Chapter 9: Smurfing The Island Pt. 2.

As we left off from the previous chapter, Thomas and Emily had set off to do their jobs of giving the visitors(and the Smurfs!) a tour around the Island of Sodor. But, they have different route assignments, and the two Engines went their own separate ways. And Thomas had showed the Smurfs the wonderful sights around the island, and they really enjoyed it too. Even Grouchy, which he's trying so hard to cheer himself up. During the tour, Thomas and the Smurfs had met along with Percy, and Toby. And the Smurfs had met some other friends of Thomas, which are Billy, Rosie, and the Twins Donald and Douglas. Well, that's just the better part, now here's the worst. James arrived at Brendam Docks to fetch his slow goods train, which is the job that he really and truly hates. Salty tried cheering him up by having a conversation with him, but even though, it didn't cheer James up and he's still feeling miserable. Then suddenly, the troublesome trucks started laughing, and this made James very cross and he gave them a bump. And this had lead to Cranky teasing him, and he had given the #5 engine the nickname "Grouchy James", and this had lead James reaching the same bad-tempered level as Grouchy Smurf. Now this is going to be a very long day for James to overcome it, but like I said, when he sees Grouchy, that will soon change. And Grouchy was still very eager to find James and apologize to him very sincerely, but he's getting a worried feeling that he will never get that chance, but he's praying that it will happen. Don't you think so? But for now, let's continue on with the tour that Thomas was showing to the Smurfs.


After touring the Black Loch run along the branch line, Thomas arrived at the junction and he's now entering the main line.

The Smurfs noticed it.

"Hmm, something smurfs me that we're changing routes." Brainy said curiously.

"You puff that right, Brainy." Thomas puffed, "Since we toured along the branch line, my next assignment is now, touring along the main line."

"And that way we can smurf more of the sights around Sodor!" Snappy cheered.

"That's right, Snappy." Thomas giggled, "So you Smurfs just sit back and enjoy more of Sodor." And he pumped his pistons and chuffed off feeling very "smurfy"!

Just then, the little blue tank engine and the little blue time-travelers came upon an enormous bridge.

"Sacre architecture!" Surprised Painter.

"That is one big bridge!" Added Hefty.

"Indeed it is." Tooted Thomas, "This is the Sodor Island Suspension Bridge."

"Suspension bridge?" Wondered Handy, "What's that?"

"Well," Thomas explained, "This type of bridge is having a deck suspended from cables anchored as extremities and usually raised on towers."

"Whoa." Amazed Handy, "Well, the bridge we have back at home, is only made out of wood."

"Sounds like you have yourselves a wood bridge." Thomas replied.

"Yeah, that's it." Said Handy.

"Now I'll add zhe bridge to my smurfolio." Painter said impressively, and he started painting it.

"Whoa, here we smurf!" Squealed Clumsy.

The Smurfs watched as Thomas steadily chuffed across the bridge.

"Hey everysmurf, look!" Snappy shouted.

The Smurfs looked down. "OH, MY!" They said amazingly.

"What's the elevation?" Brainy wondered.

"Ohh, about 500 ft." Said Thomas.

"5-5-5-500 ft.?!" Hefty stuttered frightfully, "Ohhhh!"

"Oh, no! Hefty, you're fear of heights is smurfing back!" Cried Handy.


"Don't worry!" Whistled Thomas, "Just don't look down, we're almost across!"

"Please, hurry!" Hefty begged.

But in no time, Thomas had reached the other side of the bridge.

"There, it's over." Thomas puffed.

"Phew! Thank smurfness." Said Hefty thankfully, and he took one deep breath for feeling glad. "/Inhale, exhale\"

"Alright then, let's keep on puffing and "smurfing"." Thomas tooted.

"Smurf the way, Thomas." Snappy cheered.

"But, just as long we don't have to smurf across from something very high." Hefty said pleasingly.

"Of course, Hefty." Said Thomas cheerfully, "Engine's honor."

Hefty was very happy and he felt much better.

And Thomas continued on along the main line.


Along the way, Thomas stopped at Abbey Station. The visitors all want to get some refreshments from the station's refreshments stand. This gives Thomas the chance for a rest.

Brainy was reading the sign of the station. "This station is, Abbey Station." He pronounced.

"Mmm, smurfy name for another station." Said Smurfette.

Greedy was watching the visitors enjoying their refreshments at the station's refreshments stand.

The cook Smurf couldn't help himself. "Unh! I want some refreshments too!" Complained Greedy.

"But you just ate, Greedy." Thomas puffed, "How could you be even more hungry?"

"Well, Thomas." Brainy moaned, "Knowing Greedy, he can smurf anything at anytime."

"Bother, no wonder Papa Smurf named him Greedy." Snorted Thomas.

Suddenly, Handy saw something and he spoke up. "Hey everysmurf," He shouted, "Smurf ever there!"

The Smurfs turned and looked. "Whoo!" They said amazingly.

There at a siding, is an Engine and another one of Thomas' friends. But this Engine is different. It's a diesel engine, and her name is Mavis the Quarry Diesel Engine. And she's also known as a diesel tram, despite that she has cowcatchers at both ends and her wheels are hidden by side-plates at both sides, just like Toby's. Also, Mavis is not like the other diesel engines, she's friendly and kind to the steam engines, just like Salty.

Mavis saw Thomas and she began talking to him. "Hello, Thomas." She hooted.

"Hello, Mavis." Tooted Thomas.

"Mavis?" Said the Smurfs.

"As in another Engine that is a girl?" Smurfette added.

"You betcha." Said Thomas, "Why don't you all say hello to her?"

The Smurfs turned to Mavis and they greeted her. "Hello, Mavis." They chimed.

"And hello to you all too, Smurfs." Tooted Mavis, "Toby told me so much about you."

But Handy looked concerned and curious. "Thomas," He replied to the #1 engine, "Yet another one of your friends looks different."

"Oddly octopuses, and she doesn't look like a steam engine too." Added Sassette.

"Your right, Sassette." Thomas puffed, "Mavis is not a steam engine at all."

"And one question is: Why?" Said Brainy.

"That's because I'm a diesel engine." Explained Mavis.

"A diesel engine?" Confused Handy, "What's that?"

"Well, here are three differences between a steam engine and a diesel engine." Said Thomas.

"First of all," Thomas began, "You all know that we steam engines run on coal and water."

"Well, yes." The Smurfs said.

"Well," Mavis spoke up, "We diesel engines run on fuel and oil."

