Notes: I'm still chewing on how to approach the Jack/10 mpreg. I have some ideas based on my fic heartsbond, I just need to refine them a bit.

And poor poor Donna. She just has NO luck with romance. And she's gonna be torn up when Tosh dies. ;.; I love you Donna! Remembew daaat! (hugs) okay not really.

Big crush on Martha. Rose is a bombshell, but she's not really my type. Not really a blondes person. Jack I just like to stand around and tell him how pretty he is. Sarah Jane is way too old. And Donna isn't..... my type either. I love redheads, just not attracted to her. Toshiko is adorable to me. Gwen is..... somebody I wouldn't mind screwing around with once or twice. I could be persuaded into a relationship with her. But I don't date married women either, and Gwen is with Rhees.

"WHAT THE HELL??????" Toshiko fell out of bed, Donna threw a pillow at her, the redhead scrambling backwards against the headboard. Her face blushed furiously, from collarbone to ears.

"You got DRUNK last night, wouldn't get out of bed and then started kissing me and I warned you and……" Toshiko blushed. "Oh this always happens! Why can't I meet somebody psychologically stable and devoted like Rees?"

"I got /drunk?/" Donna demanded. "What else did we do????"

"um….. should I start with after the lights went out?"

"I don't /do/ girls!!!!" Donna chucked the cell phone next. "Maybe Jack and Doctor do that kind of thing, but Donna isn't a homosexual hussy!" A book on the bedside followed the cellphone.

Toshiko ducked. "I don't typically do women either, you THREW yourself at me, just like you did my CELLPHONE!!!!" Tosh tried to protect her precious electronics from being thrown as the translator Toshiko sometimes took home was narrowly saved from impact damage against the wall.

Donna humphed, turning her back to Toshiko, "I can't believe I save it for marriage only for my would be husband to try and kill me and then years later lose my virginity to a /woman/ while /drunk!!!!/" She growled. "I have the worst luck with romance. Its not fair."

"You were a virgin?" Toshiko snorted at that. "Saving for marraige?" Tosh shook her head. "I had no idea you were that old fashioned. Honey, my friends and I go out drinking all the time. We can hold our liquor. I tried to warn you. That's why Owen is our designated driver, he can't drink!"

Donna sniffled, "I wanted it to be special." She pouted.

"Think about the circumstances that brought you here then." Toshiko said comfortingly, wrapping her arms around Donna from behind. "Remember when I said I'd been there before. I don't /mind/ the occasional woman, but really I love Owen."

"So you're a necro."

"I didn't say that." Toshiko rolled her eyes, "We loved each other before then, but since he's dead I can't have him can I?" She shakes her head. "Spacewoman, someone needs to bring you back down to Earth."

"So why /do/ you even do that kind of thing?"

"To blow off steam, with this job? Remember all those superhero cartoons where the hero has to rush off to save the day?"

"Sucks for spiderman, you too?" Donna giggled. "Regular bunch of superheroes you guys are at Torchwood."

"No hope. None. You're a guest here, but if you ever come back to Cardiff, look me up? I like you." Toshiko said gently. "Its not often you find somebody who knows the whole story whom you like. And I truly am sorry….." A blush was slowly tingling her cheeks. "you were drunk, and you just…….. yanked." she hesitantly wrapped her arms around the other woman from behind and sighed into her hair.

"Sokay." Donna smiled. "If Doctor hadn't come along I'd have lost it to this horrible bloke, tried to kill me did you know that? Rescued from my own wedding by the Doctor!"

Toshiko grinned. "So you're the romantic type?" Toshiko giggled. "That's cute, I thought that kind of thing went the way of the eight track tape. Its good to know it still exists somewhere."

"Well…… I was kind of stupid." Donna chuckled. "Still am a bit."

"Everyone is. I'll make breakfast." Toshiko gave Donna a kiss on the cheek. "Relax a little more."

While Toshiko cooked, Donna flopped on the bed, her mind doing the loop the loop. A lesson in intergalactic sexual relations, that was it was. "What is it…… what's the term…..." Donna growled. "They have to have some term for somebody who doesn't care who or what they spend the night with."

"Pansexual." Toshiko called from the kitchen. "That's what Jack calls it. Alien hunter for desperate and doesn't care."

"I don't think I'll ever get used to torchwood." Donna shook her head.

"I'm still not used to us sometimes." Toshiko dressed, "You might want to get dressed and eat."

"Yeah. Might." Donna managed to get up, though she truly didn't feel like it. "Do you always feel lazy after a night on the town?"

