"Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight." The crowd chanted.

Rachel lay on the ground clutching her bleeding nose. Tyler snickered then kicked her again. As usual Tyler, the school bully, was picking on Rachel, the school nobody. It started out in the way it usually did, when Rachel said she saw something in a puddle of water. Usually she keeps quit but you could tell when someone was having a vision in water. Today though the fight only lasted for about an hour, because Bob came.

Bob was strong 9th grader and also one of Rachel's only friends. He would always come to her rescue when he saw Tyler bullying her. He, Gerard, Ray, Frank, and Mikey were her only friends. Bob, Gerard, and Ray were in high school but when ever Rachell went missing after school one of them always checked the middle school. For some reason 9th graders had this effect on lower grades.

"Are you okay?" Bob asked.

"Other then my nose bleed I'm fine, how 'bout you." She said sarcastly.

Bob ignored her remark, "come on the others are waiting for us."

"I hate it when you guys protect me like a little kid." Rachel replied on their return to the kid's apartment.

"Oh pleases, you love it." Frankie said putting his arm around her and smiling.

Rachel simply rolled her eyes. The group played until late at night then they separated into their apartments, well almost everybody.

"Great, drugie desided to lock the door." Rachel's parents had died when she was very young and her brother was a drug addict. He barely cared about her; she didn't think he knew she existed.

Mikey had already gone into his apartment but Gerard was still outside. "You could always come to our house."

"Gee that was one time." Rachel argued.

"Where eles do you have to go?" Gerard stated.

After some thought Rachel sighed, "fine."

Gerard grinned and opened the door for her. "Mom, dad Rachel's staying the night!" He yelled.

"Come on in we got pizza!" Miss. Way called from the kitchen.

After diner Rachel went up to Gerard's and Mikey's room to play some video games. Rachel also liked to look at the things Gerard drew. Lately he had been drawing these 3 wolves he's been seeing in his dreams.

"Hey Rachel I wanted to ask you about something." Gerard suddenly said.

Rachel stoped play the game she was playing, "shoot."

"I, we wanted to know if you had a dream about a black wolf." He said.

"Why?" Rachel asked.

"Well, me and Gerard had the same dream and one of the wolves said your name." Mikey said.

"My name?" Rachel said confused.

"Yeah, it said all of our names." Gerard said.

"It said Larka and Gerard, Morgra and me, and Fell and you." Mikey explained.

"We want to know if you had a dream." Gerard said.

"Well, I did have one strange dream lately, but it didn't have any wolves." Rachel started to say. "It had Mikey but he was staring a bird, then it had Gee and he was talking to a chipmunk."

Gerard and Mikey looked at each other.

"I know totally crazy right." Rachel yawning.

"There's something we have to tell you." Gerard said.

"I can see things like you can, but I see them in birds. And Gee can talk to animals." Mikey finished.

Rachel just stared at them for a moment, "your joking right."

"No, we aren't." Gerard said.

Before she could react Donna called lights out and they all went to sleep. As if the mention of the wolves had casued them to stir, Rachel had a dream.