"Bruce!" Wally dropped the gun on the floor and ran over to the motionless figure of Bruce Wayne, whose head was turned to the side, a small pool of blood gathering around his raven hair.

"Oh god, Bruce…" Wally sobbed and cradled his lover, holding him close and rocking back and forth. As he held Bruce close he felt a twitch against his chest and looked downward.

"B-Bruce?" He wiped at some tears and gently turned the other man's head to reveal that the wound was only a graze, deep but from Wally's experience, non-fatal.

Bruce only groaned, his reflexes were what had saved him because despite his lack of experience with a weapon Wally was a keen shot.

"Oh shit…Bruce! Wake up! Please!" Wally needed him to get through this. "Bruce…"

Wally tensed for a moment when he heard a faint sound behind himself, turning his head to look over his shoulder to see Luthor smiling down at him with a gun pointed at his face.

"Hello Wally."

Wally's green eyes went wide and he kept himself in front of Bruce.

"Did you honestly think I would just walk up to the front door after giving you a gun? You really are stupid." Luthor told him evenly, walking forward to inspect Bruce but stopped when Wally threw himself over the other man.

Luthor only chuckled, "You may not have any sense of self preservation but you're loyal. A very good dog." He smiled almost kindly before he swiftly kicked Wally in the face.

"Wally…Wally!" The voice sounded worried but quiet and Wally was having a hard time making it out.

"Open your eyes."

Wally's eyes fluttered open and he gagged at the metal taste in his mouth.


It was coming out of his noise as well, although it had dried somewhat.

"Man…I feel like I got kicked in the face…"

"You did."

"Oh….OH! Bruce! Dude! You're….you're alive!" Wally moved to wrap his arms around him but found they wouldn't move, in fact, they were pinned above his head with rope. He also noticed that he was tied to his bed with Bruce next to him who was also tied down.

"…what's going on?" He asked Bruce, pulling against the rope. "I mean…I know what's goin' on but shit-" He cursed after a rough tug on the rope burned his wrist, "Where's Luthor?"

Bruce was also pulling at the ropes that were binding his arms to Wally's headboard but he was doing so slowly and probably with a tool of some kind, "I'm not sure. He probably went to move my car…"

"Probably pretendin' to be Bruce Wayne…" Wally tried joking weakly.

"No. No. Nothing like that, Wally."

Wally gulped as Luthor walked back into his room, smiling at them both like a cat who just found a bird with a broken wing.

"I must say, Bruce. I really didn't expect you to show…" Luthor started, sitting next to Bruce on the bed. "I mean, why you would risk anything for this piece of trash when you could do so much better…" He put a hand on Bruce's thigh, "…is beyond me."

Bruce said nothing and didn't even bother to react to Luthor's statement towards him, which made Luthor frown.

"I see that that hit to the head has probably left you a bit stunned…no matter. I'm really only here for him…"

And with that he leaned over Bruce to grip Wally's chin, pulling him into a rough and one sided kiss.

"Get off of him." Bruce muttered evenly, pushing his chest out to force Luthor to move.

"Jealously? That's so unlike you Bruce…" Luthor continued to kiss Wally, who whimpered despite himself.

"Don't cry, Wally…this time, Bruce will be here to watch…" Luthor breathed against Wally's ear and moved his hand down to unbutton his pants.

"I said get off!" Bruce said with more force, twisting his legs up to catch them around Luthor's knees, pulling the other man hard with strength only the Batman had. He gave a hard tug to the rope binding his arms before ripping them off, the small razor he had flying through the air unnoticed.

Bruce acted quickly as he threw a hard right hook into Luthor's jaw, kicking his body off the bed.

Luthor was on his hands and knees on the floor, spitting blood from his mouth as he tried to quickly pull himself together.

"…B-Bruce…" Wally's eyes were tearing up as Bruce pulled at his bonds, glancing behind the other man, "BRUCE!"

"Ah-argh!" Luthor had come up behind him and hit him hard with Wally's lamp, shattering it and knocking Bruce into a disoriented heap in Wally's lap.

Luthor looked furious…angrier then Wally had ever seen him and it frightened him. Luthor grabbed Bruce's around the throat and began to squeeze so tightly that Bruce thrashed.

"Stop! Luthor! Please!" Wally begged.

"No." Luthor said viscously but then he grinned and dragged Bruce back onto the bed. "…actually. I have a better idea…" He punched Bruce again just to make sure the man stayed down before getting back to his feet and walking out of the room.

"Fuck! God…dammit!" Wally pulled and pulled, wishing that Bruce had had more time to get him loose. He continued to struggle until a familiar yet ominous sound clicked by the door, halting his efforts.

"You know Wally, I was serious when I said I was surprised Bruce was still with you…I half expected a break up by now you know, all the tabloids are saying he was going to break up with you…and you know what? I think he will…"

He pointed the gun straight at Bruce, smiling the whole time, "I can see the headlines now…'Billionaire Bruce Wayne murdered by his obsessive lover after terrible break up…' What do you think? Too cliché?" He laughed madly as Wally pulled and screamed and begged.

"You know the best part? This is my gun so that'll take care of why my fingerprints are on there…you've been to my house…I have…DNA from that encounter still…so it'll really be an open and shut case…"

Wally gagged mentally at the thought that Luthor had kept the sheets that he had raped him on but panicked as the older man rattled out his plan to kill Bruce.

"Or maybe Bruce walked in on you with another man…."

"SHUT UP LUTHOR!" Wally screamed and gave one final tug on the rope, snapping it so quickly he had time to lunge at the other man before the rope even hit the floor.

Luthor swung the gun around but a slight burst of speed on Wally's part gave him the upper hand, he knocked the evil man onto his back, holding him at the sides of his head as he slammed his skull onto the floor several times.

