Chapter 7:

"Shiori…? What's going on?" Keiichi asked nervously.

"Don't you remember…Kei-Kei…?" Shiori asked quietly, swaggering over to Keiichi, We're betrothed…Daddy decided it…and now it's time for us to be together…forever…" Shiori smiled.

"Wait, what? What the hell are you talking about? What do you mean?"

"Your Daddy is an artist…my Daddy owns a big agency…our marriage is finalizing the merging…and makes me the happiest girl on Earth…"


Shiori quickly shushed the trapped Keiichi by gently laying her index finger on her lips and softly hissing.

"Talking time is over, Kei-Kei…" she smiled in a faint voice.

Shiori reached into the front of her gown and pulled out a small, yet fat, field mouse by the tail. The small mammal squeaked in protest from being removed from his warm home, and tried to escape his crazed captor. Sweetly smiling, Shiori opened Keiichi's mouth and crammed the mouse in, gagging him.

"Now…I'm just gonna call Daddy, and tell him the good news…"

Shiori headed to a small table by the door and lifted the receiver of the large black rotary phone which rested there. She was half-way through the six-digit number when she was suddenly blindsided by the door, which was blasted open by some unknown force. The sound of Shiori's body slamming against the wall was followed by a female voice Keiichi recognized right away. "Daaaaaaamn, Rena!"

"Ahaha! That's the power of a Rena Punch!" a similar voice laughed, which was followed by a small, "Mi~!" Then one by one, Keiichi's friends entered the dark and creepy apartment room.

Mion was first to enter, followed closely by Rena, Shion, Satoko, and Rika. All of them—except for Rika—held some sort of weapon. It was dark, but Keiichi could make out each weapon clearly. Rena gripped the handle of a large, rectangular-shaped blade with a curve at the end. A cleaver. Shion also held a blade in the shadows, but when she quickly reached up to move her bangs, the 10-inch buck knife in her hand cast a menacing gleam. As Satoko walked around, a metallic grinding sound followed her as the tip of a baseball bat trailed behind. Mion was the first to spot Keiichi and ran over, a relieved smile on her face. In this motion, Keiichi noticed the revolver in her left hand. The rest of the happy group ran over to their trapped friend and untied his ropes. But they had forgotten someone very important in their delight…

"Well, well, well…if it isn't Bitchy and her mindless troupe of followers…" a voice growled, which was quickly followed by a frightened, "Mi…"

Everyone—except Keiichi, who sat up—spun around. Shiori stood at the foot of Keiichi's bed, little Rika in her clutches. The point of a switchblade was held to the Furude girls throat. Satoko was the first to react.

"Rika!!!" she exclaimed, rushing Shiori with her bat.

One swift movement from Shiori's blade, and Satoko went down. The little Houjou girl yelped and clutched her shoulder where the blade had cut deep. Warm blood pumped out of the gash and stained her pink shirt red.

"You're lucky I missed your throat…" Shiori smiled, licking the blood off her blade.

The switchblade was returned to Rika's neck and pressed against the tender skin, threatening to puncture it.

"Now…y'all are gonna step away from Kei-Kei…or I'll spill all her blood…" Shiori's voice was monotone and cold, but had a honey-like overtone to it. She applied more pressure on the knife, cutting a small nick in Rika's neck. Her blood slowly began to bead around the knife point. The little girl whimpered.

Shion abandoned her weapon and knelt by Satoko on the ground, trying to stop the bleeding and whispering calming things. Mion considered her options. She had lost three potential fighters and now Rika's life was on the line. She could shoot Shiori right now, and end all this, but would Rika's life end as soon as the gun barrel was raised? Mion glanced over at Rena and her cleaver. That weapon could easily beat a switchblade…but would Rena be able to move quick enough with it? It had turned into a standstill.

Rika's purple eyes darted around, looking for some kind of assistance. Then they stopped, and Mion was the only one to notice. Rika's gaze had locked onto something by Shion's side. Mion followed the gaze without moving her head. The floorboards? Her foot? Shion's shoulder? Rika nodded slightly. The motion was unnoticed. All of Shiori's focus was on the frozen Mion and Rena. She didn't notice Rika's knee gradually rising. With all the strength the little girl could muster, Rika slammed her heel into Shiori's kneecap. There was a loud sound—half-way between a snap and a pop—and Shiori released Rika with a cry of pain. Rika instantly hid behind Mion. The groups shock at Rika's reaction was put aside for the moment, as they all stared at Shiori, screaming in pain. She backed up, limping on her broken kneecap. She never saw or sensed the open window behind her.

Time seemed to go in slow-motion. Shiori started to fall out of the window. Noboody moved…..except for Keiichi. He shot off the bed and dove to catch his ex. Insane or not, it was still a human life. His fingers wrapped around one of Shiori's wrists as he caught her. Shiori dangled at the top of the apartment building, and Keiichi was slowly slipping.

"K…Kei-chan…" Mion said quietly, "Why are you…?"

"A life….is a life…." Keiichi's voice was strained, "I can't….just sit around and let someone die like this!! No matter who they are…or what they did!!!"

Seconds later, Keiichi lost his footing. He began to tumble out the window with Shiori, propelled by her weight. For some unknown reason, he felt clm.

'Huh…that act was all for nothing…I'm going to die…' he thought.

Then his body suddenly jerked to a stop. He wasn't falling…? He looked up and smiled. Holding a tight grip on his ankles was Mion.

"I'm not letting you die either, Kei-chan." She smiled.

The moment was soon lost, interrupted by Shioris crazed laughter.

"Kei-Kei!! Hahahaaa!! We can die together now!! Ahahahahaaa!!" she laughed.