"Oh. Well, we know what oil is." Handy replied, "But, what's fuel?"

"Fuel is liquid, like water." Thomas puffed.

"But," Mavis hooted, "Fuel is an energy source liquid that powers up diesel engines."

"Ohh." Handy understood, even his fellow Smurfs know it too.

"Second, you all know that we steam engines have whistles." Thomas peeped.

"Uh-huh." Said the Smurfs.

"Well, we diesel engines have horns." Tooted Mavis.

"Ooh, can we smurf it?" Smurfette said pleasingly.

Mavis let out two toots for her horn. "/TOOT! TOOT!\"

"Ooh, smurfy sound." Said Smurfette impressively.

"And way smurfier than Harmony's trumpet." Whispered Hefty to his fellow Smurfs.

The another Smurfs couldn't help but giggle. "/Smurfs giggling\"

Even Grouchy couldn't help it too. "/Grouchy giggling quietly\"

"And lastly," Steamed Thomas, "You all know that we steam engines puff out steam."

"Yes, of course." Replied the Smurfs.

"But," Said Mavis, "We diesel engines burn out black smoke."

"Ugh! Smoke is bad for our smurfs." Disgusted Sassette.

"I HATE smoke too!" Agreed Grouchy.

"But don't worry," Mavis purred cheerfully, "We only burn out smoke whenever we diesel engines have mechanical problems."

"Oh, thank smurfness." Said Sassette in relief.

"And that my little blue friends," Puffed Thomas, "Is the differences between a steam engine and a diesel engine."

"Gee, thanks, Thomas." Said Brainy grandly.

"And you too, Mavis." Added Smurfette.

"You're welcome." Said Thomas.

"My pleasure." Added Mavis.

Just then, the visitors had finished their refreshments and were all aboard Annie and Clarabel.

"Visitors back on board!" Chimed the coaches.

"Alright, it's time to go." Whistled Thomas.

"Ok, Thomas." Said the Smurfs.

"And it's smurftainly smurfy to smurf you, Mavis." Smurfette said grandly.

"Me too." Added Sassette.

"Bye, Mavis." Chimed the Smurfs.

"Bye, Smurfs." Tooted Mavis, "And it's certainly nice to meet you all too."

"And I should get going also." Mavis added, "Later, Thomas."

"Later, Mavis." Thomas peeped.

And with two toots from her horn, "/TOOT! TOOT!\" Mavis purred away.

"Well, that's three girl Engines smurfed." Smurfette said excitedly.

"And one more to smurf." Added Sassette.

"Well, if we can find her." Thomas puffed. "But for now, let's continue on." He tooted.

And with two toots from his whistle, "/PEEP! PEEP!\" Thomas puffed away.

"Gee, Thomas." Snappy spoke up, "Everywhere we smurf, we smurf more and more of your friends."

"Well, my little pushy blue friend," Thomas chuffed, "There's still more where that came from."

"Smurf-a-roo." Said Snappy.

"Willing whales, I wonder who we'll smurf next?" Sassette said sweetly.

"Well, let's "smurf" out, shall we?" Chuckled Thomas, and with his wheels spinning rapidly, he sped down along the main line.


/Background song #3 plays\

And wouldn't you know it, the Smurfs had met more of Thomas' friends on the Island of Sodor.
/Note: Thomas had already introduced the Smurfs to Murdoch, Neville, and Harvey along with Rocky\

/Song starts\

/Girl #1\:

/Girl #2\:

/Music continues\

First up, Thomas introduced the Smurfs to Bill and Ben the Tank Engine Twins. The Smurfs were surprised to see two more Engines that are alike.
/Bill and Ben are small yellow tank engines and they do not have numbers\

Next, the Smurfs met Whiff the Rubbish Engine. Brainy was surprised to see an Engine wearing glasses. But, as the Smurfs and Thomas passed by him, the strong smell of rubbish from his trucks flew right through their noses.
/Whiff is a small dark green tank engine that wears glasses(the only Engine to do so) and he carries the #66 on both of his sides and he has a two-tone whistle\

"OHH, YUCK!" The Smurfs reacted as they all covered their noses.

"I know!" Thomas snorted while holding his nose, "And I should've warn you all about that!"

"I HATE THE SMELL OF RUBBISH!" Complained Grouchy while holding his nose.

And then, the Smurfs met Arthur the Big Tank Engine. They could see that he's pulling trucks of fish that he's taking to Brendam Docks.
/Arthur is a big burgundy tank engine and he does not have a number\

Thomas was disgusted. "Ugh, I hate the smell of fish." He sniffed crossly.

"I HATE the smell of fish too!" Agreed Grouchy as he again covered his nose.

But for a while, Thomas continued on along the main line.

/Song continues\

/Girl #3\:

/Girl #4\:

/Chorus 2X\:


/Music continues\

But even though, Thomas told the Smurfs that some of his friends are non-rail contraptions. This made them puzzled, but they're very excited about it.

Along the line at a crossing, the Smurfs met Bertie the Bus.

Thomas let out two toots from his whistle. "/PEEP! PEEP!\"

And Bertie let out two beeps from his horn. "/BEEP! BEEP!\"

Handy told Thomas that Bertie reminded him of his invention, the smurf wagon(But even though, it's a RV!).

Next, along the line next to a road, Thomas introduced the Smurfs to Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry.

Elizabeth gave the Smurfs two honks from her horn. "/HONK! HONK!\"

Sassette and Smurfette were pleased to see a non-rail contraption that is a girl.

And it's too bad that Handy doesn't have an invention that looks like Elizabeth. If he does, he would call it, the quarry smurfer.

Then, Thomas and the Smurfs stopped by at Dryaw Airfield Station, where the little blue tykes met Harold the Helicopter. And they watched as Harold took off to the sky, and he hovered away. "/Sound of a helicopter taking off\"

Handy was again sorry that he doesn't have an invention that looks like Harold. And again, if he does, he would call it, the helismurfer… or the smurfcopter.

And finally, at Sodor Airport Station, Thomas introduced the Smurfs to Jeremy the Jet Plane. And they and Thomas watched as Jeremy sped down the runway, and he took off to the sky. "/Sound of a jet plane taking off\"

The sound of Jeremy's loud jet engines made the Smurfs jumped. "WHOA!" They shouted.

And again, but on the positive side, Handy told Thomas that Jeremy reminded him of his other invention, the smurfplane… or the airsmurfer.

"Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde, now zhat iz one loud aeroplane!" Squealed Painter.

