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The day after the death Dragmire was chaotic. The castle had already been dealing with the events from the previous night, trying to get all the details down, and now they had to deal with crazy stories, four injured persons – two of which were in grave condition – and the king's miraculous revival that no one could explain.

The second day, was even more chaotic than the first. Link and Zelda, now having permission to walk around from the doctors, each had their own trials to deal with. Link, despite his part in defeating Ganon, was being court-martialed for an extended leave which he didn't have permission for, and Zelda was to see the king.

For Zelda, meeting the king, her father, was very nerve wracking. She still had abandonment issues, and wasn't sure how she and the kind would receive each other. That and the fact that meeting him meant that she would no longer be Zelda the witch, but Zelda the princess. She wasn't quite sure if she was ready for such a transition, especially she didn't know the first thing about being a princess.

The reunion was teary and angry, but in the end Zelda heard the king out. While her abandonment issues hadn't been completely resolved, she was willing to accept and forgive her father… As for whether she would be able call him "father" in the future, even she didn't know.

The third day after Dragmire's death was less chaotic than the first two, but still much more chaotic than either Zelda or Link would've liked. Those who saw them always bombarded them questions about what happened, who else was with them, if there was really a star in the castle, if Anya really had anything to do with the situation, and so on. And that was all interfering with their attempt to go visit the star.

When they did manage to sneak their way to Vega's room, they saw the star was barely recognizable. And that just made them laugh.

"Yeah, yeah, keep laughing." Snapped the star, who now bore a resemblance to a mummy with all of bandages wrapped around him. He had mumbled something about "bandage happy buggers…" before insisting that he was just fine and could take more damage than a human could. "So, found time in your busy schedules to visit? Took you long enough, these quacks aren't letting me do anything!"

"Sorry," Zelda shrugged. "Everyone wants to know what happened and the political ramifications…"

"The Gerudo are going to crazy." Link said with a grimace.

"Lovely," Vega said bitterly; he wondered briefly if Nabooru was going to return or not. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "So, what are you two up to?"

"They court-martialed me for extended leave without permission." Link didn't try to hide the irritation. "Suspended for two weeks without pay – not that they give pages much anyways but…"

"You'd think the whole saving the country thing would mean a bit more." Vega agreed. "And you, ducky?"

She twiddled her fingers and bit her lip before saying, "I met my… my father yesterday."

"Oh…" Vega said. Not wishing to force her to continue he changed the subject. "So everyone has been asking you two what happened? What about that woman with the poker face?"

"Anya?" Link asked. He shrugged and continued, "She's been keeping to herself. Hasn't said much of anything and always looking lost in thought or something. Women…"

Zelda ignored the last part as another question arose in her mind. It probably would've been better asked the night they had defeated Ganon, but it had just never occurred to them at the time. "How did Anya get us? I mean, I know how but why?"

The silvertop answered, "When you two decided that I wasn't good enough to join the club I ran into her. That Sheikah apparently was carted off by some medics and she decided to follow you two. She was kind of the reason I came rushing back, really. I did tell her that it would be better if she didn't interfere. She hit me, but I suppose she did know she wouldn't be much in a fight."

"We were lucky she knew when to show up, though." Zelda put in. "We might all be dead if it wasn't for her."

Link reluctantly put in an "I suppose…"

It was then the star noticed that the suspended page still had something around his neck. With a sigh he looked at Zelda, "Are you ever going to rid of that blasted collar, ducky? That can't be good for him in the long run."

She looked at the collar and then put a hand to her mouth in surprise. "Oh! I completely forgot about that!"

"Damn, I did too…" Link said as glanced down, trying to eye the collar.

"Let me get rid of it now," Zelda said, immediately putting her hands on the collar.

The page blushed and averted his eyes somewhere else. Vega, on the other hand, was watching on with interest. An evil little thought had been seeded in his mind as he watched, which quickly grew into an evil little idea, which put an evil little grin on his face, before he slowly crept to the edge of his bed and kicked Link's chair.

