Jeez, I need to go shopping again. I don't even eat and I need to go shopping for my 7 year old son, Anthony Masen Cullen. He is such a garbage disposal.

Anthony, has never met Edward, but knows everything about him. Anthony knows that it wasn't Edward's fault, that they never met each other. Edward doesn't even know he has a son.

True, it wasn't Edward's fault he didn't know, it was Charlie's. It was right after graduation, Edward and I were on top of the world when he finally caved in, and that was the best day of my life. I was a couple of weeks later that I found out, that I was pregnant. I didn't know how, vampires couldn't have kids. When Charlie found out, he was so angry, that he couldn't even look at me. He made the decision to call Renee and sent me back to Phoenix. I never got to tell Edward, that he was going to be a dad and even worse I didn't get to say goodbye.

It was two years after Anthony was born, that mum fell sick and died shortly later. I decided than to come back to Forks and tell Edward about his son. But when I came back, to my surprise they were gone.

Anthony is now 7 and looks like a miniature Edward. He has gold eyes, with brown and green speckles. He has reddish, brown hair and is just as messy as Edward's was. Anthony, is super great at sports, and gets upset with me because I won't let him play, not because he'll injure himself, but other people.

So, now I'm a vampire and guess what, I don't remember becoming one, I just kind of woke up in my bed and with Anthony next to me. I've considered trying to find them, but I won't know how they'll react.

"Anthony, come on lets go" I yelled towards the stairs.

"Coming, hold on a second" I heard coming down the stairs, and then all of a sudden Anthony was standing next to me. He scared me that I jumped across the room.

"Anthony, don't do that to me" I pleaded.

"Sorry mum, can we go now?" He stated.

"Sure, but I'm driving" I agreed. Ever since he was 5 he as wanted to drive, but that's not right, it doesn't seem like I should let him. I'm the adult I think should be the one driving.

Anthony let out an angry 'humph' and hopped in the passenger seat, waiting for me. I turned around and locked the front door and joined him in the car. I started the car and turned on the classical music. We listened to that all the way to Wal-Mart. It amazes me that Anthony, like classical, he reminds me so much like Edward. I just wish he was with us now, to experience being a parent, when he thought he couldn't be one.

Has I pulled into a park space, Anthony jumped out and opened my door, for me and then headed to get a shopping cart, and then we started to shop.

Anthony was just shoving anything into the trolley that he thought looked good, while I was taking things out when he wasn't looking. I'm serious how much food do we need for one person.

We spent the last 30 minutes in the shop, getting more than we were meant to be getting, and we still had one more aisle to go. The frozen food aisle. I didn't want to spend much on food, because as you may already know, I'm not the richest person alive. The only money I had was the money that Renee and Charlie had left me and that was enough to survive on for now, but at the current moment, I have a job at the towns library. That doesn't pay much but it puts in the money as we spend it.

Charlie died recently. He was called out for a emergency accident, he had to control traffic. But one person was too impatient to wait for his go that he pulled out and ran straight over dad. He died instantly. When I got the news, it was so devastating, even though he still was angry at me for what had happened, I still loved him and he was my dad.

Anthony's voice broke me out of my thoughts.

"Mum, you need to stop thinking about Grandpa Charlie, he wouldn't want you to be upset" he stated.

Another thing Anthony's power was mind reading; I wonder where he inherited that from.

"I know, baby, I'll try to stop, no what do we need down this aisle so we can go home" I offered.

Anthony looked up at me and smiled "ICE-CREAM" he screamed.

I just laughed and followed Anthony's lead. As we rounded the corner, I stopped dead in my tracks, while rubbing my eyes, to see if I was dreaming. Anthony looked up at me with a worried expression.

"What's wrong mum?" he asked.

I looked down at him and put on a weak smile "Nothing, baby, come on let's get your ice- cream" I said avoiding his question.

As I started to walk again I tried to keep my head down, but couldn't help myself to take a few sneak peeks. There he was looking as gorgeous as ever, but why was he in Wal-Mart, they didn't need food.

That's when he looked up at me, and smiled.

'How was I going to explain this one?' I asked myself

"Explain what, mum?" Anthony asked.