"Boy, you sure do have a lot of friends, Thomas." Hefty replied.

"Both rail and non-rail contraptions." Added Handy.

"And they're very smurfy too." Put in Smurfette.

"Thank you, Smurfs." Said Thomas grandly, "And I'm glad you all like them too."

"/SIGH\ And I like your friends too, Thomas." Grouchy whispered.

"I know you do, Grouchy." Said Thomas quietly, and he's still keeping it to himself.

And so on, Thomas and the Smurfs continued on with the tour around the Island of Sodor.

/Song continues\

/Girl #1\:

/Girl #2\:




/Music and song stops\



Meanwhile, James was still having the worst day of his life. During his truly hated job, he picked up more and more trucks at each station, and he now has a very long and heavy slow goods train, with a total of 12 trucks rattling behind him. And the worst part is, the troublesome trucks had been singing and teasing rudely at him all day long. James tried his best to ignore them, but the trucks just kept on going on and on and on at him all this time.

"I HATE slow goods! I HATE slow goods! I HATE slow goods!" Grumbled James.


James grew crosser and crosser with his face getting redder and redder. And he couldn't hold his temper on for long now!


"THAT DOES IT!" Roared James, and he came to a screeching halt. "/Brakes screeching\"

"Ohh-hhh." Teased the first six trucks, "Looks like Grouchy James have had enough of us."

"Ready to surrender?" Said the last six trucks.

"NO!" Shouted James, "I'M READY TO DO… THIS!!" And he gave the trucks the biggest biff! "/KA-BANG!\"

"Ohhh! Ohhh!" Cried the trucks.

"THERE!" Fumed James, "IT'LL KEEP YOU ALL QUIET SO I CAN GET THIS DIRTY JOB OVER WITH!" And with an angry hiss of steam, he set off once more.

But, after James gave the trucks that biff, they were getting very cross. "Soooo," They grumbled, "Grouchy James doesn't want us to sing and tease him, huh? Fine. We'll do something much worse to him. It's time for Plan B, our most troublesome trick of all, the same one that we did to him 40 years ago. Heh, heh, heh." So they began making their plan by whispering to each other.

And James was unaware of it as he kept on chuffing along the main line, not knowing that the trucks were planning their most troublesome trick on him for bumping them so hard. And this will soon lead to dramatic changes when this happens, for Grouchy and James.


Back at the other far side of the main line, Thomas and the Smurfs were still enjoying themselves enormously. But up ahead, the #1 engine had to stop at a red signal.

"Unnh, not again!" Snapped Snappy, "What is it this time?!"

"It's because of this signal." Explained Thomas, "That's why I stopped."

"Gee, that is one strange looking signal." Replied Brainy.

"Who cares!" Shouted Snappy, "Come on! Let's go, let's go, let's go!" He said orderly.

"I can't!" Thomas huffed impatiently, "It's red!"

"What?" Said Snappy puzzlingly, and this made him stop being pushy.

"And this smurfs for another explanation." Added Brainy.

"Well," Thomas puffed, "The kind of signals from your time period, had evolved into these new generation of signals. And this signal is built for trains." He said.

"Ooh." The Smurfs reacted.

"Whoa." Said Grouchy softly.

"Now Snappy, and you Smurfs, listen and look." Thomas began, "You see, when the signal is down and red, it means a train has to stop. And that signal right on top of it, it's half way up and yellow, it means a train has to slow down and proceed with caution. And finally, that signal right next to of it, it's up and green, it means a train can go and it's clear to proceed." He said as he finished.

"Whoa." Said the Smurfs, and they were very impressed. Even Grouchy.

"Now do you understand, Snappy?" Thomas puffed.

"Oh yes, Thomas." Snappy replied, "And I truly do."

"Well, good for you." Said Thomas grandly.

"But still," Added Snappy, "Why did we stop?"

"I don't know." Thomas said puzzlingly, "But we'll soon find out."

And they just found out now.

Suddenly, Spencer the Streamliner Engine, was speeding down the line with such speed. "Out of the way!" He shouted, "Royal train coming through!" And he sped passed Thomas and the Smurfs with a dash! "/ZOOM!\"

"WHOA!" Cried Thomas.

"WHOAAA!" Cried the Smurfs, and the force of the dash almost nearly knock themselves off of Thomas.

"Oops, sorry!" Spencer said sarcastically, "But I can't stop to chat, I'm on royal duty!" And with a dash, he disappeared.
/Spencer is a big silver tender engine\

Thomas was cross. "Stuck-up silver show-off." He muttered.

"Wow, who's that very fast Engine?!" Surprised Hefty.

"That's Spencer." Huffed Thomas crossly, "And he's a no-good show-off, and he thinks that he's better than us."

"Well, thank smurfness that I'm not like him." Replied Vanity, "I'm not the kind of Smurf who boasts very unsmurfy. And, he doesn't even need a mirror for himself." He said unhappily.

"But don't worry," Thomas steamed, "Spencer does not live here, and he's not owned by the Sodor Railway. He belongs to a duke and duchess, which makes him a private Engine." He said.

"Well, at least you're still smurfy with that." Replied Snappy.

"Oh, I am." Said Thomas. "But still, his boastfulness really annoys us." He grumbled.

"Ohh, what an unsmurfy Engine!" Fumed Smurfette.

"I HATE Spencer, and his unsmurfy boastfulness!" Grouchy said negatively.

"So do me and my friends." Agreed Thomas.

Grouchy was pleased that Thomas had some things to hate. And he also likes when someone agrees with him.

"But on the bright side," Thomas puffed cheerfully, "Spencer's boastfulness does lead him to foolishness and misery."

"Now that's a thing to smurf at! Hyuk-hyuk-hyuk!" Chuckled Jokey.

"Yes. Yes it is." Thomas agreed.

Just then, the signal went up and turned green.

"Look!" Tooted Thomas, "The signal's up and green!"

"That means we can go!" Snappy Cheered.

"That's right!" Giggled Thomas, "Now, off we "smurf"!"

And with two toots, "/PEEP! PEEP!\" The #1 engine set off feeling happy and grand. "Hurrah, we're off! Hurrah, we're off!" Puffed Thomas.


Along the line, Thomas and the Smurfs stumbled upon a beautiful evergreen forest.

"Sacre blue-green!" Squealed Painter, "Zhis forest iz zo smurfy for me to paint." And he got started right away.

"/SIGH\ It resmurfs us of our forest back at home." Sighed Smurfette.

