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Turning Eighteen
By cALLIEfornia BENches


"Ugh," I groaned out loud to the sun. I did not want to be awake today. Today was the day we were moving to Seattle, Washington. And moving meant leaving everything behind. Everything.

I tried to roll over and bury my face in the pillow for a few more moments of sleep, but a small body stopped me mid-roll. I looked down at my favorite girl, smiling at her. Her big dark eyes were watching me carefully, as if judging whether to get out of the way, or if I was going to stop rolling in time to not squish her. When she readily decided that I wouldn't, her eyes closed again.

I propped myself up on one elbow and kissed her forehead as I absently stroked her bare stomach. She let out a sigh of contentment and fell back asleep. I didn't know where I'd be without my Isabella. She was the only one who understood how much I didn't want to leave here, my home. Thankfully, I had convinced my parents to bring her along with us instead of just leaving her here; abandoning her. I would never leave her. Ever. She was my life.

"Masen!" my mom called from the bottom of the stairs. I heaved myself up as I heard her scaling the steps. I knew I wasn't allowed to have Isabella sleep in my room, but I figured since it was my last night here, I would break the rule. Even still, I didn't want my mom walking in and getting mad at me.

Stepping over the mounds of boxes that covered the floor of my room, I opened the door a crack, not really letting anything but my head stick out. I was still in only my boxers, and my nakedness has lost all cuteness back when I was five. Now it was just embarrassing to have your mother see you in practically nothing.

My mom was just climbing the top step when she looked up and saw me. She smiled.

"Are all your boxes ready to go?" she asked, stopping in front of my door.

I nodded. "More or less. I've just got to get ready today and pack up whatever I used. Other than that and my bed, I'm basically ready to go." I bit my lip and impatiently waited for her to leave.

I must have looked somewhat suspicious, because she narrowed her eyes at me. "What's going on?" she asked. "Is Isabella in there with you?" She crossed her arms over her chest.

I scoffed. "No. Why would Isabella be in my room? I know she's not supposed to sleep up here. I wouldn't do that. Not on our last night here," I lied through my teeth. She knew I was lying though, and I knew she knew, so I simply smiled innocently at her and tried to charm my way out of the situation. But as fate would have it, upon hearing her name, Isabella decided to get out of bed and poke her head through the doorway as well. I heaved a frustrated sigh and glared at her.

My mom raised an eyebrow and looked at me.

"What? So I wanted her to sleep with me our last night here. Big deal," I muttered, casting my gaze toward the ground.

"Masen, get her out of your room and get her something to eat," she said firmly. I opened the door wider so Isabella could get out, but instantly regretted it. I forgot I had taken off her sweater last night, and she was still very much sweater-less. I cringed. "Masen Edwards, where is her sweater?" she demanded.

I glanced behind me to where it sat on the floor of my room, and then back to my mom. "Aw, come on, mom. You know as well as I do that she hates that sweater. I don't know why you force her to wear it."

My mom glared at me. "Put it on her, and get her downstairs. We need to pack up her food as soon as we can." With that, she turned to head down the stairs. "I swear, you care more about that dog than you could ever care for anything else in the world. I feel bad for your future wife."

I laughed lightly and looked down at Isabella, who was obediently sitting at my feet and looking up at me as if awaiting direction. "You heard her, girl. Let's go get you some food."

As I threw on a sweatshirt, I headed toward the kitchen, Isabella hot on my heels. It would be a long moving day.

A/N: As mentioned in the Epilogue, Bella is in the story (just under a different name for a while). No, we did not reincarnate Bella into a dog. And really, this is completely irrelevant to the plot. Just sets it all up, is all. A little light-hearted bit to even out the depression that was What He Would Have Wanted. :)

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