city. Leon was ahead of the pack as he slashed through a group of nobodies who made it past the gate. Behind him, Yuffie was jumping in the air sending her shurikan at a group that appeared behind Leon. He looked back at Yuffie, giving her a silent thank you for watching his back.

Aerith was rushing out after them, determined to help them. Before she could make it too far a hand reached out, grabbing her arm. Aerith gasped, looking back to see Cloud restraining her. Aerith tried to tug herself free but Cloud refused to let go.

"Cloud, let go of me. I have to go help!"

He refused to let go. Aerith stared at him, wanting an answer for his resistance.

"I don't want you out there." He said finally. "I don't want you to get hurt…"

He meant to add "again" but he could not gather the courage to finish his sentence. Aerith's gaze softened at him.

"Cloud I'm not weak."

"Aerith…" Cloud breathed.

Aerith smiled and touched his hand. She was grateful he cared about her. She was grateful all her friends cared about her. Yet, she was not weak and she wanted to prove she could take care of herself.

"I promise I'll be careful." She guaranteed

X, X, X,

Sora breathed heavily. Demyx had been a formable foe. He had completely changed from what Sora initially though he was. It was almost as if Demyx was possessed. Had Donald and Goofy not been there to back him up, he was sure that the nobody would have crushed him. His attacks were swift like a raging river and just as dangerous. Sora stood side by side with Goofy and Donald, staring at Demyx.

He watched as the Nobody stumbled backwards. He fell to the ground, on his hands and knees. His sitar vanished like a bubble being popped. Demyx got up gasping, placing his hands to the side of his head. He lost…. HE LOST!

It was unbelievable. How could he lose? Why did he lose? Demyx looked up at the skies before screaming out.


Dying, he was dying. Demyx could not stop it. He was going to die. He closed his eyes; the pain he was feeling was unbearable. Pain, anger, sadness… he felt them he knew he did. He was not lying to himself. He felt these emotions before. He felt them with her.

His voice echoed his lament throughout the area. His body began to evaporate into black shadows rising into the air. Demyx fell back to the ground with no more energy left in him. Then suddenly, water surrounded him.

Funny… to think this is where I would die. Too bad I couldn't see her one more time…

Demyx's voice let out another painful moan before he disappeared, forever.

Nearing the gates to where the Nobodies were trying to enter, Aerith heard a soft scream rumbling past her. She stopped short as he friends continued through the gates. She looked up at the sky and suddenly felt sad. Yet, she did not know why.

X, X, X,

"Is something wrong?" Aerith asked, noticing Cloud was looking down at Sora.

"Uhh..." said Sora, trying to think of an excuse.

Aerith walked past the younger boy and toward Cloud. Cloud began to walk away not wanting to face Aerith.

"It's nothing." Cloud lied, badly.

Aerith looked at him. "Hmmm...?"

Aerith was not going to let Cloud off that easily. She stared him down in such a way that made Cloud spill his guts.

"I don't want you involved."

Aerith frowned. "You mean you don't want me there when you go away again?

Cloud had left her and their friends before. She did not want Cloud to leave. Cloud could see a hint of sadness in her eyes. She did not want to lose him. How could he blame her? He did not want to lose her either. She meant so much to him and he meant so much to her.

"I just - Listen, even if I go far away, I'll come back."

"Do you mean it?"

Cloud looked away, "Yeah."

"See? You don't look so sure."

Aerith could tell Cloud was unsure. How could he be sure of anything? Yet, she knew this was something Cloud had to do. His light depended on it.

"Well, okay, I understand. Go - get things settled."


Cloud expected Aerith to stop him, as everyone did. Aerith was different. She understood more than anyone did. She knew that Cloud had to face Sephiroth. Cloud did not know how to make things better or at least reassure Aerith that he would one day come back to her.

Regardless, Aerith smiled at him.

"No matter how far away you are... once you find your light... I'm sure it will lead you back here again. Right?"

She sounded so sure and yet he could not.

"I suppose." He replied lamely.

"So I'll stay here - and I'll cheer for you - Okay, Cloud?"


Aerith watched Cloud walk away. She was not afraid of losing him. He was strong, stronger than he realized. She knew it because he walked both sides, light and dark. Even when the darkness threatened to overtake him, he always found his way back to the light. She smiled as she watched him go. She would wait for him, no matter how long it took him to come back.

X, X, X,

Some time later…

Aerith walked quietly through the streets of Radiant Garden, the true name of her home world. She spent several hours at the spot where Cloud was last seen during his fight with Sephiroth. She went there everyday and stayed there for hours. She would wait there, hoping. She looked at the sky. It was cloudy today. It had been very cloudy for the last few days, but no rain. When was it going to rain?

Aerith sighed softly. Radiant Garden, despite the name no flowers grew in the town. She wondered if it was because of the nobody and heartless attack. It happened a while ago and now the worlds were at peace. No heartless, no nobodies, nothing everything was just peaceful now. She wonder when the flowers would return. Just then, she thought of something.