Thomas was depressed. "Oh dear, every time I show them a sight, they get even more homesick." He said sadly to himself.

"Don't desmurf, Smurfette." Replied Sassette, "We'll smurf our way back home soon."

"I hope so." Said Smurfette doubtfully, and she and Sassette gave each other a cheerful hug. "But for now, I'll ensmurf mysmurf in this time period." She said happily.

This made Thomas very pleased. "Now that's the "smurfy" spirit." He chuffed to himself.

"Hmm." Pondered Brainy, of which he had something in his mind, "Something smurfs me about the forest."

"And what is that, Brainy?" Thomas puffed.

"Well, I think one of your friends is suppose to be in the forest." Said Brainy, "But who?"

"Well, can you guess who it is?" Quizzed Thomas.

Brainy thought hard. But suddenly, he was stumped. "Oh, smurfs! I don't know." He groaned.

"Well, I know who." Snappy replied.

"Oh really?" Brainy snorted, "Who?"

"Henry!" Said Snappy.

"Well Thomas," Brainy said to the #1 engine, "Is he right?"

"Yes!" Tooted Thomas, "It is Henry! And I'm sure he's still here." He puffed.

"Well, is he?" Wondered Hefty.

"/Singing\ I don't kno-oow." Sang Thomas, "Let's find out, shall we?" And he kept on chuffing along the line.

And wouldn't they know it, Henry is still indeed in the forest. The big green tender engine had stopped at a water tower taking on water. And he was very pleased to see the Smurfs again.

"Hello, Thomas. Hello, Smurfs." Whistled Henry.

"Hello, Henry." The Smurfs chimed.

"How things smurfing?" Greedy asked.

"It's "smurfy", thank you." Answered Henry.

Handy turned and he could see that Henry's flat-bed trucks are filled with fine cutted logs that he's taking to the timber yard.

"Wow, with all those logs, they're going to smurf a lot of things." Said Handy amazingly.

"Whoa, smurfy." Agreed Hefty.

"Gee, Henry." Brainy replied, "You sure smurfed a lot of logs."

But Henry didn't respond to Brainy.

"Umm, Henry?" Brainy called, "Didn't you smurf me what I just smurfed?"

But Henry still didn't respond.

Brainy was annoyed. "HENRY!" He shouted.

"SHH! Not so loud!" Hissed Thomas.

"But Henry's not resmurfing to me." Groaned Brainy.

"And the reason why," Thomas huffed, "He's having a peaceful moment now."

"What?" Brainy said confusingly.

"He's right, Brainy, look." Said Papa.

Brainy looked at Henry, and he could see that #3 engine was indeed having a quiet moment. And he could also see that Henry was looking at something.

"What's Henry smurfing at?" Wondered Brainy.

"He'z smurfing at… zhat." Painter said irresistibly as he pointed up.

And as Brainy looked at what Painter was pointing at, his mouth opened wide. "Bust my smurfs!" He said stunningly.

What the Smurfs were looking at on what Henry was also looking at, is a very tall tree, and that tree is the Tall Pine Tree.

Henry loves the Tall Pine Tree, it's his favorite tree of all on Sodor.

Now the Smurfs had seen everything. One of them spoke to Henry.

"Gosh, Henry." Clumsy spoke up, "That sure is one big tree there, yup."

"It is indeed, Clumsy." Henry puffed, "This is the Tall Pine Tree, and it's my all-time favorite tree on Sodor."

"You know, Henry." Papa replied, "We do too have a favorite tree back at home."

"Really?" Henry wheeshed, "What is it?"

"It's the Great Oak Tree." Hefty replied.

"And we smurf that tree for a very long time." Added Handy.

"That's wonderful." Puffed Henry happily, "I'm very pleased that you Smurfs have a tree of your own."

"Hmm, and do you like animals too, Henry?" Asked Snappy.

"Oh, yes." Henry answered, "In fact, I love everything in the forest, and this what makes this place my all-time favorite."

"/Giggling\ That means that smurfs you a nature-loving Engine." Sassette said sweetly.

"Yes, you can puff it that way." Chuckled Henry.

"Well, Henry." Snappy spoke up, "We have a friend back at home who loves nature too."

"How exciting!" Bubbled Henry, "Who is he?"

"His name is Natural." Replied Sassette, "But we Smurfs call him "Nat"."

"And he's a Smurfling like me and Sassette." Added Snappy.

"And he really is a nature-loving Smurfling, and he really cares for both animals and plants." Said Sassette.

"How wonderful!" Tooted Henry, "A Smurfling who has the same personality like me!"

"Wait, Henry." Hefty spoke up, "There's more."

"We have another friend that smurfs the same interest like you too." Handy added.

"Please, tell me!" Puffed Henry excitedly, "This is getting even more wonderful!"

"Ok. His name is Tracker." Greedy replied.

"And he likes to smurf on nature walks, and he smurfs a walking stick with him sometimes." Added Lazy.

"And lastly," Put in Jokey, "He can smurf the weather by smurfing with his nose."

"Well, freeze my firebox!" Said Henry grandly, "And I wish I would like to meet Nat and Tracker. And it's too bad that those two didn't come along with you, Smurfs." He wheeshed.

"Well, Henry." Papa said wisely, "As I smurfed to the other Engines from their wishes, at least those two are safe at our village from harm's way."

Henry had to agree, and he respected Papa's safety wishes.

Just then, some animals appeared around the Tall Pine Tree. There are some squirrels on the tree, and some bunnies on the ground.

Wild and Smoogle were amazed, and the two jumped off of Thomas and they raced towards the tree.

"Oh, dear!" Wheeshed Henry.

"Wild, Smoogle, where you two going?!" Thomas shouted.

"It's alright, you two." Papa chuckled, "They just want to smurf to those animals."

Thomas and Henry turned to the tree, and they and the Smurfs watched as the before-long-lost Smurf and Grandma's pet mammal began chattering to the animals. "/Wild and Smoogle chattering\"

The Smurfs do understand on what Wild and Smoogle were saying. But to Thomas and Henry, they don't.

"I wonder what they're puffing about?" Wondered Thomas.

"Peeps me." Said Henry.

"Oh, but we do." Giggled Smurfette.

"Well, whatever it is," Thomas puffed, "I'm sure it sounds splendid."

"And this is indeed the best moment during my peaceful time in the forest." Steamed Henry.

Suddenly, Thomas realized that the time had passed. So he called to Wild and Smoogle. "/PEEP! PEEP!\ Wild! Smoogle! It's time to go!" He tooted.

