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Wallowing was something Cloud was good at. After years of practice in his miserable hometown, he had perfected the art of wallowing in self-misery. He had perfected the dejected look in his normally bright blue eyes, had mastered the sullen appearance of his face and had tweaked the slump to his shoulders to be utterly precise, leaving no doubt in anyones mind that this was a boy intent on moping. Normally, when his epic emo stance surfaced, his best friend Zack would detect it and force it away, finding random ways to cheer the blond cadet up, including vandalizing the Materia room, so that many walls sported phrases such as "ChocoMan has been here" and "In need of a painful lay? Call Scarlet at 666-PAIN".

But today, no one would pull Cloud from his moping, as Zack was on a mission, leaving the spiky haired boy alone with his misery. And he fully planned to take advantage of this, carefully dodging any attention as he made his way out to an empty training ground to wallow in peace. Cloud sighed as he sat beneath one of the few trees that were dotting the landscape of the grounds, staring out at the sky, willing the nearly set sun to disappear so that he could properly indulge in his depression. As the light finally began to fade from the green-tinged sky, Cloud settled down into his demoralizing thoughts. He was small, weak, unfit for SOLDIER. He would never get the attention of the people he wanted to. As with so many other cadets striving to join SOLDIER, Cloud had a crush on the Silver General. He knew it was an impractical desire, he wasn't worthy of anyones attentions, let alone that of the Great General Sephiroth. But, Gaia damned, the man was beautiful. All three of the Generals were, but, as Cloud had yet to see either of the other two Generals, other than in pictures and from Zack's descriptions, that left Cloud to focus on the unobtainable, untouchable, gorgeous Silver General.

So deep he was in his dismay at being unimportant, Cloud failed to notice that the training field was no longer empty. Well, unaware until he heard the clang of metal on metal. When he looked up to the sound, all thoughts of Sephiroth flew from his mind. There, before his humble eyes, were two ethereal creatures, sparring. One was taller, broader with dark hair and the other was...breathtaking. Short auburn hair framed a delicate looking face which was accompanied by a lithe figure. Both picturesque figures were shirtless, their well defined muscles quivering as their feet skimmed the ground in the dance of the battle. Their swords met time and again, the playfulness apparent in their spar as both men were grinning, taunting each other. A flare drew Cloud's eyes as the auburn haired man, whom Cloud had mentally dubbed Cinnamon, summoned a fire spell as his comrade, Chocolate in Cloud's mind, simply rolled his eyes as he awaited the spell, deflecting it with the flat of his...whoa...HUGE blade, now that Cloud took a look at it. The sword looked taller and wider than Cloud himself, and Chocolate seemed to be wielding it like a simple stick, as though it weighed nothing at all. Cinnamon just smirked and resumed his earlier assault with his modest looking blade. His blade looked similar to the regular broadswords Cloud handled in class, only, it was red and seemed to almost glow. The swords met again, a loud crashing sound, before both men parted, panting as sweat poured over their magnificent bodies. A chuckle sounded across the field as the men stared out at the landscape, gently shoving at each other, all fight leaving their bodies, before the larger one, Chocolate, turned to head back towards the building.

"You coming in?" Chocolate asked, his deep voice booming across the field.

"No, I think I am going to linger a bit longer, old friend, get some of that 'fresh air' everyone talks about," Cinnamon responded, his eyes never leaving the horizon.

Chocolate simply chuckled again before entering the building, leaving Cloud and Cinnamon alone on the field. Assuming he had went as unnoticed as always, Cloud went to stand quietly, hoping to sneak past the stranger and head back inside.

"Enjoy the show, Cadet?" Cinnamon's silky voice floated across to Cloud.

Cloud, startled to know that he had, indeed, been noticed, stuttered out, "Y...ye...yes, s-sir."

Cinnamon then turned to face Cloud, allowing the cadet to gaze fully upon his glorious effigy. Cloud's sky colored hues tracing the softness of the other man's face, the features well defined, but still velvety in appearance and fell to the fullness of Cinnamon's lips, a deep crimson color, before skidding up his adorable nose to meet the man's slate colored ones. He allowed himself a moment to drown in those orbs before remembering himself and looking away.

"S..sorry, sir, I didn't mean to watch, I didn't realize anyone would be coming out here, sir."

Cinnamon smiled softly at the cadet's apparent shyness before turning back to the horizon, watching as the pale moon began to rise, bathing the field in a faint shimmer.

"And what are you doing out here alone, cadet? Shouldn't you be out with your friends? It is the weekend, after all."

"I'm just out here to... think, sir. I don't really have any friends. Well, except Zack, but he is on mission. I like to come out to clear my head without too many people around."

Cinnamon turned back to him, a radiant smile dancing across his face.

"Ah, you know Lt. Fair, then?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then you must be Strife, am I correct?"

Cloud stood wide eyed. How had this God known his name? "Y-yes, sir. How did you know?"

Cinnamon chuckled, a deep sound that Cloud could almost feel.

"The puppy rarely shuts up about his newest protege, an adorable blond cadet named Cloud Strife. My name is Genesis, young one."

Cloud's heart began pounding frantically in his chest at the knowledge that Zack actually talked about him to other people. And then the name the older male had given him clicked in his mind, and the pounding stopped. Completely.

"You...you're General Rhapsodos? It's an honor, sir!" Cloud managed to squeak out as his mind began willing his heart to start beating again before he passed out in front of the General. 'And to think, I named him Cinnamon. THE General Rhapsodos. What was I THINKING,' Cloud mentally berated himself.