It took Wally a few seconds to realize that Luthor wasn't fighting back but for some reason he couldn't stop.

He wouldn't stop.

"…Wally…" A hand grabbed his shoulders and yanked him roughly away, wrapping his arms around the younger man's chest from behind.

"…Bruce." Wally looked at the motionless man across from himself, cringing at the red that was around him.

Bruce held him tightly as he sobbed. He turned Wally slightly so that he would not have to look at Luthor and held him for another moment or two before giving him a soft kiss on his forehead.

"I need to call the police…you call John."

Bruce said sternly, the Batman side of him coming out as he got up to deal with Luthor and his mess. He knelt down next to the bald man, checking for a pulse. He let out a small curse when he found one.

And a small prayer.

Wally had not killed as Bruce was fairly sure he had intended to. He got back to his feet, trying hard to push out the sounds of Wally's sobbing as he pulled out his cell phone and dialed 9-1-1.

He rubbed the growing bump on the back of his head, cursing himself for allowing Wally to distract him, it could have gotten both of them killed. He could faintly hear Wally speaking with John in the other room as he explained the situation to the emergency operator.

It wasn't long before sirens filled the area.

Bruce was standing at the doorstep, explaining the situation once more to the police officer as he watched Luthor being taken away in an ambulance.

"So, you're saying it was all self defense, Mr. Wayne?" The young officer asked.

Bruce nodded, casting a glance over at Wally who was sitting in another ambulance with John Stewart shooting glares at whoever came over to bother him.

"Yes. Wally has been…hurt by Mr. Luthor before. I trust you understand why I would like to keep this quiet…"

The officer nodded calmly, "Wally's a good guy, friend of mine actually. We'll take care of you guys. Don't worry." He gave Bruce some more information before setting him on his way, advising he get checked out by the EMT.

He made his way back down the steps towards Wally and John, waving off the EMT's offer to look at his head, Alfred could do a much better job when he got home.

Bruce kept his face impassive as he looked over at John, whose infamous glare was now settled onto him.

"I'll take him back to Wayne Manor. He can stay there for now and-"

"-I'm coming too because you and I are going to have a long talk." John interrupted fericely.

Bruce continued as if John hadn't even spoken, "And I would like you to come as well. Wally's going to need someone to be there when I go…out."

John looked a bit upset that Bruce would even consider leaving the red head alone to go patrol Gotham but then again, this was the Batman he was talking to.

"Fine by me. Ready to go Wally?" He turned and saw that the red head had fallen asleep against the side of ambulance, something Bruce just caught as well.

"I'll go get my car."

Wally woke up a bit later, his head resting against John's shoulder as the older man let him lean against him in the back seat of Bruce's car.

"…John?" Wally blinked, as if forgetting that he himself had been the one to call the other man.

"Hey Wally. Go back to sleep…I'll wake you up when we get to Bruce's."

Wally nodding, his eyes already closing. He was mentally, physically and emotionally drained and by the time they did get back to Gotham, which was a long trip in itself, John had to carry Wally up the steps as the younger man just couldn't bring himself to push his body any further.

Bruce led John to one of the many guest rooms, letting him place Wally into the bed gently.

"Don't think this is going to get you out of talking, Bruce. I want to know exactly what the hell was going on."

John started as soon as the two men had closed the door on Wally. Bruce sighed and looked over at John before nodding and walking back towards the stairs.

"Alright. I'll tell you what I can. Wally will have to fill in the rest for you."

John nodded and followed Bruce into the kitchen, where the other man poured out two large glasses of alcohol and by the end of his story, John knew why.

"That sick bastard…" John spat, taking a long drink before Bruce refilled his cup. Alfred had come by to set out some pretzels for them and then had promptly left, no doubt to check on Wally on their behalf.

Bruce nodded, running a hand through his unusually messy hair.

"And Wally nearly killed him…" John said quietly, leaning back in his chair.

"If I hadn't stopped him, I think he would have."

"What should we tell the others?"

"That's for Wally to decide." Bruce said simply, "We'll both have to cover for his shifts because he's going to be out longer then two weeks."

John sighed, "Yeah, don't worry about that. I'm just worried about him…"

"Didn't know you were such a softie, John…" A quiet but teasing voice called from the doorway.

"You should be resting, Wally." Bruce muttered, eyeing the other man.

"And miss this male bonding session? No way…besides…" He grabbed John's glass and drained it before doing the same to Bruce's. "I need a drink."

John laughed, patting Wally on the back as Bruce gave him a small smile.

"Alright…but if you start singing Spice Girl songs again I'll kick you out."

John raised an eyebrow but Wally shook his head with a slight laugh, "Deal."

The night went on for some time as long as Wally could really manage it, he knew Bruce and John were worried about him but for right now all he wanted was to get wasted and to pass out. He'd have the rest of his life to worry about what he nearly did to Luthor but as he watched Bruce out of the corner of his eye, the other man was listening to one of John's funnier war stories, he realized that he just be protecting the one he loved and if he had to, he'd do it again.

He said his good nights and went back to his room where he curled under the blankets and sighed contentedly as he was finally comfortable for the first time in days. He closed his eyes for a moment before slowly falling asleep.

Lex Luthor hated being chained to hospital beds. He hated being chained period, unless it was between him and a lover or two but that was beside the point. The constant beeping was getting on his nerves and the layers and layers of wrappings around his head were making it too hard to sit up.


He had been so close, if only Wally hadn't gotten free…if only he hadn't…gotten to him so fast…


Wally was fast…he had burned through the drug he had given to him during their first encounter and he had managed to tackle Luthor before he could even get a shot off.

Luthor smiled to himself as he settled down and folded his arms neatly across his chest. Beginning to do what Lex Luthor did best.

He began to think.

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