Wild and Smoogle said good-bye to their new animal friends, and the two raced off and they jumped aboard Thomas.

"Well, I should get chuffing too." Henry whistled, "I have to take these logs to the timber yard."

"Yes, Henry. We undersmurf." Said Clumsy.

"Smurf you later, Henry." Chimed the Smurfs.

"And I'll "smurf" you later too, Smurfs." Said Henry, and with two toots from his whistle, "/PEEP! PEEP!\" The #3 engine chuffed off to the timber yard.

And Thomas and the Smurfs set off along the main line to continue the tour on Sodor.


Further down the line, Thomas stopped at Wellsworth Station.

Brainy read the name on the station's sign. "We're now in, Wellsworth Station." He pronounced.

"Once again, Wellsworth's a smurfy name for this station." Vanity replied.

"Wellsworth?!" Handy said stunningly, "Hey, Edward's at Wellsworth!"

"But where is he? I don't smurf him." Wondered Hefty.

"He's over there, Smurfs." Said Thomas.

The Smurfs turned to their left, and there indeed is Edward.

"Hey, there he is!" Shouted Clumsy happily.

"Let's smurf hello to him." Said Snappy.

"I don't think so, Snappy." Thomas puffed seriously, "He looks very busy. Now it's not the right time." He said.

"Well, can we smurf him then?" Snappy said pleasingly.

"As in watch? Of course." Said Thomas grandly.

"Uh, so, what's he smurfing?" Wondered Clumsy.

"He's shunting trucks, Clumsy." Thomas puffed.

"Hmm, shunting. That word still smurfs me." Puzzled Brainy, "What does that mean anyway, Thomas?"

"Well, why don't you see it for yourself?" Suggested Thomas.

"Oh smurfy, another lesson to learn." Sniffed Brainy moaningly. But secretly, he does want to learn.

So the Smurfs sat down and they watched as Edward began shunting some trucks.

Edward puffed backwards and forwards as he sorted out some trucks to their proper sidings. First, he shunted some coal trucks,… slate trucks,… stone trucks,… flour trucks,… and fruits and vegetables trucks. Next, he shunted some fuel tanker trucks,… oil tanker trucks,… tar tanker trucks,… and milk tanker trucks. And then, he shunted some flat-bed trucks with bricks,… flat-bed trucks with steel,… and flat-bed trucks with timber. At long last, Edward had finished shunting the trucks into their proper sidings.

Edward was exhausted and he stopped to rest. "Phew! There's nothing like a great deal of shunting to make an old Engine feel young again." He puffed proudly.

Now the Smurfs had seen everything and they were very impressed with Edward.

"Wow, did everysmurf smurf that?" Amazed Handy.

"Yes." Replied Hefty, "Look at that way he smur… I mean, organize those trucks."

"So Thomas," Brainy said to the #1 engine, "Does shunting mean sorting and organizing?"

"That's correct, Brainy." Puffed Thomas grandly, "Shunting does mean the act of an Engine pulling or pushing rolling stock in process of sorting and organizing them."

Brainy couldn't help but beam proudly.

Papa noticed it. "I see you like this lesson, Brainy." He said cleverly.

"Papa Smurf." Blushed Brainy, and his face went pinker than ever.

And Thomas couldn't help but laugh. "/Thomas laughing\"

"Hey, Edward stopped smurfing." Replied Snappy, "Now can we smurf hello to him?"

"Yes, you may, Snappy." Chuckled Thomas.

Snappy and his fellow Smurfs turned to Edward. "Hello, Edward!" They called.

Edward heard them and he let out two toots. "/PEEP! PEEP!\"

"Hey, Edward!" Handy shouted, "You're smurfing a smurfy job!"

"And smurf up the smurfy work!" Added Hefty.

"Thank you, Smurfs!" Whistled Edward.

"Alright now," Thomas puffed, "It's time to go."

The Smurfs again turned to Edward. "Smurfio, Edward!" They chimed.

"Cheerio, Smurfs!" Tooted Edward.

And with two toots, "/PEEP! PEEP!\" Thomas chuffed and puffed away.


After leaving Wellsworth Station, Thomas and the Smurfs stumbled upon a gigantic hill.

The Smurfs were amazed.

"Growling Gorillas!" Squealed Sassette.

"Gosh, that sure is one big hill!" Added Clumsy.

"You can smurf that again, Clumsy!" Put in Lazy.

"Incroyable, I'll ztart painting right now!" Said Painter excitedly.

"Well, this hill is indeed very big." Thomas puffed, "And this hill, is Gordon's Hill."

"Now why would they name a hill from one of your friends, Thomas?" Wondered Brainy.

"Funny you asked that, Brainy." Giggled Thomas. "You see, whenever Gordon pulls the express, he tries to climb up with all his might. But, when his express gets too heavy, he gets himself stuck." He said.

"What?!" Hefty shouted shockingly, "But Thomas, you smurfed me that Gordon is the strongest Engine on the Island of Sodor!"

"He is, Hefty." Thomas puffed truthfully, "But not on his very own hill. And I know you don't believe me, but it's true." He steamed.

But then, Hefty made a confession. "Well, to smurf you the truth, Thomas." He said as he hold his hands behind his back and kicked his foot, "Even though I am the strongest Smurf, but I always, all the time, do need some help too."

"And there's nothing embarrassing for needing a friend in need, Hefty." Said Papa wisely.

"Papa Smurf is right, Hefty." Agreed Thomas. "And even Gordon does need help from me and my friends." He tooted happily.

The other Smurfs all think so too.

Hefty beamed brightly and he could've been more proud.

Just then, Thomas and the Smurfs heard two familiar deep toots. "/POOP! POOP!\"

"Hey, look!" Hefty shouted as he turned, "Here comes Gordon!"

The other Smurfs turned around, and they and Hefty watched as Gordon began charging himself up the hill.

"Gang way!" Whistled Gordon, "Express train chuffing up the hill!"

"Hello, Gordon!" The Smurfs chimed.

"Hello, Smurfs!" Pooped Gordon, "But I still can't stop to chat, I have to finish my job first!" And he kept on chuffing up the hill with all his might.

But even though, just as Thomas said, and with a total of five coaches behind him, the express was too heavy. Gordon slowed down, and he came to a complete stop.

Gordon was cross. "Bother!" He grumbled.

"Now do you see what I mean?" Replied Thomas to Hefty.

"Yes, I do." Said Hefty, "And it smurfs like that Gordon will never finish his job."

