The week slowly past, and it was two days before Christmas was here, I had gotten a lot for Anthony, and has I checked under the tree at the Cullen's house, most under there were for him, people just go way over board, but I guess it is weird for them to have a kid in the house, that was half vampire.

As of yesterday, Edward, Anthony and I had moved into this house, and we were happily acquainted, with each other, and Emmett was a huge help, balancing a couch in one hand and a T.V in the other, that was to go into Edward and I's room, which it was huge.

As of right now, though, I am in the living room, which I hate calling it that, ever since Anthony mentioned this to us, when Carlisle called for us to meet in the living room.

"Living Room, fellow housemates" Carlisle shouted.

"Living room" we heard Anthony sliding down the banister, of the stairs, laughing his head off, tears coming from his eyes.

"Anthony, what's funny?" Edward looked at his son, like he had lost it. Alice just full on broke out into a wide grin, and let a small giggle escape from her lips, which made me look at Anthony more curiously.

"Living room, you are technically the living dead, and you have a living room" he chuckled, "I am like the most alive, out of all of you" which made everyone else chuckle a little.

"Alright, that's enough" I smiled a little, pulling him off the banister, and swung him onto my hips, making him tuck his head between my jaw and shoulder.

I smiled at the memory, which was only yesterday, remembering, everyone looking at him with caring, loving eyes, which made me happy, and made me think.

How could Charlie not love this baby?

This cute, innocent mini Edward how couldn't you?

But that's in the past, we were heading for the future, and ever since I got Edward and Anthony back, Edward and I have had an argument.

Alice saw it going my way, Esme and Carlisle agreed with me, which means Jasper did as well, and of course Emmett did, Rose was a little hesitant, but she could see where I was coming from.

It was all about Anthony's future, should he become like us, whom I wanted so badly, like how you would feel, if you outlived your son, if you watched your own kid die, and you're in the same body for eternity. But Edward wanted him to live, get married have kids, and of course I wanted that, but he could still get married, and have a life, like look at Carlisle and Esme, Alice and Jasper and Emmett and Rose, weren't they happy?

I even asked Anthony what he wanted, and when he said the answer I was so happy for him, he looked up at me with his big beautiful eyes, while his hair fell in his face, which I pushed aside, and he talked sternly at me, "Mummy, I want to be like you and daddy and like the rest of you".

Edward wasn't to happy that I brought him into it, but Alice said I did the right thing.

Another memory to smile at, I thought to myself.

Could our family get any better?

I watched as Esme sat across the room from me, a book in hand, about cooking, and house decoration, while she sat next to the fireplace, where I was on the other side of the room, sitting next to the Christmas tree.

Carlisle was a work; he had been called in, for an emergency blood transfusion, while Alice went shopping with Rose for more Christmas presents. How many more could she want? But I would never ask her that question.

As for Emmett and Jasper, they were outside, playing footy in the snow, it was pretty funny, to see that, snow going everywhere not slowing any of them down.

I could hear Edward up in Anthony's room, playing Grand theft Auto with him, in two players; I always thought that Edward would be the responsible adult; well I guess I thought wrong.

I giggled out loud.

"What's so funny?" I heard a voice whisper in my ear, two arms wrapping around my shoulder from behind, it made me jump a little.

"Oh Nothing" I looked down at the book I was reading, Wuthering Heights.

"Don't Bella" he demanded playfully, picking me up by the shoulders, and throwing me over his shoulder, while he raced upstairs.

"Edward" I screeched, playfully hitting him in the butt, with my hands in fists, making it sounding like rock hitting rock.

He threw me onto Anthony's bed, making it move a little across the wooden floor, making the springs squeak a little.

"Get her buddy" Edward pushed Anthony towards me.

"I'm coming for you" Anthony said, crawling up my body, he decided to sit on my stomach and bounce a little.

"Okay, this isn't really making me feel anything" I muttered, putting both of my hands on either side of Anthony's stomach, and moving my fingers in a wriggling movement, making myself tickle him. He rolled and fidgeted till he was out of my grip, laughing really hard.

