Hello, Smurfs and Thomas & Friends fans! I had just created a story by combining two of my favorite shows, all on my own in my dreams. It's called: The Smurfs Meet Thomas & Friends.

My story will be based from The Smurfs Season 9 series and Thomas & Friends right between the Season 11 series and the full-length film The Great Discovery. The Genres in my story will have: Adventure, Action, Humor, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, and Friendship. And it's in British(For Thomas & Friends fans) and American(For Smurfs fans).

Here's my summary: The Smurfs had smurf themselves in the mid-1980's on the Island of Sodor, where they met Thomas and all his friends. And there's an argument between this certain Smurf and this certain Engine. Will the two individuals settle their differences and become friends? You'll just have to find out for yourself as you read my story.

Also, My story will start and end with some songs. I'll reveal them to you all at the start and ending parts of my story. There be also some background songs, and you have to figure out the name of it, who are the singers, and what movie is it from. And there be some sound effects.

Now for the characters, I did the math and found out that 17 Smurfs and Smoogle are the main characters from Season 9. So here's the list of them(Minus Smoogle). They are:

1. Grandpa
2. Papa
3. Baby
4. Smurfette
5. Sassette
6. Snappy
7. Brainy
8. Clumsy
9. Greedy
10. Grouchy
11. Handy
12. Hefty
13. Jokey
14. Lazy
15. Vanity
16. Painter
17. Wild

Now, here are the characters from Thomas & Friends. They are:

Thomas the Tank Engine
Edward the Blue Engine
Henry the Green Engine
Gordon the Big Engine
James the Red Engine
Percy the Small Engine
Toby the Tram Engine
Emily the Beautiful Engine
Annie and Clarabel, Thomas' two coaches
The Troublesome Trucks
Sir Topham Hatt(AKA The Fat Controller)
And minor appearences, cameos, and mentioning's of some other friends from T&F.

And one more thing, there be no villains in my story!

Now, about the "using your imagination" thing. As you all read my story, you think of it as watching a movie. And the story(movie) scene is live-action model animation(Thomas & Friends) mixed in with 2D animation(The Smurfs). And the people in the story are 3D CGI animation. Well, that's the imagination part.

And now, for the "listening voices in you head" thing.

For Smurfs fans, here are the actors/actresses who provided the voices of The Smurfs:

Don Messick - Papa-x
Lucille Bliss - Smurfette
Barry Gordon and Danny Goldman - Brainy
Frank Welker - Hefty, Wild
William Callaway - Clumsy, Painter
Hamilton Camp - Greedy-x
Michael Bell - Grouchy, Handy, Lazy
June Foray - Jokey
Alan Oppenheimer - Vanity
Jonathan Winters - Grandpa
Russi Taylor - Smoogle
Julie McWhirter - Baby Smurf, Sassette
Pat Musick - Snappy
/Note: The x indicates that these voice actors have passed away\

For Thomas & Friends fans, the voices who provided the characters are the ones from the 2000 movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad. But, I made some changes for the voicing's of the T&F characters: /Note: The voice actors/actresses from the movie are marked with an x\

Narrator - Britt Allcroft-x /Who was the voice of Lady\
Thomas - Edward Glen-x
Edward - Ringo Starr /This engine never appeared in the movie\
Henry - Michael Angelis /Originally Kevin Frank but his voice acting of Henry was awful\
Gordon - Neil Crone-x
James - Susan Ramon-x
Percy - Linda Ballantyne-x
Toby - Colm Feore-x
Emily - Tajja Isen
Annie & Clarabel - Shelley Elizabeth Skinner-x
The Troublesome Trucks - Various voice actors/actresses with high-pitched and squeaky voices
Sir Topham Hatt(AKA The Fat Controller) - Pierce Brosnan

Now for this list: The minor characters

Donald & Douglas/Spencer - Michael Brandon
Molly - Tara Strong
Rosie - various British girl
Billy - various British boy
Diesel - Adrian Truss
'Arry & Bert/Cranky - Kevin Frank-x
Salty - Michael Angelis
Mavis - Jennifer Hale
Henrietta - Shelley Elizabeth Skinner-x

And there you have it!

Hope you like it as you read along. Enjoy!

I do not own them, they belong to their rightful owners.

And also, give me some good reviews, one for every chapter, and less than 5 sentences. Please n thank you.