"That's why we have miracle coffee." Toshiko chuckled.

Coffee, Jack never wanted it more. But Doctor came first. He rolled over, checking on the Timelord. Doctor's cheeks had a definite blush to them. Jack leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

The Doctor's eyes snapped open. "Don't leave, please."

"Don't you want something to eat?"

"Oh yes."

"Somehow I don't think you mean food."

"Oh yes." Doctor grabbed Jack and hauled him back down onto the bed.

It wasn't rage, or desperation, it was every form of physical and spiritual pleasure and need, raw and unadulterated and it tore through Jack's head in an instant. He froze, pupils dilating, breath quickening. "You don't even want food." Jack shivered.

"Get back here and….. and………." Jack wanted to laugh as Doctor sputtered on a cussword before growling. His eyes were dark, not the weird kind of dark you might see in the movies when somebody was possessed. It wasn't that kind of dark, but the look was at once both vulnerable and lusty. This wasn't a way he would have wanted to see Doctor.

Jack shuddered, realizing why Doctor had wanted to stay locked away. The change in him was going to be very very difficult even for Jack to deal with. No wonder he had wanted to hide from Martha, or lock himself away in the Tardis. Rose would have been at once horrified and sad if she'd seen this, and Jack almost felt guilty sleeping with him this way.

Jack eyed the timelord for a moment, then returned to bed with him. A simple kiss, and he was being yanked down to the mattress again. There was a low growl, he wasn't sure who it was from. There was a timelord clinging to him with both legs and arms. "You're insistant."

"Stupid hormones……"

"I'm not a pillow you know."

"No, and really the only way I'll be inclined to do anything other than…… sexual fornication, is if I've worn myself out doing it." And a naked doctor was a huge temptation for the Torchwood Captain, and Doctor just would not let go of him.

Jack sighed, running a hand through his hair for a moment before slowly bending down to kiss him. Doctor yanked him down again, "easy, easy…… I'm not going to do it dry." Jack's hand flailed out to try and reach the lubricant.

Doctor's world was a haze of lust, of need, it brought out every vulnerability that he hated in himself. He wriggled a bit, trying to relax his lower body so Jack could prep him. Really the only thing he was paying attention to right then was the sensation against his skin. Every nerve was hypersensitized, and his telepathic ability for once was not an asset, exacerbating the heat lust further.

A kiss broke Doctor out of his haze, and he clung to Jack, his response desperate. "Easy…. Easy….." He felt Jack carefully enter him, hazy eyes focused mainly on Jack's face and on the sensations rippling through his body.

Jack never took his eyes off the timelord as he began a slow, careful rhythm in, out, in, out, in out. Doctor was clinging to him so hard it was leaving marks on his shoulders, and the telepathic barrage of lust against his mind was maddening. The Captain of Torchwood kissed his way gently up the other's neck, hands playing along his hips.

The timelord bucked under Jack, groaning in pleasure, tears pouring down his cheeks. Jack leaned down and kissed them away. And that did it, Doctor came, clinging to the immortal. Jack followed him a second later, rolling his hips to help the other ride out the force of the orgasm. Their minds crashed together, falling into each other. It was a very intimate, comfortable feeling.

And when the Torchwood Captain pulled away, Doctor looped an arm drowsily over his shoulder, reluctant to get up and break the mental contact between them. "Doctor, we have to get up. Can you?"

A blush crept up the timelord's cheeks. "Yes, yes we should…… get going yes."

"Are you alright?"

"yes, I'm fine…… well as fine as I can be…… still not one hundred percent. Won't be for awhile."

"you're stammering, not like you."

"Well I'm not like me right now am I?" Doctor got a bit of a twinkle in his eye. "I'm feeling a little rebellious I think." He pulled Jack around abruptly for a kiss.

"Um…. Shower, and clothes. Might be a good idea." Jack suggested. "Can't go running through the hub naked, though I guarantee you it won't turn any heads at all."

"Knowing you, probably not."

"Heeeeey lover girls." Owen leered as Donna and Toshiko entered the hub. "So who was the boy last night. Can't have been you Donna, no offense but Tosh takes more charge than you."

Toshiko grabbed the nearest book and threw it at Owen. The two had just gotten in. Donna blushed furiously. "You…. Rude….. be quiet!" She sputtered in fury. "Or you'll have more than just a book thrown at you Necro-boy!"

"Oh don't be all ornary like that." Owen teased. "Its just a joke. In this Hub only kisses fly faster than rumors."

