Umm... Okay, I hate doing this to you guys, really I do. But I just don't want to take another whole week writing out a new chapter, making you all ticked and everything.

I do have the final chapter written out, but... I feel weird about posting it. I've never written a lemon before, so I'm kind of antsy about letting the whole world see.


You can still read the chapter if you'd like. I'm not that mean. xD

Just post a review, or send a PM, saying you'd like to read the chapter, and i'll send it out to you. Simple as that.

I just like the way the whole story is posted out on here, ending with the wedding. So, the extra chapter I've written out is kind of like an outtake... It just feels weird to me.

It's set two years after the wedding, with Edward and Bella moving into a new place. So if you don't want to read the new chapter, with all its lemony goodness, then there really isn't a whole lot you'll miss. Just so you know.

I guess that's it. The end of this story.

Sorry if this fake out has made anyone angry!! :(