"Not to worry, Hefty." Thomas steamed cheerfully, "All what Gordon needs, is some help from a bank engine."

"What's a bank engine?" Asked Hefty.

"A bank engine is a spare Engine that pushes heavy trains up on hills." Answered Thomas.

"Oh, I see." Said Hefty understandingly. "So, who's the bank engine?" He wondered.

"Wait and "smurf"." Puffed Thomas.

Then the Smurfs heard another two familiar toots. "/PEEP! PEEP!\"

"Hey everysmurf," Handy shouted as he turned, "Look who it is!"

"It's Edward!" Squealed Sassette and Snappy.

"/PEEP! PEEP!\ PEEP! PEEP! Hello again!" Whistled Edward.

"Edward?!" Hefty said surprisingly, "You're the bank engine?!"

"Sure am, Hefty!" Edward puffed.

"And he's just the right Engine to do it." Tooted Thomas.

"And the only one who's good at it too!" Added Gordon loudly.

"Well, Edward." Replied Hefty, "Smurf us what you smurf."

"You got it, Hefty." Chuckled Edward, "Well, here I go."

Edward gently buffered up to Gordon. He released some sand on the rails to prevent him from slipping. And very slowly, he began to push. "/Sound of creaking\" Edward huffed, and puffed, and chuffed, and at last, he started to push Gordon up the hill. And Thomas started chuffing along side with Edward.

The Smurfs were very impressed. Even Grouchy.

"Wow, look at him smurf." Commented Handy.

"Yes, no wonder Edward is the only Engine to smurf that job." Added Hefty.

"And don't smurfget, the only Engine who's smurfy at it too." Put in Brainy.

And secretly, Grouchy agreed too. "I love Edward's helpful job." He said to himself.

And so, Edward kept on pushing Gordon up to the top of the hill.

Everything was going fine and smoothly, until suddenly… "/SCREECH!\"

"OHHHHH!" Cried Edward, and he and Gordon came to a halt.

Edward slowly unbuffered himself away from Gordon. "Oh, my aching axles and gears." He groaned.

"Edward, what's wrong?" Concerned Handy.

"Are you ok?" Added Hefty.

"No, I'm not." Wheeshed Edward sadly, "And it's my aching parts, they're all getting out of date."

"But why?" Asked Handy and Hefty.

"Because," Answered Edward, "I'm the oldest Engine on the Island of Sodor."

"How could you be old?" Replied Snappy, "You smurf nothing like Papa Smurf or Grandpa Smurf."

"AHEM!" Hissed Papa and Grandpa.

"Oops! Uh, no offense Papa Smurf and Grandpa Smurf. /Chuckling sheepishly\" Snappy said nervously.

"/SIGH\ Smurf taken, Snappy." Moaned Papa.

"Well, Snappy." Explained Thomas, "We Engines age by years of service, not by growth."

"Ohh." Understood Snappy.

"What's going on back there?!" Gordon shouted.

"Edward has a problem!" Handy shouted back.

"And I think this could smurf awhile!" Added Hefty loudly.

Now Gordon was even more cross. "Guess I was wrong about you, Edward!" He grumbled dreadfully, "You should just give yourself up, and the Fat Controller will find a replacement who is both useful, reliable, and not to mention very young too!"

But, Gordon was just pretending to be unsupportive to Edward. He knows that the #2 engine is indeed a very reliable and really useful Engine, even if he is a very old one.

But even though, Edward felt for Gordon's negative support. "I think Gordon's right." He wheeshed sadly, "Maybe I should give myself up to the scrap yard and sell my parts to the smelters."

"Umm, Thomas, what's the scrap yard?" Asked Handy dreadfully.

"Oooh." Shivered Thomas, "It's a horrid place where old and retired Engines go when their years of service have come to an end. And it's also for naughty and unuseful ones too." He wheeshed.

The Smurfs were terrified. Even Grouchy.

Now Handy and Hefty really felt sorry for Edward, and the two best friends started to think of a way to help the mid-size blue tender engine.

Just then, an idea flew through Hefty's head. "Psst, Handy." He called to the inventor Smurf.

"What is it, Hefty?" Replied Handy.

Hefty whispered his idea to Handy in his ear. "/Hefty whispering\"

"Smurfy idea, Hefty." Handy agreed, and he and Hefty turned to Edward.

"You know, Edward." Handy spoke up, "Your worthlessness reminds us of a friend of ours back at home."

"I beg your pardon?" Edward puffed puzzlingly.

"It's true." Hefty replied, "His name is Weakling, and he once had a very low self-esteem feeling, and he thinks he's unuseful."

"And your point is?" Edward wheeshed.

"Well, Papa Smurf explained to us that Weakling has no confidence." Said Handy, "So he smurfed him a special reliever called "Can Do It Cream"."

"But, it's really smurfberry jam." Whispered Hefty to Edward.

"Then what happened?" Edward steamed eagerly.

"Well, in the end," Handy said as he finished, "Weakling had smurfed his own willpower and strength, and he had prove to us that he's indeed a really reliable and useful Smurf. And which he is now at our home village." He said happily.

Edward was very impressed. "Wow. He really is a very reliable and useful Smurf." He said, "But, I don't think confidence will help on an old Engine like me."

"Well, Edward." Papa spoke up, "The kind of confidence you need, is some Smurf confidence."

"Smurf confidence?" Confused Edward.

Papa turned to Handy. "Here Handy, take my magic sack." And he handed it to the carpenter Smurf.

"Uh, thanks, Papa Smurf." Said Handy puzzlingly, "But, I don't follow."

Papa whispered to Handy about his plan. "/Papa whispering\"

"Ooh, smurfy." Agreed Handy.

So Handy jumped off of Thomas, landed on the rail bed, and he began to look under Edward.

Edward watched nervously as Handy started to look under and behind his wheels.

Then Handy suddenly find the right spot to began Papa's plan. He reached into the magic sack, scooped up a handful of magic powder, and then he started to chant these magic works. "OH GREAT MAGIC THAT ALWAYS SMURFS SO SWELL, HANDY SMURF SAYS, SMURF EDWARD WELL! ALAKA-SMURF!" And a gust of wind blew the powder off of Handy's hand, and it blew right towards the parts under Edward.

Thomas and Edward were amazed.

But Edward was puzzled, "Is that it?" He steamed, "I don't feel anything."

"Well, why don't you smurf a little?" Suggested Papa.

Handy jumped right back aboard Thomas.

And then, as Papa instructed, Edward moved a little.