"Oye, it had better just be rumors Zombie Boy. Or I'll tear that claw right off your arm." Donna warned him.

"Oooooh, a prude are you?" Owen taunted. "Don't worry, I don't need claws to rake you. You're not my type anyway…… space girl."

"Oh come off it you two." Doctor and Jack came from the direction of the Captain's Suite. "I've got a headache and I'm hungry and I have a couple of hours before my heat takes over and I don't want to hear you bickering. Donna, we're guests, be nice."

"But he just said……"

"Owen mind your manners." Jack chastised.

"I was just poking a little bit of fun with her. Looks like Donna and Tosh had a little too much to drink last night. And I don't just mean the beer." Owen had to duck, because Donna found a pencil case to chuck at him.

"You can be a lecher all you want Zombie Boy, Donna Noble isn't a Necro." Donna sneered.

"Oh no, but you are a lesbian. Or do you swing both ways? Like Jack and Ia….." Ianto 'accidentally' dropped a bag of espresso (closed) on his head from the level above.

"Oh sorry. Didn't see you sitting there Owen." Ianto said innocently. "Can you bring that back up here? I believe Donna and Doctor could use some caffine."

"Oh dear. Ianto do you have decaf?" Doctor called up. "Caffine normally doesn't bother me but when a timelord goes into heat it's a potent aphrodisiac." And he latched onto Jack, nuzzling into the Captain's shoulder. "I don't need any more hormones."

Ianto shook his head and grimaced. "Mental images." He grumbled, reaching for the decaf.

Doctor fell into the nearest chair and sighed, exhausted. Jack sat next to him, snuggling closer. Doctor leaned against him, tired.

"Donna, when we're done." Gwen was saying. "We have some stuff that needs to be done. That tablet that you helped Tosh with, there are a lot more like it. And when that's done we have a lot of other translation work that has to be done. You're here for a week but it doesn't mean you have to be bored."

"Sure!" Donna sipped at the mug of coffee she'd been offered. "I'm not good with technology, but I'm okay with math and languages. I'll do my best."

"Good, because we've got a helluva lot of stuff that needs doing." Owen grimaced. "But the biggest load is always written or typed. An extra hand means that Tosh can do all the repairs that have to be done around here, and the paperwork still gets done. And in fourty eight hours we have a light show coming in, so all the routine work has to be done by then."

"Light show?" Donna asked.

Toshiko grinned, motioning Donna over to the monitor. "They're a space borne lifeform we've dubbed Skyfish." (1) Toshiko called up a screen for her to see. "Quite harmless, but they use a kind of…… psychic and chemical echolocation to communicate and navigate. We've been tracking this school for the last month. In about fourty eight hours, if they don't change direction they'll pass by the Earth. And the result……." The computer simulated what they should be seeing.

"It looks like the Northern Lights!" Donna exclaimed. "Only with shooting stars mixed in!"

"Mhm." Toshiko beamed. "We've been looking forward to watching this for ages. They only appear once every few centuries and nobody's really sure what tells them where to go. Its kind of like a bird migration. We've got a telescope nearest to where they'll appear. So we've got a lot of requests for data from the other HUBS. In two days we get to go stargazing."

"And trust me, something this…… peaceful, doesn't happen every day." Jack told her. "Most of the time its hard work in between mission after mission." He leaned over to give Doctor a brief kiss.

"Then I look forward to it." Doctor said drowsily.

"is he falling asleep?" Ianto blinked. "I just finished making his coffee."

"I'm awake. It is decaf right?"

"Yes." Ianto chuckled. "Ah, Jack while you're occupied, what do you want us to do?"

"As long as the lull lasts get as much of the routine repairs that need doing done. I have a bad feeling that when things finally start picking up again, we won't like what happens. I want all files put away, comm equipment and weapons at fighting readiness."

Doctor glared irritably at Jack. "You haven't seen John doctor. I love you dearly, but some of the people who have come after torchwood can't be reasoned with the way some of the bad guys out in space can. Something tells me that John's going to come back for the kill. about a week from now it will be the anniversary of when I broke up with him, and he's not somebody you want to meet in the dark alley. I'm more scared of him than I am of the dahleks. And that's saying something."

"Who's this John guy?" Donna whispered to Toshiko.

