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"Are you sure about this, Cloud?"

The question hit Cloud's ears, and he thought about it for a nanosecond before wrapping his arms around the slender man staring at him.

"Very sure, sir."

It was the only assurance Genesis needed as he slammed his hand impatiently into the scanner beside his door, the sound of electronics sounding behind him as his door slid open, allowing him to back the cadet and himself through the entrance. The door slid shut with another whirring sound as the Crimson General quickly shrugged his coat off and attacked Cloud's uniform top, tossing it haphazardly on the floor. Quickly resuming where they had left off on the training grounds, Genesis maneuvered Cloud back against the cold steel of the door, the cadet hissing at the contrast of the cool against his heated flesh. He was quickly silenced as lips covered his, a brief moment passing before his mouth was plundered by Genesis' slick tongue, flicking up to taste the roof of his mouth then hurriedly engaging the blond's tongue in a battle. They parted momentarily, panting to refill their lungs with much needed oxygen.

"Mmmm, you taste like honey, Cloud. Soft, sweet, pure..." Genesis moaned as his hands gripped the smaller male's hips, his fingertips grazing the pale flesh above the cargo pants, smooth and pliable.

Cloud whimpered, his blue eyes swirling with need, his arms skimming up the taller man's arms to wrap around his neck as he forced their lips together. The action caused Genesis' hands to slide further back and down to Cloud's thighs, lifting the petite blond against the door, wrapping the strong, coltish legs around his own waist, bringing their desires together, making the cadet gasp into the General's mouth. The kiss turned vicious as Cloud moved like liquid in Genesis' embrace, his body undulating against the auburn haired man in search of more brain stopping friction. Genesis tore his mouth from Cloud's, nipping and licking his way up the cadet's smooth jawline to the pale expanse of neck being offered to him shamelessly. His teeth tugged at the delectable lobe dangling so teasingly in front of his slate eyes, his tongue gathering more of the adored taste that belonged to the blond boy. He flicked his tongue over the lobe before tracing the shell of his ear, his warm breath dancing across Cloud's skin, making his heart pound harder and his breathing to become more ragged.

"Oh, Gaia, Gen....Genesis," came the blond's breathless voice, his delicate fingers abandoning the auburn strands to dance along the General's neck and down to his shoulders, where he established a firmer grip, his blunt nails digging deliciously into supple skin. His head fell back against the door as Genesis mapped out his neck with flushed lips, sucking suggestively at Cloud's voice box before trailing lower to lave at the hollow in his throat, drawing a mewling sound from the writhing blond. Scraping his teeth gently over a pronounced collarbone, Genesis latched onto the juncture of neck and shoulder, biting down into the sensitive area, making the boy in his arms vicious, a fluid body of arms and legs and teeth as Genesis sucked on the skin between his teeth, a large purple bruise forming as Cloud growled, grinding into his General with purpose, the heat radiating from him overpowering.

Pulling his head back to eye the vivid mark on the blond's neck, Genesis returned Cloud's growl, possessiveness pouring from him in waves, the need to show anyone and everyone that this blond beauty, this angel incarnate was his damn it! He tongued the mark as he slid a hand forward, palming the hardness he found there, the evidence of Cloud's need pressing against the zipper of the black cargo pants. The passion-hazed blond uttered glorious sounds as Genesis manipulated his length through the rough cloth.

"Please...want...want you...now" the blond managed to pant out.

Unable to deny him, Genesis ground his own hips forward, making sure Cloud was supported by the door behind him before bringing both hands to quickly unbutton the heavy pants that separated their bodies, deftly flipping the button open and sliding down the zipper. He was greeted by the deep blue silk of Cloud's boxers. Genesis masterfully weaved his hand through the opening in the front, his bare hand finding the heated length, granting Cloud the friction he demanded.

"Oh sweet Shiva!"

Cloud groaned impatiently when the hand was removed, only to delve in again from the top, expert hands sliding beneath the elastic to once again grip Cloud's erection and using the distraction the blond felt to slide his other hand behind the cadet, slipping it down to grip a tightly muscled glute, never ceasing his movements on the younger male's cock. Diving his head back down, he captured Cloud's mewling cry as an orgasm ripped through the delicate body, shaking the boy to his core as his eyes rolled back, his hips thrusting into the rough texture of Genesis' hand to ride out the remnants of his completion. When Genesis felt the last dribbles of viscous fluid evacuating itself from the still hard length in his hands, he pulled back from the panting boy to taste the essence the boy had spilled. He efficiently cleaned his soiled hand with his tongue, savoring the flavor the played across his tongue.

"Holy Minerva, Cloud, you taste good," he murmured into the blond's ear, drawing a shudder from the boy.

Gingerly, he pulled Cloud against his body, the blond cadet's sweat drenched body sliding off the door with a faint sticking sound. Genesis trailed his lips back to Cloud's mouth, swiftly parting the reddened lips with his tongue, allowing Cloud to glean the taste of himself from Genesis' mouth, their tongues smoothly exchanging dominance between them as Genesis carried Cloud to the couch, sending the boy sprawling as he lowered his own body between the blond's legs. Cloud bucked beneath him, groaning as his still-hard length brushed against Genesis' stomach, his body still begging for another touch, another taste, anything, everything, more. Genesis tugged Cloud's pants further down, fumbling with the cadet's shoes so he could finish stripping the younger male, ridding him of all obstacles, nothing obscuring the beautiful, lithe form beneath him. Genesis proceeded to drop kisses down the blond's body, sucking and licking at random pieces of flesh, worshiping the cadet's body with lips, teeth and tongue, teasingly avoiding the straining length. He left sprinkled kisses all the way down to Cloud's feet, small and almost dainty in his hands. He raised his slate eyes, searching out the deep blue orbs of his lover as he hovered his mouth above the prominent erection presented to him, locking eyes with Cloud as he slowly lowered his mouth to the recently spent hardness, his lips circling the head, a light suction making Cloud groan loudly, his hands delving into cinnamon strands as more of his desire disappeared within the wet confines of Genesis' mouth.