"At ease, cadet, call me Genesis. No need for formality out here."

"Of course, Genesis, sir, whatever you say, sir."

Genesis rolled his eyes at the shaking cadet, finding the trembling boy quite beautiful. He had been hearing about this particular cadet for months from Angeal's student, Zack. He began walking towards the younger male, leaning on the tree next to him before turning his eyes back to the full moon in front of them, sneaking glances at the boy from the corner of his eyes. He had sensed the boy when he and Angeal had decided to come out for a spar, but has chosen to ignore him as he didn't appear to be intending on interrupting their sword play. Now he took the chance to idly check over the blond. He had heard Zack call the cadet cute, but that was an understatement. This boy was innocence incarnate, untouched and naive...and beautiful! He radiated an angelic presence that made Genesis' blood thrum with excitement and unvoiced desires. He needed to distract himself from the visage of the boys pale expanse of skin, reflecting the moonlight where his white undershirt didn't cover. Clad in only the undershirt and his training pants due to the warmth of the evening, the cadet was a vision to behold.

Genesis cleared his throat before speaking, "So, Cloud, anything in particular on your mind? You seem to be exerting what Zack calls your 'Emo Cloud,' I believe it was."

The boy's face filled with blood, "Nothing too particular, sir, just my normal thoughts."

"And what would that be? You are much too pretty to be frowning so, therefor it must have been something unhappy."

Genesis' blood warmed as the flush spread from Cloud's face down his neck.

"Just pondering the likeliness of making it into SOLDIER, sir. And finding someo..." Cloud cut himself off, why was he spilling his heart out to someone he didn't even know?

"Finding someone? Are you lonely, cadet?" Genesis purred out, bringing his gaze to rest fully upon the blond, dropping all pretense of studying the moon.

"A little, sir. The only friend I have made so far is Zack, most of the other cadets hate me, because I am so small. They think I don't belong here, and sometimes I wonder. And then I see Zack with Angeal, and I can't help but want someone like that. I'm sorry, sir, I shouldn't be weighing you down with my personal life. I should probably go," Cloud said, turning as though to make his way back inside, before being stopped by a hand on his bare arm, causing goosebumps to spread from the area, electricity seeming to dance along his nerves.

"Nonsense, Cloud. I asked, after all. Just relax, I won't bite," Genesis said, his voice dropping slightly, the husky tones doing nothing for Cloud's nerves.

"Well, al-alright, sir, if you are sure. Why are you out here, sir?" he asked, curiosity playing in his light voice.

Genesis smiled sadly before answering, "You aren't the only lonely one, Cloud. Even I get lonely."

"You, sir? How could you ever be lonely. Everyone here adores you guys. I can't imagine you ever having to be lonely...sir," Cloud's voice filled with disbelief reached Genesis' ear.

"Admire, yes. But very few really know me as a man, Cloud. Most see the General, as they see all of us. It would be nice to have what Angeal and Puppy have, it's quite rare," he paused as he felt a slim, calloused hand slip into his own larger grip.

They stood there in silence for a few moments, both allowing their bodies to acclimate to the foreign touch. Cloud wasn't sure what he had been thinking when he reached for the General's hand, the sadness in the older male's voice clutched at his heart, made him want to sooth the older man. He had never imagined that someone as great as General Rhapsodos would ever be lonely.

"And what about you, Cloud? How could you not have someone special?"

"I am just a nobody, sir. Why would anyone want me?" Cloud whispered, depression weighing in his voice.

"Nobody? Cloud, you are quite extraordinary. I don't believe I have seen one as beautiful as you in a great long while."

"Beautiful, sir?" the cadet asked, as though the idea was ludicrous.

"Do you honestly not realize just how gorgeous you are, Cloud? Your eyes are such a bright blue, they glow, so brilliant and shining. You are petite and lithe, and I can already tell you have quite a bit of strength coming your way. And you are so kind. Yes, cadet, beautiful, inside and out," Genesis managed to rasp out, unable to believe that the boy could not see it in himself.

He was shook from these thoughts as he suddenly found a pair of lips on his. Genesis' eyes snapped wide in surprise as the boy pulled back, loneliness and desperation swirling in the depths of his eyes, mixed with something more basic, lust. The shock was quickly replaced by the longing burning through his veins and he reached forward, sliding a slim finger from his free hand through one of Cloud's belt loops, drawing the unsure boy closer before lowering his face to recapture the plump lips of the angelic blond. Melding their mouths together, he feathered his tongue along the seam of Cloud's lips, begging, no insisting, for entrance, which he was granted near instantaneously. Dipping his tongue into the warm, wet cavern of the cadet's mouth, Genesis moaned at the purity he tasted there, the untouched innocence his tongue gleaned from the abyss. Deciding it would be better to restrain himself before it went too far, Genesis closed off the kiss with a soft 'pop' of his now swollen lips before pulling back to gaze upon the gorgeous cadet.

Cloud turned his face up to the General's, his chest heaving as he regained his breath. A large smile plastered itself across his face before he placed a gentle peck on the taller male's lips and turning towards the building. He was halfway there before he turned back to the frozen Crimson General, a soft look in his eyes.

"Thank you, sir," he voiced, a waver apparent in his voice.

"For what, Cloud?"

"I don't feel so lonely anymore," he said before entering the building, leaving Genesis out in the dark.

"Nor do I, cadet, nor do I," Genesis whispered to himself, his hand ghosting over his lips.