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Due to popular demand, I will consider doing similar versions of Dragonquest and The White Dragon. It's a fun idea, however, I don't actually own copies of those ones (to my great dismay), which would make the project more difficult. Also, if I do write more, don't expect it until at least the beginning of December, because as I stated before, I'm doing NaNoWriMo and even though my fanfic plot bunnies are very tempting, I seriously don't have time for them.
I like the word "plot". It's a fun word. Much more fun than "plan". ...Accuracy? Meh. Who cares about accuracy? This is parody.

Speech, Thoughts, /Actions and Emotions/, "3!" = heart emoticon, because ff .net is a formatting-eating beast.

Dragonflight in 15 Minutes

The Cold Between

Lessa + F'nor: *To Southern*
Lords: *Angry*
F'lar: *Explain*
Robinton: *Mock*
Lords: *Pout*
Future!F'nor: Hi
Robinton: *Sing*
F'lar: Huh
Robinton: *Perceptive*
F'lar: *Explain*
Robinton: O.o
Southern: *Sparkle*
Lessa: Ooh!
F'nor + Lessa: *Plot*
Ramoth: *Pout*
F'nor + Lessa: *To Benden*
Lessa: *Faint*
F'lar + F'nor: O.o
F'nor: *Timetravel*
Lessa: *Zonked*
F'lar: 3!

Vincet: *Pout*
Fandarel: I can has agenothree?
Thread burrows: *Ded*
F'lar: Huh
Robinton: Strangeness
Lessa: Wha?
F'lar: *Explain*
Lessa: *Epiphany*
F'lar: No wai!
F'lar: *Shakes her*
Lessa: *Pout*
Robinton: Wine?
Lytol: We can has tapestry!
Lessa: Ooh!

Lessa + Ramoth: *Timetravel*
F'lar: Oh noes!
F'lar: *Hysterical*
Robinton + Lytol: Oh noes!
Ruatha: *400 Turns ago*
Lessa + Ramoth: *Appear*
Lord of Ruatha: O.o
Mardra + T'ton: O.o
Lessa: *Delerious*
Lessa: Come to the future
Mardra + T'ton: Wha?
Lessa: *Explain*
Mardra + T'ton: O.o
Lessa + Oldtimers: *Timetravel*
Lytol: You're late
Lessa: Wha?
Lytol: *Explain*
Lessa: Whoops
Lytol: Go. F'lar's worrying
Lessa: He'll shake me!
Everyone: Whatever
Lessa + Oldtimers: *Timetravel*
F'lar: 3!
F'lar: *Shakes her*
Oldtimers: O.o
Lessa: I told you he'd shake me
Oldtimers: Hi
F'lar: O.o
Fandarel: I can has flamethrower!

R'gul: *Panic*
Lessa: I know something you don't know
Lessa: LOL
F'lar: *Explain*
R'gul: *Disbelieving*
Oldtimers: *Arrive*
R'gul: *Facepalm*
R'gul: *Drunk*
Weyrleaders: *Plot*
F'lar: Queens fly Thread?
Oldtimers: *Facepalm*
F'lar: *Facepalm*
F'nor: LOL
F'lar: I know something you don't know
Lessa: *Pout*
Lessa: I can has flamethrower?
F'lar: And I'm sending Kylara away
Lessa: 3!

Threads: *Fall*
Dragons: *Flame*
F'lar: Fwee!