"A book elegantly bound…but in a language that you can't read…"

A trim but clearly fit young man danced gracefully across the floor of his room, picking up stray articles of clothing as he did so.

"You've got to spend some time…"

He was lost in his own world of both music and chores, a combination that often led to a bigger mess then before. He was obliviously to the knock on the door as he continued his motions, rocking his hips slowly as he flicked some overgrown red hair out of his face.

"…I will possess your heart."

The door to his room opened after several more fruitless knocks, a well built yet shorter man filled the space quickly. A scowl was running across his features which melted into a smirk as he spotted the other man dancing around.


He folded his arms, simply waiting to be noticed rather then pull his friend out of his current trace.

"I will possess your-GAH!"

The red head lost his footing as he spun around and spotted the other man, grabbing onto his desk for support.

"God damn it, John." He breathed, shutting off his mp3 player with a muttered curse. "Don't you knock anymore?"

"I did, hotshot." John answered back, clearly enjoying the effect he had on the younger man. A beat passed as he glanced around Wally's room, taking in thehow clean it somewhat was. "…you missed the meeting, Wally."

Wally West made a 'feh' sound as he turned his back to his friend, grabbing a stray pair of boxers that he had missed.

John's scowl returned, even deeper then before at the response, "I know you don't want to see Bruce…" He started quietly.

Wally spun around once more, looking fierce and held his hand up to stall John's words. "This isn't about, Bruce, ok? Why does it have to be about, Bruce?"

The older man sighed and walked himself over to Wally, who had once again went back to picking up clothes and other assorted odds and ends. "Because you haven't shown up to a single meeting since that fight."

"I've been busy."


Wally glared somewhat and put his hands on his hips, getting ready to start a real argument.

"What John?"

"You need to get a haircut."


A tentive knock on the monitor room door told the Dark Knight two things. One, it was not Diana or Hawkgirl and two, it was just going to make his day longer. Yet he scrambled quickly, hitting a few keys to close out what he was doing before answering.


His tone was as threatening as he could manage and if he thought his mask would help he would have pulled it back on as Superman entered the room.

"I'm busy, Clark." He snapped, hoping to avoid the talk that he knew was coming.

"Doing what?" Clark responded smoothly, stepping towards the monitors, "I don't see any situations."

"Maybe you should get that super vision checked."

"You sound like Wally."

Batman's hands stopped over one of the many keyboards and his fists clenched. He hated to be reminded about Wally and Clark seemed overly fond of bringing him up when there wasn't much need to do so.

Superman shifted his weight somewhat, looking sheepish. Which, coming from the most powerful person on the planet, was somewhat silly.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean-"

"Either say what you need to say or leave." Bruce cut him off quickly, casting a dark glare over at his teammate.

"I think you should apologize."

The words were out of his mouth before Bruce could cut him off again. He put on his most serious face and braced himself for whatever response Batman would hit him back with.


Alright, so maybe he wasn't ready for every response.

"No?" He repeated, sounding somewhat baffled, "But…you said…you said you wanted to talk to him."

"I never said I'd apologize."

Batman muttered, going back to typing, if only to give Clark another hint that he was busy and wanted him to leave.

"So, you're just going to wait until he comes back, is that it? Going to see how much you can push him so you can test your limits?" Clark sounded rather upset and Bruce found himself avoiding his eyes. "He deserves better then that, Bruce."

"You mean he deserves better then me." The Dark Knight stated calmly, reading Clark's facial expressions easily.

"……" Superman sighed and shook his head, "You're both assigned to monitor duty tomorrow. And before you ask, no, there is no one to change with. The rest of us are heading to the Centar System to help out one of Hawkgirl's friends."

Batman scowled and shifted somewhat in his chair.


"Monitor duty!? With him?" Wally's mouth hung open in disbelief. "You've got to switch with me, John! Please?"

John sighed and shook his head, "Sorry, kid. But I promised Hawkgirl I'd help her." He scratched his chin in thought for a moment, "You know, you both could have avoided this if you had shown up to the meeting."

Wally glared at the truth before running his hand through his hair, letting it cascade back across his face.

"Pfft, whatever."

He leaned back against the wall of his apartment and looked at his carpet, still pouting.

"You can't stay mad at him forever."

"Watch me."


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