Putting emphasis on the word together, Shiori raised her free arm—the one which still held the switchblade—and plunged the blade into Keiichi's arm. The action made his reflexes work, making his hand open up, and releasing Shiori. The insane teen girl fell to earth, laughing her crazed laugh, until a loud splat and crunch silenced her. Keiichi stared down at his ex's body. A crinkled maple leaf of blood spread from her head. There was no possible way she could still be alive.

With a little help from Rena and Shion, Keiichi was pulled back into the room with his friends. He was greeted with relieved smiles and a super glomp from Mion, which almost knocked him out the window again.

"While we're on this topic…do you have any other ex's we should know about, Keiichi?" Shion smiled, folding her arms.

Keiichi just laughed and shook his head no. Mion glomped him again, but this time, pressed her lips to his. Keiichi embraced her and returned the kiss.

Shion crossed the room to Rena and leaned against the wall, watching her sister.

"So, Rena, are you happy with this ending?" she asked.

Rena didn't reply. She was too focused on looking out into the apartments parking lot.

"Are you mad? Sad?" Shion asked.

No answer.

"Ahh, don't worry, Rena!" Shion smiled, patting the Ryuuguu girls back, "There's someone out there for you."

Rena once again ignored Shion. She looked back at Mion and Keiichi.

"Mii-chan? Keiichi-kun? …..did Shiori fall?" she asked.

The happy couple broke apart to stare quizzically at Rena.

"Yeah. Splattered." Mion answered.

Rena stared at her for a minute, then looked back into the parking lot. She stared for a while and frowned, then turned back again.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Rena what are you talking about?" Mion asked, striding over to the window.

Keiichi and the others followed and stared into the parking lot where Shiori fell. Her switchblade was barely visable, but glinted silver and red, for it was still stained with Keiichi's blood. But Shiori had disappeared. Even the massive amount of blood which spurted from her head on impact was gone. The group looked around in the parking lot. No cars in sight. None of them had heard a car anyway, or the siren of an ambulance.

"Where did she…..go?" Mion asked quietly.


Keiichi had woken up late again and was now meeting up with Rena and Mion on the way to school. Mion had greeted him with a peck on the lips. Their moment was, once again, disrupted by Rena scooping them both up and trying to run home with them, squealing about how cute they were.

When the three of them eventually arrived at the school, they were greeted by Rika, Shion, Satoko, and a teenage boy Keiichi didn't recognize. The boy appeared to be 17 years old. He had bright, short blond hair and his clothes were identical to Keiichi's, with the exception of a light blue undershirt. He had his fingers entwined with Shion's. His chocolate brown eyes gave the same quizzical expression as Keiichi's blue ones. The boy slightly tilted his head and looked to Shion, asking an unspoken question.

"Yup." Shion smiled.

The boy looked back at Keiichi with a small smile on his lips. He crossed the grounds and outstretched his hand as he got closer to Keiichi.

"Muu…Keiichi Maebara, right?" he asked. The boys voice was soft. "Satoshi Houjou. I've heard a lot about you."

Keiichi reached out to shake Satoshi's hand. In a flash, Satoshi jerked Keiichi closer. His smile faded and his eyes turned cold.

"I know how you acted around Shion at her workplace, and the disgusting things you said to her…I'll forgive you this time, but if it happens again…I've killed before…I'm not afraid to do it again." He growled.

"Y-yes sir…won't do it again, sir…" Keiichi gulped.

"Nii-nii!! Class is gonna start soon!!" Satoko called from the schools doorway.

Satoshi released Keiichi's hand and turned to face his little sister.

"I'm coming. Don't worry." He smiled, walking over to her.


The classroom was in disarray when Mion, Rena, and Keiichi entered. Chie had not yet arrived, so the children were everywhere, chatting and laughing. The club members huddled together in a clump of 5 desks. Shion and Satoko were eagerly filling Satoshi in an anything and everything he missed when he was in the clinic. The poor Houjou boy was getting dizzy from all the information. Mion and Rena quickly scribbled down Keiichis math answers in their workbooks. It wasn't long before Chie finally entered the classroom.

"Shut up, everyone!! I have things to say!!!" he yelled.

All the kids instantly closed their mouths.

"Ok, I REALLY want to finish this novel. I gotta know what happens today, so don't bug me at all today." She announced, "Oh, and watch for the new kid."

With that, Chie took a seat at her desk, opened her romance novel, and became lost in the story. The children began talking amongst themselves again. All the club members—except Satoshi—froze up. One person's name entered their mind and stuck there.

"Do you think…she's back…?" Rena whispered quietly.

"We'll just have to kill 'er again then." Shion grinned.

It wasn't long before the classroom door slid open. Everyone stopped talking. A nervous-looking teenage boy entered the room. His black hair was cropped short and his bright green eyes looked around cautiously. He wore all black clothes and a single red stripe cut across the chest of his shirt. His back was slightly hunched and his hands were buried in his pants pockets.

"H-h-hey everybody…." The boy said quietly, "Umm….m-my names Kurotora Suzuragi, umm….I t-transferred here from…." His eyes locked onto the group of club members. His jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide. A estatic smile spread across his face. "Re-chan?!?! Is that really you?!?"

The club members looked at Kurotora, then over at Rena, who was trying her hardest to shrink into her chair. Kurotora bee-lined to the red-faced Rena.

"I don't believe it's you!! I knew you moved away, but to be in the same town again…Oh, I missed you!!" he smiled, pulling her into a tight hug.

"So, Rena…you know this guy?" Shion grinned.

"W-well…I did move away from here for a little while…A-and Kuro-kun was really nice to me…" Rena stuttered, "S-so…."

Mion and eiichi's eyes widened. A new transfer student….

Not again…..


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