I have no sooner started a sequel to a story then I get another idea and start writing another one. Anyways, I originally planned for this story to come out after I was finished with "Trials and Tribulations", but apparently it wanted to come out now. D: Anyways, another original story and my first AU. I actually got the idea for it earlier today and it just wouldn't leave me alone. I could immediately tell you that part of my inspiration for this came from the movie Stardust. It's an amazing movie and better than the book, in my opinion, but about the only hing they'll have in common is that the fallen star is a person.

Anyways, I've not decided an update schedule. This will be a free schedule story since I'm already working on another one that takes precedence over this one. When T&T is finished, then I'll come up with a formal update schedule for this one. If not, then I'll alternate between stories. I'm still in the air about it, but I just wanted to get this off my back now.

As always, my first chapter is an itty-bitty little thing. For that I apologize. You'll get another update tomorrow.

"Flickers in the night sky, giving light in the darkness… those are the stars. They are the mysteries of the heavens and some Hylian legends would say that some stars are actually magically beings. Not all of them, of course. If they were all magical beings then star showers would probably be very strange events. No, no, the magical star beings are rare and brighter than normal stars… and once every five hundred years a star being falls to the earth. In order to get back to their home in the heavens, the star being must grant one wish to a person.

Of course, that's a legend you know. Whether you want to believe or not is up to you. You should probably figure it out fast, too. It has been five hundred years since the last star being fell from the sky. The next one should be coming quite soon…"

A string of dusty light pierced the night sky, heading down towards the earth. Goats scattered as the strong light came nearer to their grazing area. The light crashed down, creating a crater in the fields of Hyrule. Dirt and grass was still falling to the floor as goats curiously went over to investigate the strange crater. The dust began to fade away revealing a man sprawled in the center of the crater, pure white hair covering his face. A brave goat ventured down into the crater and sniffed at the seemingly unconscious man. Receiving no response, the goat bleated. Getting a similar result, the goat went over to bite at the man's hair.

A hand shot up and grabbed the goat's muzzle, snapping its jaws shut. In a panic, the goat began to struggle to get away but to no avail. The man sat up, his grip still firmly on the goat. With his other hand, he parted his hair so he could see the creature that dared get so near him and then try to bite him. The goat flailed around even wilder than before at the sight of the man's dark, angry eyes.

Seeing that the creature was just a stupid animal, he cast it aside. The goat staggered up and then skipped away as the man stood up. He glared at the sky.

"Now you're all mocking me up there? Bunch of wankers, that's what you lot are…" he grumbled.

He then turned his attention to his surroundings. He looked around with disgust at the patch of dirt he was in. Dirt… he'd heard of it and he immediately knew he didn't like it now that he felt it in between his toes. Muttering angrily he went up the slope of the crater until he reached the actual grass of the field. He couldn't say he liked the feeling of grass much better. It was cold and prickly.

He heard the bleating of goats and immediately shot a glare at a small group of them curiously staring at him. These had no reaction, unlike their friend that he had scared earlier. That just made his mood worse. To add to it, a breeze came… and that made him very uncomfortable in certain areas.

"Suppose I should find some clothes…"

The star (you'll get his name soon enough) is definitely going to be one of my favorite characters. While specifically made for this fanfic, I might actually give him an original story later... because he's already wooed me with his "charming" personality.

If you hate OCs, then good news for you, we'll be getting to Zelda and Link in the next chapter. So stop hating. D: