I sat on my bed, like every other day lately. I'm not sure why but I just don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything anymore. My teenage years are finally creeping up on me. I pulled out my mp3 player and turned it on. I don't know what song it was but it was way to cheery for the mood I've been in lately. I changed it and just zoned out.

I sat in a white room. Just a white room. No windows, paintings, or people. Just me. Then a man in a white suit came into the strange room with me. He had black hair that was short and was about average looking. But the one thing that stuck out to my was his eyes. They were white also. "Bella." his voice was hoarse and raspy. I tried to answer but I was mute. "You don't have to speak." he said and chuckled. Then a chair appeared as he sat down. The chair was white. "You are probably wondering where you are?" he said. I nodded since I was unable to speak. "Bella." the voice came out of air and it was Edward's.

"Ha!" I screamed as I jumped up from the bed dropping my mp3 player on the ground and looking around frantically. I was searching for the white but instead I found an angel. My worried expression turned to a smiled and he returned it.

"Were you having a bad dream?" he asked me while standing up and walking over to me slowly. "I'm not sure if it was a bad dream. I'm not really sure. It was weird." he looked concerned. Like always when I seemed troubled. He's too perfect. He sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to him.

I sat down and he motioned for me to begin. "I was in a white room. Everything was white. Then a guy walked in. He was dressed in a white suit. He had black hair and his eyes...his eyes were white. Edward he was talking to me and I couldn't speak. I don't know. I was a complete mute. But he already knew that." I wispered the last part to myself, amazed that I could recall that dream in complete detail.

"Hmm, interesting. But it's just a dream. I promise you'll that it will be forgotten by the time you get home tonight." he said and leaned down to kiss me. The kiss was short though.

"What would you like to do today?" he asked me like every other Saturday. "I jsut want to sit around here today. Why don't you go hunting or something, I'm not going to be much fun." I admitted. He rolled his angelic eyes and I smiled. He gave me a stern look. "Bella, we never do anything anymore. And last Saturday I went hunting with Emmett and Jasper. Don't you want to go to the meadow or something?" I winced. "Not really." I wispered. I just felt so lazy lately. It just felt nice to lay back and enjoy nothing. Though I guess over one hundred years of sitting back and doing nothing can get a little boring. "Nevermind. Lets go to the meadow. If thats what will make you happy."

He sighed. "No, it's what makes you happy. If you don't want to go anywhere today we won't. " , "You using the 'we' thing again. I'm not holding you hostage Edward. Go and be with your family. Go slay something. I know that you won't want to be here doing nothing with me today." , "It's fine. I'll stay here with you today if you promise me that tomarrow we will go somewhere. And how dare you think that I wouldn't just want to be with you!" , "Fine we'll do something tomarrow." I said and he smiled and pulled me down on the bed.

I snuggled into his cold chest. It felt like standing in a freezer. But even the cold didn't stop me from feeling tired. I"m so lazy these days. "Are you going to take a nap?" he asked me. I yawned. "No." i said and he chuckled. "Your body says otherwise." he held me tighter to his chest, preparing me for sleep. He began humming my lullaby and to his amusement, I fell asleep.

"Isabella, your back. I knew you would be returing soon." the man was sitting in the chair again, in the same position that I left him in. "Do you have any questions?" he asked me. I nodded. He laughed. The sound was soothing. "You can talk Bella." I opened my mouth to speak. "Where am I? I mean I know I am dreaming but where am I in this dream?" he smiled and stood up. "You Isabella are in Effrelies " He walked behind me. I tried to turn around to see what he was ding but I couldn't. "Sorry, wait one second." something snapped and then he was in front of me again. "Alright Bella, you can stand now." I stood up and looked down at what I was wearing. White pants a white long sleeve shirt and white gloves ans sandals. Then I remebered his answer to my question. "Effrelies?" , "Yes, it's a place where...well you'll learn more later. I don't want to put to much on you. Lets just say that you and I are different from others Bella. We are...human...but not exactly. Again I can't tell you everything. It will soon get overwhelming." , "I'm good with overwhelming." I pointed out and he nodded and smiled again. He sat down again and a chair appeared. "We know. We have been watching you Isabella. You and your...vampire." it seemed that he didn't want to go to much into that subject and frankly I wasn't going to push him. "Don't be afraid of me Bella. I can't harm you. Not like I would want to. And believe it or not you can't hurt me either. Again...I've said too much. "he put his face in his hands and disappeared.

I opened my eyes and looked up. Edward was still there. He smiled at me. "Bad dream again." Should I tell him what I know about this Effrelies place? "No, not this time. It was a good dream with you here." he smiled and didn't see through my attempt at lying. Or at least he didn't show me that he knew. "Good. Are you ready to go anywhere? Or do you just want to be around the house for the remainder of the day?" I could easily tell that he wanted the first thing to happen. I smiled and nodded to him. "We can go somewhere. Just let me get dressed." he smiled and I went to my closet.

As I moved each peice of clothing I noticed something. It was all white. I went to the hamper and grabbed an undyed pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt. I suppose thast dream wasn't a dream after all. I guess Alice get Christmas early this year...because I have some shopping to do. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I haven't changed a bit. My eyes are still brown, my hair pin straight and unmanagable, and my skin...the same pasty pale color. I grimaced at my reflection and began scrubbing my teeth.

I returned to my room in record time. "That was fast." he smiled again. "Thanks." I said and grabbed his hand. We began walking down the stairs. His grip on me was tight. "I won't fall." I told him. Of course , being the caring vampire that he is, he didn't repsond. I already knew this answer. We go over it every day.

"So what are we doing today?" He questioned me. "Actually I wanted to go to the library. Do we have one in Forks?", "Yes I think. Out by the old cemetary. If not we can go to Seattle." I was about to protest about going to Seattle as a second option but I really want to know about this Effrelies place. I just nodded and walked out the door. The air was crisp and I smelt the dead leaves in the wind that blew by. October...

"Here's your jacket." Edward handed me my jacket and we walked to his volvo. The entire ride to the library, that we eventually found, he was silent. But I, was chattering. I think I'm nervous actually. To find out more about this place that I subconsiously keep visiting.

Edward parked the car and opened my door for me before I could reach for the handle. I kissed him on the way out and we walked hand in hand into the library.

I had never been to the Forks library. It was way different from the one in Pheonix. First of all there was only one in Forks. But not only that but the arrangement of the items was strange to me. Two rows of shabby looking computers stood on rows of desks in the front of the room. Behind that was the librarian's desk. Yes it actually was just a brown wooden desk with a computer sitting on it. Nobody was there though. There were rows and rows of books and some lined up on wooden stands against the walls. I took a deep breathe and began looking in the fantasy section.

"What are we looking for exactly?" Edward asked me curiously. I guess he could help. "Effrelies. " I said and began looking at the bindings of ripped books with black covers and dusty pages. I looked over beside me and Edward was looking through books at an amazingly fast pace. Of course! I frogto vampire.

"Do you need any help?" a voice asked from behind me. "Yeah, do you know where books about mythical places would be?" I looked up from searching after I finished asking. I lost my breathe. It was him. The guy in my dreams. His eyes were white and so were all of his clothes. "Isabella. It won't be here. In this world this stuff doesn't exist. Don't worry I will explain it to you in your next dream. But now I have to go. And I suggest you where what you were given." and he walked away. I stood frozen.

"Here, Bella, I found it. Effrelies World Guide." Edward read well walking closer to me. But he just said that this doesn't exist? Then how did he find it? I'll worry about that later. I might as well figure out what I can now before I fall asleep again. I took the book from his hands and sat down at one of the weathered brown desks. The first page read...

Effrelies World Guide

The first thing that anyone needs to know about Effrelies is that only one species of creatures live there. They are the Imelalies. The most powerful creatur that God himself ever made. It is said that God made the Imelalies before anything else in the world.

The Imelalies are all powerful creatures that cannot harm anybody. Not only is it against their nature it is just physically impossible for them to do so. These creatures can only live in Effrelies. If out of Effrelies for too long of a period they become, whats said to be, the Devil's children. After that time they are no longer Imelalies.

Imelalies are immortal once they enter Effrelies for the first time. It's not said how Imelalies are 'born' or 'picked'. Imelalies have power of the elements and anything God himself created. Therefore they would not have power over evil, death, destruction, or any of the seven sins. The are all holy.

Am I an Imelalies? No I can't be. I am going to be a vampire. Right? "Bella. Whats wrong?" Edward asked me taking the book from my hand and insepecting it himself. He read the page in two seconds flat and then his hand was on mine. "Bella. Whats wrong?" I snapped out of my trance and then a warm hand was on my shoulder. "Isabella, you must come to Effrelies now. Somebody would like to speak to you." then I was in the white room.