Ronald Weasley was walking past Harry's and Charlie's new master suite carrying boxes that needed to go in the guest room when he heard Harry and Charlie talking.

"oh my god!" the first person, Harry exclaimed.

"What?" Charlie answered.

"Well, wow!" Harry replied, in an awed kind of voice. Ron wasn't sure what to think

"Thanks, I think." Charlie Replied.

"But Charlie-"

"What is it harry?"

"Well it's just so...big!" Harry finally exclaimed.

"That's right."

"Well, it's just ummm"

"Yes, Harry?"

"Well, how is it gonna-"

"yes? Don't be embarrassed."

"Well, um, fit?"

"Oh harry, it'll fit fine with a little stretching, and going slowly-it'll fit perfectly and feel soo good!"

"Are you sure though?"


"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt"

"Not much."


"Just kidding!"

"Well, lets get started then!"

At hearing this Ron decided to intervene, throwing the box he had in his hands on the floor, he ripped open the door and yelled:

"Wait wait wait!"

"What?" Harry and Charlie replied in tandem.

"There aint no one going to do harry..."

"Do harry what?" Charlie asked slowly

"Uum, well." Ron blushed and rubbed the back of his neck with his hands.

"What Ron? You thought what?" Harry asked, still a little perplexed.

"Well you were talking about about how big it was..."


"Yes Harry,"

"We were talking about our new bed."


A/N: hi all. If I get good feed back from this I may take it from a one shot and turn it into a story, if you'd like...