"An ex boyfriend of Jack's, with a temper, a gun, and a sadistic sense of humor. He actually went to rehab for /murder/ /alcohol/ /sex/ and I think I'm forgetting a few." Toshiko explained. "Red suit, gold trim. I hope he doesn't show up while you're here, he'd tear both Doctor and Jack to pieces if he found them together. He got mad enough when he found Jack had gotten together with Ianto."

"Oh god that's right." Gwen shuddered, paling.

Jack and Doctor were occupied with coffee and each other, Gwen motioned the others towards the conference room. "Alright, it didn't occur to me before, but what if John decides to make trouble while Doctor's here? Doctor's known for being a mediator, but John has never been the kind to listen to reason. And Jack said that it was approaching the day they broke up. Somehow I don't think he'll settle for slashing tires and keying leather. He'll tear them both to pieces!"

Ianto frowned. "Donna, how strong is doctor, I mean have you ever seen him fight anything, ever?"

"He outsmarts his enemies, lays a trap for them and then does…. Er…. Something with his screwdriver that makes the enemy tech go crazy. Something like that. I have never seen him hold a weapon once. Not once."

"Oh yes, sitting duck." Owen shook his head. "We'll have to keep a serious eye out. Jack's all lovey dovey with his dream man and we're stu………."

"Okay, out of his mind with lust the doctor probably wouldn't be able to do much. But……….." Donna looked ready to start throwing things again. "Doctor isn't as weak as you think he is!"

"Really, never carries a gun, never even a knife. Only a sonic tool for his………."

"Sonic SCREWDRIVER." Donna corrected. "Get it right." The two looked ready to start shouting at each other.

"Alright SHUT IT." Gwen growled, raising her voice to get the others to stop arguing. "Owen and Ianto, train the pterodactyl to recognize John as food. Tosh, I want you to go through the database of our top crooks, and set CC TV to alert you if any of them show up ANYWHERE in the city. I want every scanner and defensive system running 24/7 until Jack and Doctor are…. Unoccupied. Get Donna to help you. When that's done the lot of us will do repairs and function checks on all our communications and scanning equipment."

"But…….." Donna protested. She was about to mention that she couldn't so much as change a plug.

"I know he makes you mad Donna but Owen does have a valid point. With Jack and doctor occupied we're wide open to attack." Gwen said primly.

"But………." Donna protested, still thinking of her technological deficiency.

"I'm not trying to impugn your Doctor's honor but I don't think he'd stand much of a chance against some of the bad guys around here. Truly we should have everything ready so that he doesn't catch us by surprise."

"But………." Donna sputtered.

"GOOD HEAVENS WOMAN, WHAT IS IT????" Owen demanded.

"Uh……….." Donna blushed. "Never mind." She mumbled.

Toshiko sighed, and Gwen said. "Alright, get moving and make sure that Jack and Doctor don't SEE what you're up to!"

Donna followed Toshiko to a nearby terminal. "Tosh, this isn't good. I'm clueless with technology. Anything I touch I break."

Toshiko laughed. "Alright, don't panic. Can you read maps?" She dug through a shelf. "Here….."

Toshiko paused when she heard footsteps in the next corridor over, but then she heard Jack saying. "I can do the most wonderful things with chocolate sauce and honey. Wanna give it a try?"

Donna's face rose in a blush. "You are crazy. I like it. Lets Try it." Donna gagged, sputtering. Toshiko burst into a fit of giggles.

"Okay!" Toshiko leaned in and gave Donna a kiss on the cheek. "Come here. Can you read maps?"

"Somewhat." Donna blushed. "What are these markings?" She asked as Toshiko unrolled a survey map of Cardiff.

"Well, see the black line with the red on either side? And it radiates orange, yellow, green and blue? With the crossed sword icon? The line is the rift, the colors are how strong its influence is in different parts of Cardiff. The crossed sword icon is rift related incidents that we rated as emergencies involving a radius of ten miles or more." She unrolled a second and third map and placed it side by side. "We have two more maps here, this one with the dots and circles shows the location of our sensors throughout the city, the yellow circles are the areas covered by those sensors. And they intersect in varying degrees of orange and red. The final map are the locations of CCTV cameras. They're our surveillance system. I'll take care of those. But I can't look at the map and type in the coordinates for the sensors. Come on."

Toshiko was patient, but it was clear as they worked that Donna was not used to dealing with the high tech. In the end the red head ended up fetching and carrying for Toshiko, and looking over her shoulder or reading out map coordinates.

Toshiko didn't mind having Donna hanging around, though she did wish that she could figure out how to get her to understand the technological terms she was so familiar with. Nobody really understood her when she talked tech.

