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"Beep, beep, beep." What is that noise? The sound cut through my colorful dreams, jolting me awake to another dark, rainy day in Forks. Why had I set my alarm? Then it all came back to me, it was my first day of school in my senior year at Forks High. I got ready and left for school, making sure to get there early enough to get a parking space, and that was when I noticed the car.

A long, black stretch limo was in the parking lot. I watched as two beautiful, stylish people emerged. As I got out of the car, I soon realized I was not the only one to notice. Everyone was whispering to each other about the new kids. Just then, Jessica came running to me. Jessica was my…friend. I knew she would know who these people were.

"Oh my gosh, so did you SEE those new kids!!" she practically screamed in my ear. "Jessica, talk quieter!" I tried to quiet her down; I noticed the boy about my age turn around and glare condescendingly at us when she shouted. "Oh, right, I forgot, well," she continued in a whisper, "they are lords, yes lords, from England, as in rich, rich, rich, and hot in their case, I am SO going out with that boy, he's totally gorgeous and think about the gifts he could give me, oh I think I might faint just thinking about it!"

I rolled my eyes and kept walking to my next class, if Jessica's attempts to capture that boy's attention were anything like what she had attempted in the past with other boys, he would be running as fast as he could away from her. I controlled my urge to laugh at the thought of Jessica chasing that new boy around the campus; it was quite comical to think about.


Ugh, the first day of school, I could not believe father was making me go to this horrid school. I did not want to be living in some little, nowhere town. How pathetic, the son of a rich lord, living in this nonexistent place. His excuse was that I was turning into a spoiled brat! Me, yeah right!

My father is one of those people who believe everyone should be perfect, no matter whom they are or how much money they have. He is pathetic enough to believe we should follow all the rules. Is that not the point of being rich? Having the money to bail yourself out of the predicaments you get yourself into? That's my philosophy anyways, but unfortunately, my father fails to see my point. He believes I need to transform myself into "an upright young man with integrity," his words, not mine.

So, here I was, first day of school, in Washington, in the United States of America, where it is raining, of course, what else should I have expected? It would be raining, signaling the end of my to-this-point-had-been-wonderful life. Whatever was my father thinking?

Of course, my sister, Alice had her own point of view, unlike me, she is ecstatic about being a "normal kid." Why anyone would ever want that, I have no idea, but she is just as jumpy and enthusiastic as always. During the car ride over, she continually told me what a great experience this would be for us and how we would make so many friends.

I knew she was wrong, which was proved as soon as I got out of the car. There was a low murmur going through the parking lot, but it was not the normal type of murmur, where everyone is talking and it just causes a small amount of noise, this was a whispering type of murmur. I knew what they were whispering about, the new kids, as in, us. I knew how the whole day would go, we would be the new thing here and everyone would be amazed. Nothing big ever happens in a town this size, so new people coming are a big deal.

One thing I had not expected was the girls' reactions. I heard a couple of squeals as I got out the car and my first thought was, "wow, these people must be around pigs a lot, they sure sound like them!" It must have showed on my face, because Alice gave me one of her famous, don't even think about it looks. Just then, I found out what the squeals were about as I overheard two girls talking. One of the girls was rather pretty, something I would not have expected to think of any of the girls here, but the other was quite repulsive, a combination of her looks and actions. The ugly girl was telling the pretty girl how she was planning on capturing my heart or some nonsense similar. The pretty girl could see my glare as I looked back at them and had the decency to look embarrassed. This was going to be horrible.


My first day was pretty predictable. My classes were not going to be too hard and I knew all the teachers, obviously. Charlie probably knew all of their family trees, there were definitely pros and cons of knowing everyone in a small town. I had to admit, having these two new people in our school was exciting, but I knew what it was like to be new and I tried my best not to stare or be stalker-ishly nice (cough—Mike—cough). Jessica filled me in on why they came to America during lunch. Apparently the boy got into some…trouble…and so their dad wants them to be in a normal life situation. Interesting, it turns out the girl volunteered to come, she sounds like the perfect girl who is enthusiastic in any situation. I also found out their names are Edward and Alice. So far I did not have any classes with Edward, but I had one with Alice, but she sat at the other end of the room, so I never got to talk to her.

After lunch, I headed to my psychology class, I was really excited, a lot of seniors took this class and it was supposed to be really fun. I got to the class and noticed that Edward was in it, looking highly uninterested. I guessed it was all an act in response to the whispers crowding the room. Mr. Brown, the teacher, was a family friend and when he saw me enter the class, he said hi and marked something down on his clipboard.

He had written on the board not to sit down when we got in because he would tell us where he wanted to sit. He started to read out our partner names, we would sit facing each other and be partners for the year. I could hear Lauren and Jessica saying how they hoped they would be with Edward. I just rolled my eyes and waited to hear my name. Lauren... Tyler. Jessica… Mike. I could tell they were both probably disappointed that they were not with Edward, but figured those guys would work anyways. The teacher called a few more names and then I heard Bella…Edward. I gasped too quietly for anyone to hear. I walked over to our pair of desks. "Hi, I'm Bella, you're Edward, right?" He nodded and looked away. I felt a slight feeling of rejection come over me, then just brushed it off, knowing he was supposed to be a snob and I knew that from the beginning. It really was too bad, I was looking forward to this class and now I had to work with this guy.


Well, now that I knew my partner, at least I could be relieved I was not partnered with any of the annoying, sluttish, incredibly whiny girls. This girl, who introduced herself as Bella, was the girl I had seen this morning who I thought was pretty. She was pale, with chestnut brown hair that fell elegantly down her back. I still was not interested in her; I wanted to have no real connections to this horrid place. So, when she introduced herself, I did not respond as I did not want her to think I held any mild interest in her. I watched her expression out of the corner of my eye and I noticed, unlike most girls' normal reactions, she did not look sad, she really looked unconcerned, and maybe a little puzzled.

The teacher started lecturing and I listened closely, as I was actually looking forward to this class, although I would never admit it to anyone. I tried to look uninterested at the beginning of class, but mainly because of all the whispers going around about me. The teacher mainly spoke about first day of school stuff, what was required and expected for the class and what supplies we would need, no surprises.

After class, Bella said bye and left without a backward glance. Something stirred in me out of her apparent lack of interest. I was so used to girls groveling after me that this girl's rejection, in my eyes at least, hurt me. She intrigued me, I had never met another girl like her and I decided the next day I would try to encourage a conversation with her.

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