"Fu....fuck, Genesis...." Cloud squeaked out, leaning further into the couch, his eyes still trained on the erotic vision in front of him.

Genesis hummed softly around the erection, the vibrations sending miniature shocks through the blond, his slim body bucking beneath Genesis. Genesis lifted a hand from Cloud's hip, his fingers tip toeing towards the blond's face, sliding smoothly across Cloud's lips. Cloud opened his mouth at the wordless request, drawing the digits into his wet cavern, his tongue flicking over the tips before diving between the two fingers, prodding at the webbing before applying calculated suction to the invading appendages. With his other hand, Genesis deftly opened the clasp of his own pants, sliding the zipper down with little ceremony, giving access to his hand, diving down to grip his own erection, his mouth still sucking and nibbling at Cloud's hard need. He groaned loudly at the combined sensation of Cloud suckling his fingers and his own fingers circling his length, stroking it in time with the sucking. A heat was spreading throughout his body, the fire of his desire burning at his nerve endings. Once the he was satisfied that his fingers were thoroughly saturated, he reluctantly pulled his digits from the warm oasis, tracing down Cloud's body, gripping the shaking thighs on either side of him before moving up, moistly fondling the blond's hanging orbs to rub gently at Cloud's perineum. As his hand dropped further, so did his head, taking more of the shaft into his mouth as he traced his fingertips around Cloud's entrance, urging the tense muscles to relax under his ministrations. Cloud made a conscious effort to loosen his muscles, melting into the massage of skillful fingers, blue eyes locked on slate gray.

Genesis groaned as he gripped and stroked his own shaft, the fire danced along his veins, urging him further down Cloud's shaft, his finger prodding at the entrance to the cadet, sliding in smoothly, slowly, carefully. Cloud became molten beneath him, expletives flying from pretty lips as he pushed down on the invader, his body accepting it gracefully, loosening more as Genesis buried his head in the blond's lap, his nose nuzzling into soft, blond curls, his throat working around the length being forced down it. Cloud gasped, his hips rocking, alternating between working his hardness further into Genesis' mouth and grinding down on slender fingers, Genesis' own hips mimicking the action, rocking into his palm, the heat inside beginning to coil. Genesis pulled his mouth reluctantly from the teen, his voice raspy as he groaned, fisting himself a few more times before easing another finger into Cloud. He panted harshly as he carefully pumped the digits into the cadet, loosening the entrance more, the coiling heat burning hotter as he imagined plunging into the tightness encasing his fingers.

"Genesis, now...need you....pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...."

Unable to resist the pleading tone, he quickly finished his preparations, gently freeing his fingers from inside the blond, smoothly moving along his body, using a firm grip to drag the teen by his hips to the edge of the couch, bringing their groins together with delicious friction that left them both biting back groans. Looking for any sign of rejection in the blond's eyes, he found only lust and need swirling in the blue depths as he carefully positioned himself at the entrance, the wiggling of Cloud easing him inside the tight entrance. Making every effort to move slowly, to allow the blond to adjust, Genesis groaned loudly as Cloud slammed himself down, burying Genesis' girth inside of himself, gasping at the effort.

"Sweet Shiva, Cloud, are you okay?" Genesis' voice was laced with concern.

"Move...move, Gen, please," came the breathy reply.

Following the orders, Gen began to slowly, gently, pump into the lithe teen, keep his actions small and subtle until all traces of pain had vanished from the pale visage beneath him. Once that beautiful flushed face was completely taken with pleasure, he sped up his efforts, the heat coiling inside unwilling to wait any longer to be released, his control slipping as Cloud moved and writhed beneath him, bringing him that much closer. Lending a hand to the blond's efforts, he grasped Cloud's bouncing erection, palming it in time with his thrusts, the breathy tones coming from the blond indicating that he was close to the edge as well, making him double his efforts, his mouth dropping down to cover a peaked nipple, laving it with teeth and tongue. The cadet moaned loudly, his body tightening around the auburn haired General, the advantage of his youth bringing him to peak quickly. Genesis masterfully manipulated the hardened flesh, moving down to gently squeeze tight globes there. With a muffled groan and an arch, Cloud spent himself, small amounts of white fluid dribbling over Genesis' fingers, the tightening around his own length drawing him over the into the abyss, his cock pulsing inside the vice-like grip around him, his completion washing over him.

"Cloud....oh my Gods, you are perfection," he whispered, leaning to feed the words into the cadet's ear.

Cloud threaded his fingers through auburn hair, his chest still heaving as he panted, words escaping him. Slowly, Genesis pulled himself from the boy, snagging some tissues to quickly clean up the both of them before climbing onto the couch, drawing the blond into him embrace, a blanket across the back of the couch staving off the cold.

"You are truly special, my Cloud....now rest, my sweet blond..."