"We're all sticky." Doctor blushed, stating the obvious as he and Jack slumped to the mattress.

"Of course, after all of that." Jack smirked. "I didn't know you liked molasses."

The timelord blushed furiously. "This is why I hide in the Tardis if I can. Social suicide."

They laughed.

"Seriously……. We should get cleaned up." Jack chuckled.

"Definitely." Doctor pulled the Captain into a deep kiss, and the two bolted for the showers. Jack had a loopy grin on his face, grabbing the timelord the instant the water turned on and kissing him. "Mrow." He teased, leaning against Doctor playfully.

"Purr?" Doctor smirked as their foreheads touched.

Jack grinned, kissing his way down the timelord's shoulder, up his neck again. Doctor's breath hitched beneath his fingers, which traced patterns across his chest and abdomen. A glint came to the timelord's eye, and Jack found himself pressed against the wall. "My turn……" The timelord purred, rooting around for something to use for lubricant.

"Possessive aren't we?" Jack grinned, offering a bottle of men's bodywash. "Try this….."

Doctor's eyes raked over Jack's body, taking in every muscle and every detail, before turning him against the wall and bending down to prep his lover. Jack held still for the first finger, then the second, letting Doctor stretch him. When the fingers retreated, and Doctor leaned against him, he took a deep breath.

The timelord did not mean to be rough. He was overeager, the heat making him impatient. He sank himself into Jack's heated body quickly, burying his face in the nape of the captain's neck. "Mine……" He growled, beginning to thrust into Jack.

The torchwood captain gasped, pushing back on the other's hips.

"Say it……" Doctor insisted, growling before licking up the lobe of Jack's ear.

Jack whimpered, "yours…… always……" As arms snaked around his waist, Jack felt the Timelord nip at the juncture of neck and shoulder, nibbling his way along the skin and leaving a trail of hickies behind him.

Then the other hit his prostate, and Jack yowled in pleasure. "oooooh………" And then Doctor began to pound into him, and the Captain saw stars. This wasn't just any shower sex with any man, this was with Doctor. It was stupid perhaps, but he was more sensitive to the timelord than any other partner he'd had, setting his body on fire and his mind whirling with energy and strength and pleasure and joy. His body melting beneath every touch.

And then Jack's head fell back as he came, a scream of pleasure tearing free from his throat. Doctor followed a few seconds later, fluid searing the captain's passage and mind telepathically ravaging him with pleasure and fervent need.

Gasping, the two men pulled apart, water falling over their bare bodies. "Now you me." Doctor insisted, pulling the Captain to him. Jack had absolutely no objection, maneuvering the timelord around so that his back was to the shower wall.

"Mm, sure." Jack ran his hand along the other's sides, stroking little circles over the skin. He lifted Doctor's leg slightly, moving the timelord's arms to wrap around his shoulders. "This will be a bit rough." He said softly, voice husking in Doctor's ear. "Ready?"

"Always." Doctor grinned, eyes dark with lust.

Jack thrust in, careful since he hadn't prepped the other. Then he began to thrust, adjusting his angle to reach the timelord's prostate. Doctor yowled, arching back against the Torchwood captain. Jack pressed against him, rolling his hips rather than pounding.

Doctors mewl of pleasure made Jack's face spread in a dopey grin. The Timelord rested his head on Jack's shoulder, clinging tighter. Jack was rubbing against him, the shallower angle increasing friction and sensation.

Doctor felt himself surrender completely to the other man's touch, body swaying and shaking against him as the other increased his speed. The stream of sounds coming from his mouth reduced to pleasured mewls and whimpers. He was close, very close.

And then he screamed, body writhing in pleasure as he came. Jack pressed into Doctor one more time before he too came, spilling inside of the timelord as he too released his seed and caught Doctor as he slumped into the other's arms, limp and exhausted.

"that…… felt very very good." Doctor purred in Jack's ear. "I'm not wearing you out am I?"

"Not particularly." Jack smirked, resting Doctor's head in the crook of his neck. "Come on, rinse off."

The silence as they rinsed and dried off was comfortable and comforting, and by the time they reached the bedroom, Doctor was more than happy to curl up against his lover and go to sleep.

1. Skyfish is also the name of a life form from the anime Eureka 7, which responded to the mental and emotional state of the life forms around it and the life force of Earth itself. Since they're so cute I thought they'd be a fun little thing for Jack and Doctor to gaze at, alone, under the stars, especially since doc is telepathic. A Romantic mental and visual lightshow!