"Mummy" he yelled, his voice weak though, which made me stop, so he could catch his breath.

"Mummy is mean isn't she" Edward tilted his head towards me, facing his eyes towards Anthony.

"Yes, she tickled me daddy, get her, please" he smiled wickedly, when Edward nodded in agreement.

"Okay" he agreed, walking over to the side of the bed I was laying on.

"What did you do to my son?" He raised his eyebrows, his eyes full of playfulness.

"You mean our son" I replied back, making my voice monotone.

"No he his mine" Edward argued.

"Mine" I whispered back looking over to Anthony, "Tell him who you belong to"

"I belong to daddy, mummy" he smiled softly.

"See mine" Edward got closer to me, before leaning down towards my neck.

"Fine no Chrissie presents from me" I looked over to Anthony, and put on my plain face.

"NO" Anthony yelled, "I'm yours mummy" he pushed Edward off me, and pulled me up into sitting position, and hugged me.

"What don't you want presents from me?" Edward asked, putting a mock hurt on his face.

"No, he likes me better" I stuck my tongue out, hugging Anthony closer.

"No, I want presents from both of you" he looked up at us both, "I'm belong to both of you, you have to learn to share" he hushed at us.

"What if I don't want to share, you, or your mummy with you?" Edward asked, stealing me away from Anthony and pulling me to his side, leaving Anthony alone on the bed.

"Too bad" he yelled at Edward, "She loves me too much, to stay away" he pulled my hand, while Edward grabbed my other arm, they were pulling me in two different directions, now this didn't hurt, it was just irritating.

"Guys, stop, please" I muttered, pulling against there grips on me, making it even more irritating.

"Let go" I hissed at Edward, who immediately let go, making me fly across to Anthony, who pulled me the exact time Edward let go.

I flew across the room, heading straight for the window, before smashing through the glass, falling towards the ground, but I reached out a hand and gripped the window seal.

"Mummy" I heard Anthony screech, while I heard Edward Mutter, "Bella"

"A little help" I yelled at them, I didn't want to jump from a two story window, even though Emmett was right under me now, his arms up, he could move and I could fall, it would hurt, but I still have an urge to be careful and I couldn't quite heave myself up, back through the window.

Edward peeked his head out the window, lowering down both of his hands, taking both of mine in his and pulled me up.

"You scared me" He whispered in my ear, his arms wrapped around my waist, as mine were wrapped around his torso, while I kissed his neck.

"I scare myself" I whispered back, pulling out of his embrace.

"Mummy, you alright?' Anthony asked in his sweet voice.

"Mummy's fine", I looked down at him, before I picked him up and sat him on my hip.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen, and poured a glass of milk, and put two cookies onto a plate, and handed them over to Anthony who was on a stool, at the kitchen bench, Edward leaning on the bench, his arms crossed against his chest, as he watched me in the kitchen.

"Hey Anthony?" I asked trying to catch his attention.

"Mmm" was all I got, because he was speaking with cookie in his mouth.

"What do you want for Christmas?" Edward asked for me, because I was chuckling out our son.

He put down his cookie and thought for a moment, tapping his finger on his chin.

"I really want a" he took a deep breath, "PUPPY" he shouted.

I heard Jasper and Alice laughing from one end of the house, before Emmett screamed back at us.

"Will I be able to feed of it?"

"No" all three of us shouted back.

I looked over to Edward, who was looking over at me, and I looked over ot Anthony to see him smiling widely.

"A puppy?" I questioned, while he nodded his head.

I smiled widely as well, and looked over to Edward, I looked at him with pleading eyes, and he turned his head away from me so he wouldn't cave in, to only meet Anthony's pleading eyes.

"That is unfair" Edward mumbled, before nodding his head slightly.

"YAY" Anthony shouted, jumping at both of us, one arm around my neck, and his other hand around Edwards.

I smiled down at our son, and smiled at Edward, they were my everything, this is what I needed to survive, they were my happily ever after.


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