The kick caused quite the series of events. Link stumped off of his chair, taking Zelda with him and then knocking her off of her own chair. As the two fell, their lips had met and both had landed in quite the compromising position. It took them a few seconds after they had fallen to the floor before they realized their lips still hadn't parted. Blushing madly, both sat up and looked away from each other. It didn't matter way, they just couldn't face each other. All the while, Vega was cackling evilly while only saying, "Oh my, how terribly clumsy of me."

"You did that on purpose!" Zelda screeched.

Vega seemed very satisfied with himself. "So what if I did? Are you two going to tell me that you didn't enjoy it?"

Both page and witch flushed again, trying to speak but with no understandable words coming out. Vega just laughed at their embarrassment. Seeing that what was done was done, both adolescents just propped up their chairs. This time, however, Link to his chair around to the other side of Vega's bed to avoid any other mishaps that the star's "clumsiness" might cause.

Seeing his fun was ruined, Vega was reminded of another's fun who was probably ruined. "What happened to your uncle, git?"

The serious atmosphere had returned to the room as Link's expression went grim. "He'll live but the doctors said his arm probably won't work anymore. He's not very happy."

"Why not? He's alive, isn't he?" Zelda asked.

"His arm's useless, Zelda. Have you ever heard of a one-armed Sheikah?" He told her sternly.

She hadn't.

And that was because there was no such thing as a one-armed Sheikah. In the ranks of a Sheikah, one needed to have all their limbs and, most importantly, they all needed to work. A Sheikah who lost a limb or had a limb rendered useless was promptly put up for retirement.

And Eugen was no exception.

Given time all his other wounds would heal, but the arm that Dragmire had shattered wouldn't. His arm was to forever be in a sling and that caused the small man to spend the past three days within his rooms sulking. Being a Sheikah was all he had ever truly known… and now he was just a Province Holder. He wouldn't even be relaying information to the Sheikah; they would station someone else, probably a secretary or some such, to be the intelligence gatherer.

As he stared out his window from his bed, looking at nothing in particular - not that he could see what was out there anyways – the realization that he would be nothing more than a government official came down on him again. He hated it.

A knock came at his door. He ignored it but the one who knocked came in anyways. His senses told him it was Anya, and that just made his bad mood worse.

"What are you doing here?" He hissed.

The woman smiled enigmatically. "Just here to visit. No one's heard much from you since they brought you back."

"And what makes you think I would speak to a slut like you about anything?" He said coldly.

She frowned as she took a seat by him. "You should be nicer to someone who's come to visit you out of the kindness of their heart. I didn't have to come you know."

Eugen said nothing.

"I'm quitting." Anya said.

"At least you're doing it willingly." The child-like man said bitterly. "Any particular reason why you've decided to quit."

"I had only become a Province Holder to get be closer to Quinn. Now that he's gone, there's no point." She said sadly.

The former Sheikah growled in frustration and then spat, "Quinn, Quinn, Quinn! Every other word out of your annoying mouth is 'Quinn'! Why don't you just go join him already?!"

To Anya, Eugen's words had been a slap in the face. It was true that she had seriously contemplated suicide, but she had decided that going through it wouldn't be right. After all, Quinn would more than a little angry at her if she had killed herself for his sake. That and suicide was a coward's way out. She was a big girl, and as much as Quinn's death grieved her, she knew she had to move on. Suicide would just be giving up, and she refused to just give up.

So to respond to Eugen's metaphorical slap in the face, she literally slapped Eugen in the face.

"You… you just hit me!" Eugen said, outraged. "You bitch!" So, with his good arm, he slapped her back.

And so Anya slapped him, and then he slapped her, to which she punched him, to which he punched her, to which she threw herself on top of him. From there, anger fueled kissing ensued, then anger fueled tearing of each other's clothes, and then angry sex.

It was perhaps when the deed was done that they realized what had happened and weren't quite sure what to make of it.

