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Title: A Pirate's Life For Me
Rating: T
Pairing: Bevin (Kevin X Ben); Kwen (Kevin X Gwen)
Disclaim: I do not own Ben 10 Alien Force in any way shape or form.
Summary: Kevin and Gwen are hard-ass pirates that just happen to be a couple, but that all changes when Kevin captures an apprentice blacksmith to work aboard his vessel.

People only see what they are prepared to see.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Benjamin, over the years, has had a lot of rude awakenings. There was the time he woke up to a home without a mother and the time he woke up with pneumonia and there was the time he woke up to see his father crying in the hallway but this was by far the rudest awakening. Rusty old chains were digging into his delicate flesh and he was being shaken like a rag doll by a bloody pirate. He would not be treated this way! Kicking up his scrawny legs he managed to kick the other square in the jaw sending him flying backwards. Franticly his eyes landed on the other. Kevin's eyes were dazed and a glob was traveling up his throat, leaping out of his mouth onto the floor, staining the dark oak wood maroon. It was at this time the cabin boys (and girl) returned.

The first to get over the shock of the situation was a little dirty blond haired girl. She dashed over and immediately began to examine the injured jawbone. Clucking her tongue she commanded a boy with unruly matted hair to fetch Gwendolyn. Another helpful child sat down at next to the blond girl offering reassurance while another boy with chocolate feathery hair screamed at Benjamin, something along the lines of "you witch".

"Hiya, Benjamin!"

Benjamin directed his gaze away from the chaos in front of him and over to another cabin girl he must have missed. She seemed different from the others cleaner, kind, more familiar to. Her hair and eye suggested that she was albino but her tanned skin showed otherwise. A mix of things, really. Happily she made herself comfy beside him and was making small talk with him. Not exactly the best time but it was nice to have someone treat you as a human.

Sadly the time for humanity was over for there was now all hell to pay and the pay collector was none other then Kevin's women, Gwendolyn. Now sure she was sugary sweet and a beauty to boot but that didn't stop the fact that there was no pain worse then a women's scorn. And there was enough scorn here to kill Benjamin, have her make a deal with the devil to bring him back, then have him slowly tortured till he died of old age. As Nathan Explosion would say: Brutal.

Gwendolyn, with the fire in her eyes, stormed in as they dragged Kevin away for treatment. She paced the cage growling in the back of her throat like a wild animal willing and ready to pounce. Benjamin would be lying if he said he didn't want to piss himself at that moment. His eyes traveled across the room crazily looking for an escape but all he saw was the Omnitrix laying a few yards away from the looks of th- holy shit the Omnitrix!

"If you're thinking what I think you're thinking I must say I like you're way of thinking Benjamin!"

The same mix-match cabin girl from before sat beside him or what he thought was the same cabin girl. She seemed to have grown up in the blink of an eye she was what like ten before but now she was his age. Do kids really grow up that fast? With an ear-to-ear smile she held up a rusty old key that just had to belong to a certain pair of rusty old chains. His happy little world was crushed, however, when the crazy pirate chick turned her attention back to them.

"I," she spit out, "am going to kill you!"

"We're finished, girl." He stated nervously.

Confused the red-head stopped echoing the beginning of his sentence, "We're?"

Perplexed, Gwendolyn didn't move, glued to the spot be bewilderment. Through narrow eyes she observed the scene closer…and it seemed that a key was simple floating in mid-air. Wiggling in the air right in front of Benjamin's face, if it was taunting her or him she didn't know. Her mind scrambled to find a rationale reason a key was suspended. Maybe she has lost her mind? No, impossible. Perhaps she has drunk to much sea water? Couldn't possible be. The boy truly was a witch? Of coarse it was the only reasonable explanation! He was a witch. That's the only reason why he could so easily take out her man!

"Witches," she crooned sadistically, "should be...beheaded."

Gwendolyn's long fingers tauntingly wrapped around the handle of a sword that was held safely at her waist. She pulled it from its confinements with a metallic shing sound. Swiftly she jerked the blade and narrowly missing Benjamin's face she sliced the rusted key in half. "Witch or not you will not be able to defeat my blade The Mana. My family has a history of witch hunting. I, myself, have killed twenty or thirty witches in my travels. You will be no acception." (I find this ironic on so many levels…but whatever.)

"Benjamin, I'm going to help you…but I am going to need to take over your body. Do you understand?"

Benjamin refused to respond allowed he didn't want to make this situation any worse by making her think she was crazy to. However, he did offer a small nod of his head to show his agreement. Grinning like the cat that ate the canary she giggled and bobbed her head rapidly like a child that was given too much candy. Aoiki happily jumped on his lap straddling him. She blew a little bit of shimmering powder in his face causing him to sneeze and wrinkle his nose searching for a relief to the itchy-ness.

A funny feeling spread through Benjamin. He felt strangely enough like playing with a doll baby and using manners when he ate. His body seemed to float away dragging his mind with him into the dark abyss. And he let himself get drug away and he let his body go numb, slip away into the dark. How could he have ever resisted the lull of the dark it reminded him of a mothers hug firm, warm, and loving.

Meanwhile, Aoiki was enjoying the feeling of having a body again. It was an indulgence to have one back but she didn't have time to indulge at the moment. She sprung into action by yanking the chain of the wall. Normally she wouldn't be able to do that but the adrenaline rush she was feeling gave her some sort of spontaneous boost of conserved energy she really didn't know she had.

Kevin lay in bed surrounded by his loyal cabinies. The boys all rushed around urgently following the order of Esdras as she barked them out rapidly from her little mouth. Ah, a true leader she be. They had done a good job of cleaning off his jaw which thankfully wasn't busted just severely bruised. Still it was bad half of his face adorned a giant purplish black blemish and it was going to be hard to scream at his crew when he could barely open his mouth wide enough to slide a spoonful of soup in. That boy was going to pay.

"What us to go ruffle the witch for ya', sir?"

Kevin opened his eyes to see Lastat punching his right fist into his open palm, eager to fight, nothing unusual there. Jasher saved him from the pain that would come from responding by dragging the fuming boy away. Esdras followed after screaming at Lastat for asking such a dumb question, as she put it, "Gwendolyn has probably already killed the lad!"

The other boy, Lion or something like that, was sitting next to him eagerly awaiting some sort of sign to leave or be of some usefulness. However, right now he was only an eyesore to Kevin. With his disgusting matted black hair, his dirt smeared face, and rags for clothing all the boy was doing was hurting his eyes.

"Gwit owt," Kevin sneered as best as he could despite the circumstances.

Nodding the ugly little boy practically jumped out of the room, eager to be out of sight.

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