Ever since the heartless and nobodies came, she had completely forgotten about her secret garden. She wondered if her flowers were even still alive. She changed her direction to head for her secret place.

As she headed toward that place, she wondered why she forgot so easily about the place. It was almost as if she did not want to go there anymore. Maybe it was because she found out Cloud turned to the darkness again there. Aerith grimaced. Maybe it was all her fault for his leaving. Had she not been…

The flower girl shook her head. Cloud would never want her to blame herself and she never wanted him to blame himself. Whom should they blame? Did they have anyone to blame?

She could blame him.

She had forgotten about him. After Cloud saved her, her friends kept her under close watch. However, now they were lenient and let her go off alone. He never came back for her. She wondered why he let her go after he had been so insistent of not losing her. Then she wondered something else. How could she forget about him after what he did?

He had kidnapped her and kept her captive in a castle on another world. She was kept in his room, a cell that she could escape from but would not necessarily want to. Aerith had been in so much danger there and yet, she remembered what else happened, despite the danger. He had kissed her, something she had yet to share with someone else. Aerith thought at sometime he was different from the other nobodies but her mind changed the last day she was there. He would have killed Cloud to keep her there. She begged him not to hurt Cloud yet he ignored her pleas. It was then Aerith knew he would never change.

Still, why did he let her go?

Aerith arrived at the church. It seemed the same on the outside. She wondered if her flowers were dead on the inside. She walked up the broken stone steps and toward the door. She pushed the heavy door open, shutting her eyes in the process. Preparing for the worst, Aerith took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

She expected dead and wilted flowers. She expected weeds all over the place. She expected anything but what she saw. What she saw was… beautiful.

The flowers were alive and in full bloom, looking even better than the last time she had been here. She spun around, taking everything in. She smiled at how beautiful everything looked. As she turned around, she faced strait ahead of her. Her eyes widened. In the center of the church, the largest flower patch was. Something flickered in her memory.

"Oh!" Aerith gasped rushing to his side. "Are you hurt?"

He groaned.

"Ah, the seeds I spilled them everywhere."

He began to pick them up and tossing them in the basket not wanting to lose a single one. Aerith giggled slightly causing the blonde-haired man to raise an eyebrow to her.

"Well, this will be interesting all my seeds are mixed up now."

"Is that bad?"

"Well I had about ten different types of seeds in there." She said helping him pick up her seeds.

"I can separate them for you." He offered.

"No, it's alright really." She said. "It'll just be a little less neat."

"I wonder how they'll grow." Aerith smirked. "This will be interesting."

"How long will that take?" he asked.

"Oh a really long time… months maybe."

"Months," he whined. "Can't you just water them more so they grow faster?"

"Unfortunately if we water them too much they'll die."

True enough the flowers grew. Most of the flowers were next to a different one. However, she ignored most of the flowers in the patch. It was the centermost flowers that caught her eye. In the center of the patch was the only flower of its kind in a patch. It was a dome shaped, multicolored flower. It was a zinnia flower which was surprisingly surrounded by calla lilies. Another memory flickered in her head.

"Here, I got this for you," He said. "It's nothing special but… I wanted to say sorry for messing up your seeds."

"Wow, what a pretty zinnia!" she whispered.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

"It's beautiful," she replied. "You know, this zinnia means thoughts of an absent friend."


"Why are you acting like this?" Aerith asked.

"Because, you are my friend." He said. "And I want you to always smile."

Aerith stared at the zinnia surrounded by the calla lilies. Without a thought in her head, she approached the flower, pushing past the flowers surrounding it. Her slender fingers reached out and touched the waxy petals; a twinge of pain flew through her. Then suddenly she felt something fall on her face. Aerith looked up and saw the raindrops falling from the holes in the ceiling.

The clouds finally let the rain go. Closing her eyes, Aerith knelt down to the ground in front of the zinnia, ignoring the fact that she was crushing the beautiful callas. Her eyes opened half way before she bent her head and kissed the petal of the flower. She opened her eyes fully, feeling the rain run down her face. The droplets slid down the curves of her face, over her nose and down her lips.

She held her hand out. The droplets hit her hand ands slid down her smooth skin. She could almost hear that hauntingly beautiful melody playing as the rain flowed down, washing over her. The flower girl pressed her lips together, stifling a noise from deep within her. She plucked the zinnia and held it close to her chest. Inhaling the sweet scent, Aerith exhaled a sob.

"Don't cry," he whispered.

She knew then, whenever it rained, she would remember him.

The End

X, X, X,

Author Note- That's it! The story is finished. I was not going to change the story from how the game KH2 ended. Demyx died, Cloud left and Aerith is all alone. This is probably the longest crack pairing story I ever made and I thank you all for reading it.