Suddenly, Edward was surprised. "Pumping pistons!" He tooted, "I don't feel any aches!"

"And that my blue friend, is what Smurf confidence is all about." Said Papa grandly.

"Now you can push Gordon up the hill again!" Thomas puffed cheerfully.

"Well, ok." Edward said anxiously, "Here goes nothing." And he rebuffered up to Gordon.

Edward pushed and puffed, and puffed and pushed with all his might! "/Sound of creaking\" And once again, Gordon began to move. Thomas chuffed along side with Edward.

And the Smurfs cheered Edward on.

"Go on, Edward! You can smurf it!" Shouted Handy.

"Keep on smurfing with all your might!" Added Hefty.

"Go Edward, go Edward, smurf, smurf, smurf!" Cheered Snappy and Sassette.

"Go, Edward!" Said the other Smurfs.

And even Grouchy cheered Edward on. "You can smurf it, Edward." He said softly, "I know you can."

Edward felt a lot of pride. "I will do it! I will do it! I will do it!" He panted.

Edward kept on going. His pistons pumped, his gears roared, and his axles ached. But at long last, he pushed Gordon all the way to the top of the hill!

"/PEEP-PEEP-PEEP! PEEP-PEEP-PEEP!\ I've done it! I've done it! I've done it!" Whistled Edward.

"Yay! You smurfed it, Edward!" Cheered Handy.

"Three cheers for Edward!" Added Hefty.

"Hip-hip-hurray! Hip-hip-hurray! Hip-hip-hurray!" Cheered the Smurfs, and even Grouchy cheered but softly.

And Thomas let out three cheerful toots. "/PEEP! PEEP! PEEP!\"

Edward was exhausted, but he felt so proud that his boiler would burst.

"Well done, Edward!" Gordon tooted, "I knew you can it! And about what I said?" He added.

"Yes, Gordon?" Edward wheeshed curiously.

"Just… kidding!" Laughed Gordon.

"Oh, Gordon you sly Engine you!" Blushed Edward, and he felt so silly for falling for Gordon's negative remark.

And Thomas and the Smurfs couldn't help but giggle. "/Everyone giggling\"

Even Edward had to giggle. "/Edward giggling\"

"Well, I better get chuffing!" Whistled Gordon, "And make up for lost time!"

"Alright, Gordon!" Hefty called.

"Smurf you later, Gordon!" The Smurfs chimed.

"And I'll "smurf" you all later too, Smurfs!" Said Gordon, and with two toots, "/POOP! POOP!\" The #4 engine chuffed away as quickly as he could.

Edward turned to the Smurfs. "Thank you all for supporting me." He said gratefully, "And thank you for helping me, Handy."

"Actually, it was all Papa Smurf's idea." Handy giggled truthfully.

"Well then, thank you, Papa Smurf." Puffed Edward happily.

"My smurfy pleasure, Edward." Said Papa grandly. "After all, us "elders" must smurf together." He said as he winked.

"You puff that right, Papa Smurf." Chuckled Edward.

"But Papa Smurf," Remarked Brainy, "I still thought you smurf that you only smurf your magic sack in case of a real emergency."

"And again, I know what I smurf, Brainy." Papa groaned sternly, "But this is more like "helping a friend" emergency."

"Oh, right." Said Brainy, of which he's still not feeling comfortable about it.

"And Handy," Edward puffed, "I want to thank you and Hefty for telling me about your friend, and I really wish I would like to meet Weakling. And it's too bad that he didn't come along with you, Smurfs." He said disappointingly.

"Well first, you're welcome, Edward." Replied Handy.

"And second, like Papa Smurf smurfed to the other Engines from their wishes," Added Hefty, "At least he's safe at our home village from harm's way."

"Well I can't argue about that anyway." Said Edward wisely, and he respected Papa's safety wishes.

"And let me just smurf," Hefty remarked, "That I'm really glad that Gordon is not like Tuffy at all."

"Who's Tuffy, Hefty?" Wondered Thomas.

"Oh, Tuffy's a friend of mine." Sighed Hefty, "And he smurfs on smurfing that he's the toughest of all."

"But he's not, isn't he?" Puffed Thomas.

"Well, just a little." Said Hefty honestly, "But it does smurf him to foolishness anyway."

"Now there's something to laugh at!" Chuckled Thomas.

"And one more thing, Hefty." Edward spoke up, "Toughness is definitely not our style and attitude on the Island of Sodor."

"Well, I'm glad to smurf that." Said Hefty in relief.

"Well, I better puff back to Wellsworth Station." Edward tooted, "In case some other Engine needs pushing up on Gordon's Hill."

"And we undersmurf completely." Handy said grandly.

"Smurf you later, Edward." The Smurfs chimed.

"And I'll "smurf" you all later too, Smurfs." Whistled Edward, and with a happy wheesh of steam, the #2 engine chuffed slowly back to Wellsworth Station.

And Thomas set off once more along the main line.

"Umm, Smurfs?" Thomas replied, "I think you all better "smurf" on to your hats."

"And why?" Confused the Smurfs.

"Because…" Thomas puffed excitedly, and then he shouted. "WE'RE GOING DOWN HILL!" He whistled.

"BUST OUR SMURFS!" The Smurfs yelled as they looked down the hill.

And with such speed, Thomas thundered down the hill. "WHEEEE!" He whistled.

"WHOAAAA!" The Smurfs screamed, and even Grouchy was enjoying it.

And in a flash, Thomas sped away from Gordon's Hill.


After descending from Gordon's Hill, Thomas stopped at a nearby water tower. His tanks were now running low on water.

"Phew!" Thomas puffed, "I'm getting thirsty."

"Now that's a reason why we stopped." Said Snappy.

"Can you Smurfs do me a favor?" Thomas steamed pleasingly.

"Of course, Thomas." Replied Hefty, "What is it?"

"First," Thomas instructed, "Open my right tank cap."

And with his strength, Hefty opened Thomas' right tank cap.

Some of the other Smurfs looked inside of Thomas' right water tank.

"Whoa, you're smurfing low on water, Thomas." Remarked Greedy.

"I know, Greedy." Thomas replied, "And here's the second part, I would like some volunteers to pull down the hose from this water tower."

"I'll help." Handy volunteered.

"Smurf me in." Added Hefty.

"Uh, me too." Put in Clumsy.

"And I'll smurf here while I monitor." Said Brainy.

Handy and Hefty climbed up to the releasing point of the water tower. And Clumsy grabbed onto the cord of the ending point of the hose.

