Ranma and the evil within.

Disclaimer:I do not own Ranma1/2. It belongs solely to its creators. Fun is the only thing i'm hoping to gain by writing this story. I also do not own any other books, games and anime mentioned o rused in this story. Also, this story was inspired by 'Ranma, the naive Succubus' from Anime Adventure website.


Probably it was the scenery or a warm wind but Ranma slept almost peacefully, unlike previous nights.

In his dreamscape was a beautiful day. A day that'll make everybody smile with at least a sliver of happiness, but two people walking into a certain valley looked far from happy.

"More customers" Jusenkyo guide sighed, rising from his chair to meet guests.

"Maybe this time they'll listen" came faint Chinese whisper.


"Welcome to legendary grounds of Jusenkyo honorary customers"

But as The Guide spoke he felt that something very tragic is about to happen.

"They never listen" thought the Guide as he watched two martial artists walk straight to the pools paying him no attention.


"What's so special about this place" asked one of the guests, a raven haired boy, elbowing his father. "It looks like a simple balance practice"

"The book I got..." started Genma.

"You mean, stolen?" Ranma interrupted with a grin.

"Silence, boy" shouted his father" Don't interrupt your elders. That book said that this is a legendary training ground."

"Now, hurry up on those poles so I can teach some manners"

"You don't know anything about manners, old man" shouted Ranma as he jumped on the pole.


Both martial artists jumped at each other and after a skillfully done mid-air throw, Genma fell into the nearest pool.

Several seconds later a tall pillar of water rose from the pool. When water subsided, Ranma saw a glasses-wearing panda growling at him.

When animal attacked, Ranma managed to dodge its punch and jump away from spring onto the ground.

"What the hell was that?" yelled deeply shaken Ranma.

"Mr. Customer fell into the magic spring. Too-too tragic story of a panda that drowned here 1000 years ago. Now if fall in spring you take body of a panda. I try to warn, but nobody ever listen."

"So" asked Ranma as Genma stared at his paws in shock "he stuck this way forever?"

"No, hot water reverses the curse. Cold water activates. Come with me for hot water."

"Oh. C'mon pops let's go change you back."


An hour later when Genma was once again human, both martial artists were walking along the edge of Jusenkyo cliff.

As they passed a boy in traveling clothes and bandana on his head, that boy glared intently at Ranma.

Yelling "Ranma, prepare to die" he jumped to his target using his umbrella as a sword. But a quick dodge and kick from Ranma pushed him away.

Soon it became clear that he slightly underestimated the enraged boy as a sickly green\red battle aura, powerful enough to cause the very ground he was standing on to crack and slid away, flared to life.

Seeing this both Gi-clad martial artists jumped in two different directions. Genma as far away from the cliff as possible and Ranma to the cliff's edge where bandana-clad boy slowly slid down despite his efforts. When Ranma grabbed his hand and started to pull, he was suddenly pulled over the cliff's edge.

"We're going down together Ranma." laughed his opponent "I'll finally have my revenge!"

As they fell Ranma jumped away from the boy and steered closer to the cliff to stay away from springs.

'This way I, at least, wont get cursed' he mused looking at rapidly closing ground.


Back at his hut, Jusenkyo guide was slowly smoking his pipe, enjoying his day. After all, days when somebody visited the Pools of Sorrow and left uncursed were rare.

Hearing a whistling sound overhead he sighed, strongly suspecting that Jusenkyo got another victim. Looking up he saw two men, one of them was headed to the springs, while the other fell towards the dry ground.


Yellow and black dressed boy fell into the spring of a drowned attractive man.


The gi-clad boy made contact with the ground and a tall pillar of muddy water rose from his landing point.

"Oh, no. not this spring" panicked Jusenkyo guide as he hurried to the usually buried spring with a kettle full of hot water in hand.


As Ranma relived the feeling of change, he faintly cried in sleep, unaware of his father's attention to any noise.


Several minutes passed and newly uncovered spring was still once again.

The guide, surprisingly, looked hopeful "maybe customer drown and replace curse".

Hearing that, a worried look appeared on Genma face when he finally reached the pool, but he thought that his son was alive and well, because surely, it'll take something bigger than a simple fall to kill a Saotome!


Inside the spring Ranma slowly awoke.

"What just happened?" he wondered "I barely feel my body".

Idly floating in half-dazed state Ranma heard the guide talking about hidden spring.

When Ranma got out of the spring and looked around, thoughts one scarier than another started racing through his brain ' I fell into a spring. When old man fell into the spring he changed. That means I'm changed too. He is SOO dead! '


"Pops" suddenly yelled a young and very angry voice from mid-air above the spring «I'll kill you for taking me to these stupid springs!".

Thanks to ki that reinforced his body, Genma lasted whole 10 seconds before everything went black.


" 'Mr.' honorary customer fell in the spring of drowned... girl" said the guide as his hope was crushed... again." Very, very tragic story about this spring. Hot water reverses curse and cold activates it."

"Is there a cure?" asked Ranma as he took a quick look on the guide and looked away thinking

'Damn, I can see through his clothes. I think I'm going to be sick'.

"There is no cure here. Jusenkyo curses mix." answered the guide as he remembered a boy with enough courage to prove it.

"Just my luck" muttered Ranma.

"Come closer so I can pour hot water on you" asked guide lifting a hot water kettle.

'At least I'm invisible ' appeared slightly soothing thought as she noticed guide looking at the wrong places while speaking with her. 'Or I'll never live down THAT part of my curse.' thought Ranma stepping under the kettle.

Visible and male once again Ranma walked towards his backpack for spare clothes but stopped when an evil idea came to him.

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Yes, Mr. Customer."

"Can you get a bucket with that water and splash it on pops? Oh, and can you get my clothes back?" the boy.

And when the guide nodded, his mood almost returned to normal.

'Just you wait pops. I'll see how much you'll like being a young girl panda. Heh.'