"I can't believe that I just did it with a whore."

"And I can't believe that I just did it with a man who looks like a child."


"Wanna do it again?"

In the years that followed, Zant had eventually left the castle saying he would much rather take abuse from his queen than anymore humans. Anya, as she had said, resigned from the position of Eldin Province Holder and eventually engaged in a dysfunctional marriage with Eugen, whose arm had somehow made a miraculous recovery.

The king remained in perfect health and still ruled. Zelda was eventually introduced to the people as the princess and Link was made her personal bodyguard. The rumor that the princess and her bodyguard were romantically involved was later confirmed to be true.

And Vega had remained in Hyrule, in the castle with Link and Zelda. He had been given the post of "representative of the heavens" and spent most of his days with his two younger friends. And contrary to what he had foreseen for himself, his original prettiness came back complete with his long hair. But as the days went by, the star returned to his nocturnal nature and spent most of his nights outside looking at the sky.

Both had a feeling they knew why, and the feeling was later confirmed when both she and Link got notes from the star saying, "Meet me just outside of Castle Town, South Gate, at dusk. Pack for a month; I told the king already."

Zelda donned her witch's traveling clothes and Link his old page outfit. They packed only what they deemed necessary and at dusk, went to the South Gate. Vega waited for them with an unreadable smile on his face.

"Let's go for a ride." Said the star, cocking his head to the side where three horses were tethered nearby.

The two frowned, but asked no questions. They knew what was happening.

The route they took backtracked the way they had traveled when they first met,, except instead of going through the Lost Woods, they went the long way. They went around the Woods, past Lon Lon Ranch, and past Kakariko Village. It was a clear night when they had reached their destination. A full moon and bright stars was all the light they needed to see where they had arrived.

It was a grassy crater. Scattered all around the crater were goats, eyeing the newcomers warily but not moving away.

Vega dismounted and stood at the age of the crater. They followed suit.

"I landed here."

They said nothing.

"And I punched a goat."

"You punched a goat?" Link asked.

The star chuckled and nodded. "It tried to eat my hair… I feel kind of bad for it now."

"You're going to leave." Zelda said sadly.

The silvertop looked back at them sadly. "Yeah. Earth's a nice place but… I don't belong here."

The two just looked at Vega, not sure what to say.

"When it comes down to it, brown eyes or no, I'm still a star being. As much as I may come to like a place, I still belong up there." He sighed as he gazed up at the sky. "And I do miss Estrella terribly."

"But you never granted any wishes." Zelda pointed out.

"Ah, actually…" The star began sheepishly as he looked back at the two again.

"My uncle…" Link sighed. "Miraculous recovery my ass…"

There was silence again.

"Link. Zelda." Both became increasingly alarmed at the mention of their names. Vega had never addressed them by their actual names in front of them. And it was then they noticed that the playful spark that the star usually had was gone. He was perfectly serious. "You are my first friends. I'll never forget that." The playful spark returned with a smirk. "So remember that I'll be watching you two."

They smiled broadly, sad as they were. Zelda hugged Vega tightly enough so that he had to pry her off. She was getting teary but still remained smiling. Link then stepped up and the star and bodyguard shook hands.

After another silence, the couple stepped back and the star saluted them. "Thanks for everything and best of the heavens to you." He said cheerily. Vega then looked up to the sky and muttered a warning to his brethren under his breath with a very satisfied smirk. He jumped, and in the middle of his jump his speed increased so that he was nothing more than a blur silver-blue light only leaving stardust behind.

"We'll never forget you either, Vega!" Zelda cried out as both she and Link watched as the line of light sped up into the sky.

In patch of sky devoid of stars, the original one that had vanished finally returned.

Link laughed a bit as he saw that. "What do you know…"

"What?" Zelda asked.

"Vega actually was the star called Vega!"

Zelda smiled and took Link's hand. They kept looking up at the sky for a while longer, until they had the feeling that Vega was telling them from way up there, "Don't you know it's rude to stare?"

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