"Ok, Clumsy." Brainy began instructing, "Smurf it right here."

"Uh, got it, Brainy." Remarked Clumsy, and he carefully moved the hose.

But suddenly, Clumsy as usual, tripped and let go of the hose. "Whoops!" He cried.

And the hose landed on top of Brainy's head. "/BONK!\ OW! Clum-sy!" He shouted, "On the water tank, not me!"

"Oops, sorry, Brainy." Said Clumsy sheepishly.

"Hahahahaha!" Laughed Thomas, "Now that's funny!"

"And I smurf so too!" Added Jokey, and he too had to laugh. "/Jokey laughing hardly\"

Even the other Smurfs had to laugh. "/Smurfs laughing\"

And especially Grouchy, but just a giggle. "/Grouchy giggling\"

Brainy was furious. "Oh, smurfs! And as Thomas and his friends would smurf, bother!" He grumbled.

But in no time, Clumsy managed to place the ending point of the hose right onto Thomas' right water tank.

"Ok, you two," Thomas called to Handy and Hefty, "Release the water!"

Handy and Hefty opened the faucet.

And in no time, Thomas was now having his drink.

"Ah, much better." Thomas wheeshed relaxingly. "And thank you four for volunteering." He said thankfully.

"You're welcome, Thomas." Said Handy and Hefty gratefully.

"And our smurfy pleasure too." Added Brainy and Clumsy.

But, as Thomas was enjoying his drink, he started to think. He was thinking on what it would be like to go to the Smurf village. Visiting the other Smurfs, helping each other out, and some other smurfy things. And just then, Thomas' thinking emotion, had changed into a daydreaming one. And that was something that Thomas wants to make his dream come true. But even though, it's very impossible.

Thomas let out a sigh. "/SIGH\ Oh, well." He wheeshed.

The Smurfs couldn't help but notice.

"Thomas, is something unsmurfy?" Asked Smurfette.

"What? Oh, no, there isn't." Thomas answered.

"Now Thomas," Said Vanity cleverly, "We now know you very well."

"Now, is there something that you would like to smurf to us?" Added Lazy.

"Oh, alright, you got me." Thomas puffed sternly, "I was just daydreaming."

"About what?" Wondered Painter.

"Well," Thomas said timidly, "I was daydreaming about on what's it like for me and my friends to visit the Smurf village."

"Ohh." Understood the Smurfs.

"I know." Thomas replied, "And that would be a dream come true. But, it's impossible." He said sadly.

"Oh, Thomas." Handy said caringly, "And we know just how you smurf."

"And you're right, it is impossible." Said Brainy disappointingly.

"But smurfing of dreams," Smurfette spoke up, "We have a friend that smurfs the same feelings as you, Thomas."

"Oh, please, tell me." Said Thomas as he tried to cheer himself up.

"Well, alright." Smurfette began, "His name is Dreamy, and he always dream of other places and other things."

"And did his dreams really came true?" Thomas asked eagerly.

"Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no." Brainy answered honestly.

"But, it's mostly yes." Papa added, "And his dreams smurfing true is what smurfing him a really useful Smurf."

"Well, flatten my funnel." Said Thomas feeling better, "And I really wish I would like to meet Dreamy."

"But like you said, Papa Smurf." Thomas said to the village leader, "He's safe at your village from harm's way, and I respect your safety wishes."

"Yes, Thomas." Chuckled Papa, "And thank you."

"And there's one more question that I had to ask." Thomas replied.

"And what is that?" Replied Papa.

"How many of you Smurfs are there?" Asked Thomas.

"Well," Answered Papa, "Let's just smurf, there are 105 of us."

"105?!" Gasped Thomas, "Whoa, now that's a lot of Smurfs!"

"Now, for our question:" Said Brainy, "How many Engines are there on this island?"

"Well, just 35." Answered Thomas, "But still, when the island gets all puffed up with too much work, Sodor will keep on getting new Engines."

"Wow." Said the Smurfs amazingly.

"And golly," Clumsy spoke up, "What would Dreamy smurf when we smurf him about the Island of Sodor?"

"Oh, we can smurf a wild guess." Said Grandpa.

And sadly, Grouchy's only wish to come true, is to find James and apologize to him sincerely. But he's afraid that his time had run out.

At last, Thomas' water tanks were all filled up.

"Ok, I'm all full." Thomas called to Handy and Hefty.

Handy and Hefty closed the faucet, and the two jumped back aboard Thomas. And Clumsy pulled the cord with the hose away from Thomas. And Brainy gently closed Thomas' right tank cap.

"Boy, you steam engines sure smurf on a lot of water, Thomas." Greedy remarked.

"Well, Greedy." Thomas explained, "That's what makes us huff and puff around the island."

"Uh-oh." Handy said as he had a silly thought, "But all my rail-smurfer could smurf on is only coal."

"Oh, that won't do." Thomas wheeshed, "'Cause all your rail-smurfer could puff out is just smoke."

"I know, and how silly of me." Said Handy.

"And I still HATE smoke!" Said Grouchy.

"Oh well." Thomas tooted, "Let's keep going, shall we?"

"Still smurf the way, Thomas!" Said Snappy happily.

"Oui, allons-y, Monsieur Thomas!" Painter cheered.

"You got it, you two!" Whistled Thomas, and he began chuffing off.

But just as Thomas started to move, till all of a sudden, he and the Smurfs heard a screeching loud noise with someone whistling and shouting in distress! "/PEEP! PEEP! PEEP!\ HEEEEEEELP!"

"/Thomas and the Smurfs gasping\"


(Acela Smurf7): Uh-oh! Who's the Engine in trouble?! I think there's something that you don't want to puff and smurf!

Fun facts: From Thomas and Friends.
1: Here are two English ways to say a spare engine that pushes heavy trains up on grades. In British, it's called a "bank engine", in American, it's called a "helper engine".
2: Henry's love for the forest and the Tall Pine Tree can be traced back from the Season 3 episode: Henry's Forest, and the Season 9 episode: Henry And The Flagpole. (And you can see these episodes on Youtube or on any other video websites)

From The Smurfs.
1: Weakling's only appearance is on Season 3 with one episode, and that is: A Little Smurf Confidence.
2: Hefty's fear of heights can be traced back from the Season 4 episode: A Circus For Baby.
(And you can see these episodes on Youku or on any other video websites)

Quiz: Background song #3. This one is a music group, and their name is the same as the title of the movie, who are they? And take your time.